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Redneck Island and BS

Well, let me see, here. I got back from Mexico last week and after resting up a couple days, I hit the gym. Wow. Wake up call…While in Mexico I thought my training was going ok. All I had was a 3 station Universal Machine and dumbbells to 50 pounds. I worked out just about every day and indeed made chicken salad out of chicken shit. But there’s only so much you can do with the previously mentioned equipment. Prior to heading out for Mexico I was starting to get some half ass poundage on the bar for bench and standing military press. I was also doing lots of pull ups on a power rack. There wasn’t a damn thing to do a pull up on, and no barbell set or power rack, nothing to do military’s with. Well, suffice to say when you don’t do the movements you’ve been focusing on for a solid month, you go right back downhill. So I’m climbing back up hill and starting to get my pump back. Gonna be another week or two before I’m back in the groove. Diet is starting to fall back into place. Anyway, enough of that shit. I like Mexico a lot, but it’s good to be home. Especially now that deer season is right around the corner. I will be headed to Texas soon for an extended stay at the Broken Skull Ranch.
I’m very much looking forward to Saturday November 10, when at 9pm/8pm Central time, REDNECK ISLAND premieres on CMT. This seasons show is a lot of fun and if you enjoyed last season, you’ll really get a kick out of Season 2. If you missed Redneck Island last season, check it out! And FYI-You ain’t gotta be a Redneck to enjoy the show…It’s a helluva show with 14 wonderful folks battling it out for $100,000 bucks.
Now on to my recent list of things that crossed through the grey matter of my brain…
I don’t miss the flies in Mexico. We have flies in Los Angeles, but just not as many. That will soon change,though, as we have lots of flies in Texas. Here’s one for you-Have you ever been to the junkyard/landfill to throw out some trash, and when you got back in the truck you had a cab full of flies? And then you roll down your windows to get them out? Sometimes it takes a few tries to lose all the flies. (No I did not try to make that rhyme.) So when the flies are shooed out of the moving vehicle.. What do they do? Where do they go? Have they left loved ones behind? How is there sense of direction? Can they find their way home? They could be miles and miles from where they came..Are they like homing pigeons?? Homing flies…Could they be used to transport messages with little tiny notes tied to their legs? Will they become homesick? Will they ‘start all over’? I mean think about it, folks. Alright, don’t think about it…But these thoughts did pass through my head the last time I was in Texas at the BSR and a bunch of flies got in my truck at the junkyard.
Here’s another one for you…The scene-Any grocery store in the world. So happens today it was at Cosco. What’s the damn deal when people just haul off and park their damn shopping carts in the middle of the aisle?? Completely blocking the aisle. Hello? There’s other people shopping, folks. Kindly move your cart out of the aisle and next to the food racks so people can pass by. And also, when you’re pushing your cart on an aisle that leads to the MAIN aisles, the people on the MAIN aisles have the right of way. So don’t just haul ass through…And remember to look both ways. Here’s one more-Just because you have one of those long gimmick carts with your kid in the seat DOES NOT mean you have the right of way throughout the entire store. Follow the common sense rules of etiquette and right of way like everyone else. (Yeah I never figgered I’d be blogging about grocery store shopping cart etiquette, either)…
Moving on…Getting 4 new shocks for my truck on Friday. Yeah. It’s a 4 wheel drive Chevy Z-71. K&N air filter, BF Goodrich Radial All Terrain Tires, otherwise completely stock. Had to toss in some macho guy shit to even out the blog…

