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This week’s podcast: WM 17 vs. The Rock

Don’t miss today’s #steveaustinshow. I break down the action @ WM17 with @TheRock on @WWENetwork. @PodcastOne


The Broken Skull Ranch Challenge
Sunday, July 6 at 8 pm est on CMT

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..

I’ve been in South Texas for a few days now. Down from Los Angeles way. Drove down in a new RV with my trusty sidekick, Hershey. To those of you who don’t know, Hershey is a 10 year old female Chocolate Lab. She is a helluva navigator, let me tell you..
We made three stops on the way and camped in RV parks in Tucson, AZ., Van Horn, TX., and San Angelo, TX.
San Angelo is home to three very good friends of mine, the Garza brothers, Henry, JoJo, and Ringo. Together they are known as the Los Lonely Boys, one of the most talented bands out there. They lay down their distinct brand of “Texican” Rock and Roll, and mister, they can flat out play.
I rolled into Henry’s house an plugged my RV in and fed Hershey. Then we went inside and recorded my Steve Austin Show podcast you guys heard on Tuesday’s show. The beer was flowing and the guys busted out their guitars on the SAS Unleashed show that will air tomorrow on iTunes and It is a must hear show, believe me. Some great stories, some great BS, and some great music.
After that Ringo cooked up the best carne guisada I’ve ever eaten. Helluva cook. Homemade tortillas, guacamole, beans. It was awesome. I sat down with the brothers and their families and had a great meal. La Familia for sure.
Henry and Ringo kept my sorry add up till 5:30 the next morning. Ouch. Thank you. The next morning I unplugged my RV and hauled ass to the Broken Skull Ranch.
It’s deer season. My favorite time of year. Old Teddy, @tedfowler361 on Twitter has been working his ass off mowing, filling feeders, and doing general repairs on everything.
Nueces River had out Southen border under water for a couple weeks. Highest I’ve ever seen that river.
Everything here is very green. Deer movement is slow. Seeing lot of does with fawns and sets of twin fawns. Bucks aren’t moving much yet. I did see a helluva 10 point this evening that will go very close to 160. 5.5 year old deer. Great potential.
And as the season goes on, I’ll keep you posted. Gonna get hot and heavy soon enough. When the Rut hits, it’ll be a Pier 6 Brawl!

Don’t forget to check out Steve Austin Show Unleashed tomorrow on iTunes and It’s a bad ass show with a lot of stories…



Some how, some way, the producers at the Steve Austin Show have reached out to legendary WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin and booked him on the SAS. Stone Cold was one of the most controversial and influential Professional Wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle. His fierce, aggressive, and relentless style in the ring was the stuff of legends. With an immense tolerance to pain, and an insatiable desire to be the best, his opponents knew anytime they stepped in the ring with Stone Cold, they better damn sure bring their A game or they would be on the receiving end of a Stone Cold Stunner. Known as the toughest son of a bitch in the history of the WWE, his straight forward, no holds barred, trash talking promos were pure gold.
Steve Austin sits down with Stone Cold as he shares knowledge and tips of what makes a great baby face and heel in the business of Pro Wrestling among other things. Also answering SAS fan questions, this is a great listen with a few other surprises as well. Check it out, for sure.
You can check out the Steve Austin Show at and ITunes.
Steve Austin
Audio Whoop Ass


Tonight is the big night! It’s the return of REDNECK ISLAND on Country Music Television (CMT). This is Season 3 and I can say as much as I loved the first 2 seasons, this season is the best one so far.
Lots of great Rednecks, as always, of course. And this group of Rednecks were a fiery, competitive, hell raising bunch who were ready to go as soon as they landed on the Island.
The challenges are bigger, better, and more spectacular than ever as we raised the bar to make Season 3 an awesome ride.
Tune in tonight after the CMT Music Awards on CMT at 10:30PM/9:30 Central. After tonight the show will move to Saturday night as usual.


Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Steve Austin and Meopta Scope

I will be headed to Houston, TX on Saturday May 4 to the NRA Convention to introduce the Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch hunting scope. After partnering with Meopta last year we have developed a 4x12x50mm scope that is rugged, clear, sharp, and has tremendous light gathering ability. This is the exact scope I use on my hunting rifle. I will be in the Meopta booth from 2-4pm signing autographs, taking pics, and hanging out. The NRA convention is open to the public and will be at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.
Meopta has been making precision optics since 1933 and has headquarters and manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic and Long Island, NY.
I am proud to partnered up with Meopta. They make extremely high quality glass and I am looking forward to debuting the scope. At 4x12x50, this scope is perfect for hunting damn near any game in the world.
You can follow me on twitter @steveaustinbsr as well as @MeoptaUSA for details on giveaways and tickets, etc.
The Steve Austin-Meopta scope kicks ass. And that’s the bottom line.



