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Archive for February, 2012

Speaking of Tough…

Well, another day on set has come to an end.  Lots of gunfire today and tomorrow a high dose of brutality in the form of a heavy duty fist fight.  This movie has more action than probably all the movies I’ve done put together.  The director, Jesse V. Johnson is doing an awesome job.  I […]

Chill Day

Went antique shopping today and didn’t really see anything that caught my eye.  Walked about 4-5 miles though, so I got some exercise in. This evening I went over to Paul Lazenby’s crib and watched the UFC card.  Pretty good card.  Lazenby is picking me up in the morning for a round of antiquing a […]

Unnamed Blog

I am typing this with blood on my knuckles and a cut above my left eye.  One of the fingers on my left hand is completely demolished.  My nose is broken and a black eye is welling up on my right cheek.  I ended the lives of two people this morning with a machine gun. […]

…Same Broken Skull Channel

Today I got beat up a little, tortured for a while, then we took a lunch break, and then I got tortured some more,  and tomorrow…Someone is going to die a horrible, horrible death.  Relax, folks…It’s just a movie.  It was actually ok being tortured, all I had to do was sit there, tied to […]

Here And There

Had a short day today after all the overtime yesterday.  I got to take a break from killing people and do an intimate scene with my movie wife.  It is  nice to finally be in a movie where my wife and children haven’t been brutally murdered by the bad guys in the beginning of the […]

Long Day At The Office

Was a 15 hour day…With that said…That’s all I got to say. PS. Thanks to all the cast and crew for a hellacious work day.  Much appreciated. Steve Austin  

Austin vs Lundgren

Was a long day on set, folks.  Dialogue scenes with Dolph for half a day and then moved into action scenes that lead into tomorrows fight day with Dolph.  Dolph Is in tremendous condition and I feel pretty comfortable going into tomorrow’s work as long as he doesn’t have a flash back and say-“I must […]

Getting Smoked By a Smart Car

Well today was a pretty chill day.  Sundays are pretty relaxed in downtown Vancouver.  So I was doing all my normal stuff I normally do on my last day off…Wash clothes, workout, cook all of my meals, run my dialogue scenes, etc.  After I got done with everything I figured I’d go grab a few […]

Lighten Up, Frances…


After posting a tall tale last night on the blog, some had suggested my creative tale was inspired by alcohol.  Not the case folks…I like to write and I like to entertain.  My website is a window into my life.  Yes, I have a creative side.  Hello.  I use my website to communicate with the […]

Rescue in Vancouver…A True Story


So today I went down and worked on a fight scene with Dolph and the stunt guys, got the gym out of the way, worked on my dialogue and now I feel like writing about the rest of my day….It was crazy, to say the least.  Here’s what happened. My driver was bringing me back […]

The Commercial That changed My Life


I remember certain things in my wrestling career with crystal clear clarity.  Sometimes I can piece together some of the details of a memory and remember it all.  Sometimes I listen to someone tell a story and I don’t remember any of it, but by all accounts it was an accurate summation of a real […]

#@&!!&**#$!#@ Best Advice I Ever Got


I had a day off today on the movie shoot so I figured I’d write a random wrestling story that happened to me back in the day.  This is a true story and I remember it like it was yesterday…So here goes. I had been wrestling for just over 2 months when I asked Jerry […]

Vancouver Day 6…Back to the Streets

Was another good day on the set.  Working on a 6 page dialogue scene where Tommy gets sent on a mission…One he is not too keen on taking…Anyway, no spoilers.  There were several antique shops around the set.  Today and yesterday I ate a quick lunch and jumped in with my driver, Gary, and hit […]

Vancouver Day 5…The Calm Before The Storm

Today was full of dialogue scenes and driving vehicles….Yes, there are actually conversations between the bullets, bloodshed, and devastation in this movie.  Starting to get on a roll as I’m getting settled into the character of Tommy Wick.  My partner in this movie is Mike Dopud.  Mike has a football, hockey, stuntman background and we […]

Vancouver Day 4

Cameras rolled on the set today.  The first scene we shot is literally the beginning of the movie.  So it was a cool start.  A little bit of blood was shed on the first day as well.  This is a fight heavy movie with a great plot twist.  I had a lot of dialogue today […]

Vancouver-Day 3 Streets of Van…


Like I said yesterday, I bought a new lens for my camera.  So today I took off on foot to get some pics of the city.  I have spent considerable time in this city and I love it.  If you ever get the chance to come to Vancouver for some vacation time, I highly recommend […]



In Recoil, Steve stars as an ex-cop who’s life is ripped apart when his family is viciously murdered. He then sets out on a mission of vengeance to find those responsible and serve up his own kind of justice. In the film Danny Trejo portrays  the cold-hearted killer at the receiving end of Steve’s vigilante […]

Honk Your Damn Horn!


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, so here goes… I live in Los Angeles, California.  I also have a ranch in the great state of Texas, but the bulk of my time is spent in L.A.  So, that being said, I spend a lot of time in a major city that has […]

Vancouver Day 2

I got picked up at the hotel this morning and went down to wardrobe to get fitted for my movie attire.  Then met with the stunt guys about the opening fight sequence…Yep, there’s a fight in this movie…A bunch of ’em.  Hell, after this movie I may just go ahead and step into the Octagon…Anyway, […]

In Vancouver

Alright, folks.  Made it to Vancouver.  Got settled in my room, got some groceries, looked over my scenes for Monday.   10am pickup tomorrow for wardrobe fitting and fight rehearsal.  This is gonna be a good  movie.  I wrote a long blog on the flight from L.A.  I will proof read it tomorrow and post it….I […]