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Damn Near Done

Sitting on my ass, killing time before we put the remaining Rednecks through the paces. Got some music playing…Dreams I’ll Never See by Molly Hatchet. One of my fave songs. Drank a few beers and had a couple shots of Tequila last night with some friends. It’s been a damn good time here in Mexico. Seems like the month has flown by. Rednecks came. And Rednecks got sent home. Only a couple left, and we’ll weed through them today and tomorrow.
On the fitness front, I did a fairly good job of hitting the gym. Dumbbells to 50lbs and a half Universal Fitness Machine were what I had to work with. Not much weight, but it is what it is. Sometimes you gotta make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Then again, this IS Redneck Island…Not Bodybuilder Island.
The country and terrain out here is tremendous. Tough country for sure. Lots of big ass cactus. From what I understand its like a $3200 dollar fine for cutting one down. No telling how old some of these things are. They’re pretty damn cool, though.
Son of a bitch, I will be ready to get back to my regular diet. I damn sure ain’t a health freak, but I like to eat pretty damn clean. Being somewhat of a creature of habit, I’m pretty well used to cooking all my food the way I like to eat it. But, that being said, the food at this seasons RI location was better than last seasons.
We are almost finished. Tomorrow is the last day of work here on the Island for me. The crew will still have a ton of work to do getting some final shots and packing and shipping everything back to the states. Tuesday I have a day to myself. I think I’m gonna check out a couple of local towns I didn’t get a chance to see while working. Also gonna try to get in the ocean one time before I leave. I actually fell in the ocean while trying to make a repair on a floating dock…Splash!!! My big dumb ass fell in the water while I was still wired for sound. You had to be there. It was pretty damn funny. And then I saw a 22 foot Bull Shark headed right for me…But that’s a whole nother story for another day.
Gotta haul ass, I got Rednecks to tend to. And we’re damn near done…

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Redneck State of the Union

I am between gigs here on the Island. Once again it’s hotter than blazes. The sun is beating down unmercifully on the white sands of Mexico as some of the finest Rednecks ever assembled on one Island compete against one another for $100,000. I’m wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt, a cap, and flip flops. I’m also wearing about 4 coats of some of the strongest sun screen known to mankind. Trying to keep my white ass from turning into a human lobster. Feels like the sun is only 10 feet away….Which got me wondering how the hell they make sun screen. I mean sun screen has come a long way. Back in the day when you put that stuff on it was just a white blob of liquid. Looked like a bunch of Sea Gulls had shit all over you. These days the stuff is in a spray bottle and goes on clear. I know it’s not the most important subject you’ll read about all week, but since I’ve used a couple of gallons of it over the last few weeks it was on my mind.
Day 2 of writing blog.
Here’s one for you. Sushi. If you like sushi and ever get down to La Paz, you have to go to Odayaka Sushi in the Marina. This is the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Hands down. End of story. And if you make it to Odayaka, you must try the sushi burritos. A burrito? At a sushi joint? Damn right. They’re incredible.
Five more days of filming out here on Redneck Island. This has been a fun process. The show will be a little different than last year. I won’t say how, because I don’t want to spoil it for anybody. But I am happy with what we have gotten so far. This seasons Rednecks have been a good bunch of game competitors. Some interesting folks who one by one are leaving the Island as we get closer to the finish…One person. One person only, will walk away with $100,000 dollars.
Upon my arrival back in Los Angeles, I will take care of business for a few weeks, have a few meetings, and drive down to the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas. Deer season is right around the corner. I will continue to rehab my knee down at the ranch. Speaking of my knee, it is feeling great. I am slowly regaining size and strength in my left leg. I had a new ACL and PCL grafted in on July 2 and I am happy with how everything is progressing.
It will be interesting to see how our deer are this year. All though we have recently gotten a few inches of rain lately, South Texas has been in a drought for quite some time.
Gotta get ready to rally the Rednecks on the island.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Redneck Island Day?

