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The Chachalaca Bird

I have been tweeting pics of the Chachalaca Bird ever since I got to Mexico.  If you go to the Redneck Island section in photos, you’ll see several pics of these very interesting birds.  The way they walk around, they remind me of a miniature turkeys.  They can fly, but they’re happy just walking around.  They roost in trees at night and after they wake up and make a bunch of racket in the morning, they come down from their roost and walk around and eat.

I was first introduced to the Chachalaca early one morning.  I had flown into Mexico the day before, got settled in, went and saw Redneck Island, and did a photo shoot(I hate photo shoots, btw).  After I fulfilled my duties for RI, I headed back to the hotel and had dinner and a couple of Margaritas…Let me explain something to you about Mexico and Margaritas.  There’s just something about being in Mexico where you just hear this voice…The voice says-Hey, man…Have a Margarita. Then my voice says to the bartender-Make it a double…The bartender says Si senor….And then you finish that Margarita which has been expertly mixed with Don Julio Reposada…And you hear that voice again say-Hey, dude…Go ahead and get you another Margarita.  So my voice says to the bartender uno mas por favor-And make it a double…And so this happens over and over again…Then it’s bedtime …And then right about 30 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off and I’m really hitting that last cycle of REM sleep…Somebody starts pushing a work cart out by the front of the room and it’s got a busted wheel on it that’s making the most God awful racket in the world…And I’m laying in bed, like, REALLY?  This is a world class resort and I gotta listen to this busted up cart with a bad wheel make all this loud ass racket??? Are you kidding me?  Then the voice says again…Hey dude…Have a margarita…No, dude! Shut up! It’s not time for a damn Margarita…It’s caffeine time and I’m not a morning person and I also had 30 more minutes of sleep coming….BUT I CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS A BUSTED ASS CART WITH A BAD WHEEL ON IT!!! So anyway, I digress…A few days go by, RI is moving along nicely.  We are settling into a groove with the routine and the challenges and all of the reality stuff is going well.  I’m getting settled into my role as the host.  All is good.


Hello. It’s me, Steve…I’m back!

What’s happening, folks?  Long time, no blog…And that’s all changing now.  The old website had an antiquated functionality to it that made it waaayyyyy too frustrating to deal with.  My old rusty Redneck brain just could not grasp all the BS involved.  A gigantic thank you goes out to Mr. Brian Bentley (@tweeter_dumb) for reconstructing and improving the site and making it so damn simple even a Redneck can do it…Thanks, bro!

So anyway…Thanks to everybody  for your patience.  There have been many people asking about BSRGear.  The gear is REALLY close.  I know…I’ve been saying that for a long time.  It’s damn close.  BSR caps are in.  They were shipped and received.  Hats will be available on the website in a few days.  Koozies are close, too.  There are also some very very limited Broken Skull Ranch Championship Belts available. These belts were designed by myself and Master designer Rico Mann and hand crafted by the Ace of Belts, Dave Millican.  They are heavy duty, bad ass, and extremely cool.  More stuff is on the way, as well.  This is a start.

I started this website to communicate with you.  With the technology issues out of the way, thanks to Brian, I can get my ass back to blogging! :-)


Steve Austin

Redneck Island…An Adventure

On around April 29 I packed up my bags and headed to Mexico to work on a Reality television show called Redneck Island for Country Music Television.  We took 12 rednecks and put them on an island.  There were 6 men and 6 women.  These cats would have to endure the elements of the island and compete against one another in weekly challenges.  One by one, week after week, contestants were sent home, off of the Island.  The process of elimination would continue until there was only one person left.  The last person standing would be the winner of Redneck Island and also take home a whopping $100,000 dollars.  I cannot go into too many details because Redneck Island starts airing on Saturday June 9 here in the United States.

I had an absolute blast working on this show.  I am a huge fan of Reality Television.  I hosted WWE Tough Enough in 2011 and the bug for hosting had bitten me.  I want to thank CMT Network for a hellacious opportunity.  I’m proud to be a part of the CMT family. Thanks to Chris Abrego Productions, 310 Productions, Matt Westmore, Melanie Moreau and everyone who worked to put this show together.  There were a huge amount of people working on this venture behind the scenes-THANKS! And a big thank you to Liz Pena.

Steve Austin


Redneck Island: Message from Steve Austin

Steve attends Safe Summer Tip Off…

Steve participated in the 3rd Annual LAPD & LAFD Safe Summer Tip-Off Basketball Game & Festival on Figueroa June 9, 2012.

The LAPD and the LAFD are aiming to bring youth together from neighborhoods across Southern California and the City of Los Angeles regions in a positive and exciting environment.  This year’s event included a basketball game between LAPD officers and LAFD firefighters along with a festival.

Redneck Island CMT

Twelve rednecks are brought to a tropical locale by Steve Austin, but this is no vacation. They’re here to compete for $100,000. They soon learn their new camp has no toilet, but they have the opportunity to win a golden throne — a luxury outhouse. Tensions run high as the contestants find out there’s more than one way to get sent home from this “survival of the reddest” competition.

Maximum Conviction

Maximum Conviction:  When former black ops operative Tom Steele (Seagal) and his partner Manning (Austin) are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long, an elite force of mercenaries assault the prison in search of the new arrivals. As the true identities of the women are revealed, Steele realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger than he had imagined.






Steve’s Q & A 3/28/2012

Shawn Michaels Shed Hunting at the BSR

Shed Hunting at the BSR with Shawn Michaels and MRA Crew