It is Saturday April 20 here in Mexico. Saturdays are my days off. I don’t do much on my off day except workout and spending some time just chilling by myself. After long days in the sun on the set of Redneck Island 3, I damn sure stay out of the sun. Towards evening I might get in the pool.
I am also going to record a Steve Austin Show podcast around 2pm. Due to lack of Internet, I will be primarily be answering questions sent in by you. There is still time to send questions or topics to I have been asked “What kind of questions are you looking for?” Shit, that’s totally up to you. Obviously I get a lot of wrestling questions. But just about anything flies on the SAS.
As I have mentioned the Internet down here sucks ass. I am way behind on current events. I am also out in the field working with the RI3 crew filming out show. Last night I heard they arrested the other ‘suspect’ in the Boston Marathon bombing. Congratulations to Boston’ finest for their perseverance and thoroughness, and to anyone else who helped. My thoughts are with the families of the three people who were killed. And my thoughts are with those who have suffered devastating injuries. This whole nightmare was an absolutely senseless tragedy and the actions of the 2 alleged suspects have shattered the lives of so many good people. It will take a long time to heal from this. And for some, healing may very well be impossible.
I cannot even begin to fathom why people would do this. At this point, was it just the two brothers? Or were there others involved?
It will be interesting to see what comes of the investigation and interrogation of this idiot.
I would also like to send my thoughts and regards to the folks in West, Texas. The devastating explosion at the fertilizer plant has totally rocked this small Texas town. I used to pass through West all the time as I would drive from Denton to Edna to visit home during my college days at NTSU. My best to West, Texas.
Well, that’s that. A somber feeling as I write this blog. So many lives impacted by two entirely different scenarios involving explosions. I am signing off now. Have a great weekend.

PS. Due to no Internet I am late posting this. No questions. SAS completed.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


Check in From Mexico

I am in Mexico and the Internet has been sketchy since I have been here. We are working pretty much all day outside filming Redneck Island 3. I was a little late in getting the news about the Boston Marathon. I try to catch a few minutes of the news here and there to hear about what is going on and if there are any clues as to who did this. My thoughts are with those in Boston. Several people here on our crew had family members in the area when the bombs went off. The stories I’m hearing from over there are heart wrenching. I have always enjoyed wrestling in Boston. A great city with so much history and character. Once again, my thoughts are with you.
As far as Mexico goes, the weather has been beautiful, and the Rednecks have been really terrific. They are a fun bunch of folks and are giving it their best. Along with that, our crew is working their asses off. Long days in the sun for sure, but everyone here is happy to be at work and take great pride in their work. I’m happy as a lark as well, as I really enjoy hosting Redneck Island. Every day at work is a good day.
And on another note the Steve Austin Show podcast is doing very well thanks to your support. I have a blast doing these shows and will have an announcement to make regarding a format addition to one of the shows soon after my return from Mexico. As you know the SAS covers everything under the sun. It has been challenging to cover current events, though, because of the Internet issue and long hours filming. I am always receptive to your comments, feedback, ideas, questions, and suggestions for the Show. You can email them to You can download the show at and ITunes. There is a new show every Tuesday and Thursday.

That is all for now.
I’ll catch your ass down the road.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


RI3 So Far…SAS!

Hey everybody. Hola from Mexico. I have been here for a week now, filming Redneck Island 3, and still cannot speak a lick of Spanish. This season is gonna start off big! CMT and 51 Minds have upped the ante on the show. Lots of big challenges and another great cast of Rednecks. This show is a lot of fun. And like I always tell people, you DO NOT have to be a Redneck to enjoy it. The show is basically splitting the ‘Necks into 2 teams and pitting them against each other in competition. The team that loses comes to ‘my place’ where they will vote a team member off the island. Finally we end up with 2-3 ‘Necks in the finale where they compete in a big ass challenge requiring some strength, stamina, endurance, smarts, and some luck. Winner takes home a $100,000.
Anyway, it’s a fun ass show and very easy to follow and watch. Redneck Island will premier after the CMT Music Awards.
I have had a great time here in Mexico. The scenery here is absolutely beautiful. We had an earthquake the 2nd night I was here. No damage. Earthquakes suck. With hurricanes and tornadoes, for the most part, you know their coming. Earthquakes just happen. There is something a little unnerving when the ground shifts and it feels like someone drive an 18 wheeler into the side of your hotel. Not a fan of the earthquake.
My new podcast the Steve Austin Show debuted last week on and iTunes. The first show is an outline of the stuff I will cover on the show(everything). Professional Wrestling hall of famer @Shawn Michaels was the guest on my second show. It was great talking to Shawn on the phone in order to avoid him Super Kicking me in the chin, which inevitably always seemed to happen back in the day. Shawn and I shoot the breeze about his start in the business, where he was at mentally and physically when we faced each other at Wrestle Mania 14. And we also talk about his very successful venture into the world of hunting with his show McMillan River Adventures. I want to thank Shawn for being on the show, and I look forward to hunting with the #MRA Crew again soon and sharing a campfire and stories. I’ve got to hear the Moose Charge story from Keith one more time…
The SAS has been very well received thanks to you! I appreciate your support!! I have fun on the show and it is Steve Austin Unfiltered and Uncensored. Headaches, Hassles, and Horseshit is the running theme of the show, as all of us certainly have all three of these H’s in our lives.
I will now be releasing two shows a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays if I’m correct. (I better be) The show will continue to evolve as I come up to speed in this new endeavor. And the cool thing is, you get to hear me attempt to make chicken salad out of chickenshit as I continue to learn the podcast biz.
And on a final note, my Internet is very bad/slow/nonexistent over here. It is hard for me to get new show material. If you have any questions you want answered, or have a subject or topic you would like me to discuss in my non scientific fashion, please email them to I want to stay connected and interact with you. I value your opinions, feedback, and questions. Obviously I won’t be able to get to all of them. But I will do my best to get to what I can.

This is Steve Austin from Mexico. Out.

Semper Redneck

Steve Austin


Steve Austin Show, Listen Now!!!

Just a shout out to everyone who has listened to The Steve Austin Show podcast…. Thank you for making it a hit. It’s already the number 1 in iTunes for Sports podcasts and Top 10 of all podcasts! For those of you who haven’t heard, heres the link…

The Steve Austin Show

BTW I am always open to input, ideas, suggestions and/or questions.

You can send me an email at