Things are moving along out here on Redneck Island. I can’t remember what day of filming it is. Weather has been phenomenal since it stopped raining a few days ago. It’s hot. That’s for damn sure. One of the locals told me its 85 degrees here in the winter. He said that feels cool to him. Damn. I got my air conditioner running full blast when it’s 85*.
Here’s a few more thoughts and observations I’ve come up with in the last few days. In no particular order.
It’s hotter than a sumbitch in Mexico.
Beer is good.
Sumbitch, it’s hot in Mexico.
Tequila is good. Don’t forget the salt and lime.
Many folks wonder what kind of beer I drink. Currently it is Bud Light.
It is still fairly difficult to eat clean in Mexico. I have been having awesome workouts. Diet is about as good as it can be.
2 shots of Tequila before bed is very relaxing.
12 shots of Tequila before bed is trouble.
I haven’t been in the water since I’ve been here in Mexico. I will before I leave. The water here is beautiful. If I get attacked by a Shark, I guess I’ll go home with a set of Shark Skin luggage.
I started this blog the other day in the afternoon. I just woke up(Sunday morning) and am trying to complete it. But I am not a morning person at all.
My shipment of energy drinks that I drink in the morning got rejected at the border. Makes the wake up process take a little longer…
There have been many people tweeting pics of themselves in BSR Gear. I have more stuff on the way soon.
I don’t understand people who have Twitter accounts and send nothing but hateful, stupid messages. I do not send any comments, replies, or responses to haters. They are simply blocked immediately. The Internet makes certain idiots feel very brave.
I missed every single college game yesterday. That sucks.
Today is a short day on RI for me. Hopefully I can catch a couple of pro games.
Mexico loves speed bumps. I’ve never seen so many speed bumps in all my life. And I’ll tell you, they work! Been trying to get the city of LA to put a couple speed bumps on the street I live on. Keep the dipshits from hauling ass like NASCAR drivers past my house. (With all due respect to NASCAR drivers) my street ain’t a race track.
Day 3 of writing blog. (Morning)
I definitely am not a morning person.
I swear I felt an earthquake here last night. Gonna check the local news.
Found an awesome Sushi restaurant here last night. Food was outstanding.
I’m hungry.
Time to get my ass up and eat breakfast.

PS. I just drove to work and had a few more thoughts.
Pulling nose hairs out by hand to look good for camera is painful. Forgot my nose hair gimmick trimmer in my hotel room. And while we’re on the subject of nose hair trimmers….How come battery life in a nose hair trimmer is so short? I mean, it ain’t like you use the sumbitch everyday. These little gadgets eat batteries up like crazy. I think I’m gonna patent a miniature weed eater with a Big Block 454 engine, seeing as most nose hair trimmers are under powered. Alright, enough about nose hair…
Ever notice that when you’re driving down a bumpy ass road, it’s a lot smoother in the driver seat than when you’re riding down the same road in the passenger seat? You’re thinking, Jesus Christ, this sumbitch is hitting every damn bump in the road…Funny how that works.
Gnats and no-see-ums suck.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch ya down the road…

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin



Redneck Island Day 6

Well, it has been a long ass hot, muggy day. To break up the format a little bit, I will just kind of write down a few observations and thoughts I’ve had the last few days. Here goes, in random order.
It’s always hotter than a sumbitch the day after a rain. Humidity had me feeling like I was wearing a wet sweater all day.
I have created a new Redneck invention. Patent number 1,662,792,766 is the 4 Wheel Drive Flip Flop. Yep. That’s right folks…A 4 Wheel Drive Flip Flop. I tried them out today and they worked like a champ. Now with the invention of the 4WD Flip Flop, you can go muddin’ without a vehicle at the flip of a switch. More details later.
On another note…Flies. Flies are a real friggin pain in the ass. Yes, I know that’s nothing new…But it was a thought that passed through my mind the last few days.
Beer is good.
I need to learn Spanish. Growing up in South Texas, I have always wanted to learn it. Never have. It is on my list of things to do. On another note, I am indeed a master of sign language. Very limited vocabulary though.
Mosquitos suck…
Always a learning curve when you’re buying groceries in another country. For the most part, the brands you know and trust aren’t available. Also, in Mexico it’s hard to find nonfat cottage cheese, etc.
Its been hard to stay up to date with college and pro football. When I do find a game, the broadcast is in Spanish…I gotta learn the language.
The water in Mexico is beautiful. Blue and clear. I would get in and go swimming around except I’m allergic to sharks.
Redneck Island is a great gig. I love the concept of it. I enjoy hosting it. And I enjoy the competitors who come out an give it their all. I also love Reality Television. Anything can happen and you gotta be on your toes.
Hey, that’s all I got for right now. Long day on the Island so far and it’s not over. We’ve got an elimination coming up in about an hour. Gotta get dressed, get ready, get my mind right, and send somebody packing.
Thanks for stopping by.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin

Day 5 on Redneck Island

Well since I’ve been here in Mexico we’ve had two earthquakes. First one was pretty big. Don’t know what kind of damage it did because I don’t get all the news out here. This morning we had another one. I was cooking breakfast and everything started shaking in the room. Didn’t last long. I’m not a big fan of earthquakes. (Who is?)
Growing up in South Texas I was used to tornados and hurricanes. Not a fan of them, either…All three of them are devastating in their own right. I’m not a damn scientist, but it sure as hell seems like we’ve been having more quakes and tornados than before.
So anyway…We are working along here on Redneck Island. The rain has presented a few obstacles, but we are adjusting on the fly and getting the work done. There is a lot of talented folks with a lot of brain power behind the scenes here. So much planning and strategizing, and when things happen, you go to Plan B. or Plan C. Or Plan D…
You get the picture. As the old saying goes-Improvise. Overcome. Adapt.

On another note, I am glad the damn regular referees are back in action in the NFL. I am a diehard football fan. The game was becoming such a joke, I almost decided to give up pro football and stay with the awesome action of College Football. As a huge fan of both, I do appreciate the more strict rules of celebrating after a touchdown. Some of the shenanigans these days in the NFL are absolutely ridiculous. I understand the enthusiasm, adrenaline, and passion behind scoring touchdown. I understand the individuality of it all. For me though, I miss the the way the great Barry Sanders and Earl Campbell celebrated after scoring….
Alright, off the soap box…I have been called into action here on the Island…Plan C is in effect.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Redneck Island Day 3

Just got to work here on the Island. Gonna be another scorcher today. I wear about 4 layers of high powered sunblock to keep my white ass from getting burned up out here.

The location for this season is awesome. Blue water that you can see thru. As a matter of fact I was snorkeling the other day and saved a bottle nose Dolphin that was being bullied by a 21 foot Hammerhead Shark. It’s easy to punch a Hammerhead in the nose because they’re eyes are so far apart…

Anyway, back to RI. The crew this year is much the same as last season. Hard working bunch of folks and it is turning in the Redneck Island family. Got a good bunch of Rednecks on this season. Getting to know them a little after spending a few days with them. It is an interesting mix of people. They are game and doing a great job. Can’t tell you too much cause I don’t want to give you too much 411.

Gonna sign off now and get ready to go to work.

It’s a great day to be on here Redneck Island!

Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin X 35,000THQ

As I have talked about on Twitter (@steveaustinBSR), I recently finished signing 35,000 autographs for THQ’s new video game WWE 13.  The picture cards I signed will go in select Austin 3:16 Editions of the game.  I had originally agreed to sign 25,000 cards.  Then THQ wanted an additional 10,000.  Since I am recovering from knee surgery I certainly have the time.  I agreed to the extra 10k cards.  I let the boxes of cards sit in the garage for a while and figured “I’ll get em done later”…I should have started signing them immediately…I finally got around to opening one of the boxes and at that time it dawned on me.  35,000 is a shit pile of signatures.

So I rig up my kitchen table and get all situated.  I used silver liquid paint pens to sign the cards and it was a pain in the ass to keep the pens properly charged up to get a good signature.  I start writing my name-STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN…..OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…You get the point.  Now for those that don’t know me, I have a real hard time sitting still.  Now, I ain’t talking nervous, twitchy, weird, can’t sit still…Cause I can sit for hours watching football, etc.  But sitting at a table and writing STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN gets real old real fast…Especially when you’re signing up to 8 or more hours a day.  Working with them damn paint pens is enough to send you over the edge.  I used a couple hundred dollars worth of pens on this extravaganza.  I am an official expert on paint pens.  If you have a paint pen problem, I can fix it.  Yep…I am a certified paint pen mechanic.  Anyway…Back to the story.

Now don’t get me wrong, you may be saying to yourself-“Shit. All that motherf#cker is doing is writing his damn name.”  I ain’t saying it was physically hard…I’m saying I was bored to death.  Hell, every job I ever had was Manual labor, with a capital M.  Between going to PT for my knee, going to the gym, going to meetings, and all the other BS I do, it took 6 weeks or so to sign them damn cards.  35,000 of em.  And that’s the end of that story.

On another note, yesterday we shot the PR stuff for Redneck Island.  Last season was damn good.  Deep thinking, far reaching, philosophical television that changed the lives of literally millions across the globe…Alright, BS!  Redneck Island was a damn good time last season.  Great cast and a cool host.  Season 2 will be BIGGER, BADDER, AND REDDER THAN EVER.

I leave for Mexico in a few days.  Couple days to settle in and then we roll cameras and start filming the brutality, calamity, and hilarity, that is Redneck Island.  I am going to push these people to be there bestest,(invented word) and reddest, in an all out endeavor for one person to walk off the island with $100,000 dollars.

I am going to send daily updates during the entire shoot.  Check the website for info.

On a last but not least note, BSR GEAR is up and running.  Tshirts, caps, and hoodies available.  New designs coming soon.

That is all, ladies and germs.  Thank you for stopping by.


Steve Austin

RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There

On July 23, 2012 WWE celebrated the 1,oooth episode of Monday Night Raw.  I watched the show from my home in Los Angeles.  After watching the show, I got on my Twitter account, @steveaustinBSR, to read responses to the show.  There were many people blaming Vince McMahon and the WWE for not having SCSA on the show.  And there were some folks who had some very negative things to say about me, personally.

The reason I did not attend RAW 1,000 was because I underwent a major knee surgery on my left knee on July 2, 2012.  Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, CA performed the surgery.

The surgery  was a complete success.  I am currently three weeks post op.  I began physical therapy a few days ago.  I had a world class surgeon and a great medical team working on me.  I am now working with a top notch PT team.  I am still on crutches and will probably lose the crutches in another week.  Then I will be in a custom knee brace much like the braces I wore in the ring for 9-12 weeks.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS A 100% ASS KICKING MACHINE.  There was no way I was going to limp down the ramp on crutches for RAW 1,000.  It was time to get my knee fixed.  The decision to no-show RAW 1,000 was made by me and no one else.  I have always taken pride in making my shots and have never faked an injury or illness.  Pro Wrestling is a tough game and it was time to pay the piper for some of the damage I incurred in the ring.  No gripes.  No complaints.

To the fans that were hoping to see SCSA, I’m sorry I missed the show.  I would have loved to be there under different circumstances.  I normally keep my personal business to myself, but due to feedback and incorrect speculation, I have posted this blog and given the 411 on why I was not at RAW 1,000.

I will post more blogs about my PT and recovery soon.


Steve Austin


Redneck Island returns this Saturday

After being preempted last week, Redneck Island returns to its regular time this Saturday night on CMT.  As a DirecTV subscriber, it looks like I may be missing RI because of the issues between Viacom and DTV.   Maybe an agreement will be reached by then and you/I DTV subscribers will be able to catch the show. This weeks show is pretty damn entertaining with a real fun challenge.  Tune in to see who gets voted off of the island. You can watch Redneck Island’s latest episode here at on Sunday July 15…..In case you missed it….

Steve Austin