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Archive for January, 2012

Steve set to film The Package…..


A courier  for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.  Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren team up together for the first time since The Expendables.   Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, this will be one action packed ride from start to finish.

Hello Dolly….


Alright…So here’s a quick true story…Last night(1-10-12) I was sound asleep…I mean sound asleep…I don’t sleep well…So when I DO get to sleep…I’m like a damn hibernating bear.  If a thief DID come in, they could steal my whole house as long as he didn’t start yelling at the top of his lungs or banging […]

BSR Deer Season Closes


It was an interesting year at the BSR this deer season.  The ongoing Texas drought had a hell of an effect on our deer herd.  For starters we had a low fawn crop this year.  And we only took 5 cull bucks.  There were probably another 4 or 5 culls which could have been taken, […]

Shortcut to L.A.


After writing my blog “West Texas Near Death Ride” I was wondering how the rest of the trip would go…Well…Here’s how it went… The guys over at CapRock Diesel in Ozona, TX replaced our front left tire, bent the bumper back in place, and zip tied the hood down…We were on our merry way…Back to […]

West Texas Near Death Ride


After a hell of a vacation, plenty of hunting, and a great time down at the BSR with family and friends, it was time to get back to L.A. I need to get ready for some upcoming projects…Get back in the gym and start eating clean foods…We weren’t anxious about leaving the ranch, because we […]

BSR Departure


[jwplayer mediaid=”608″] Blasting out of the BSR…

Higher Learning


[jwplayer mediaid=”596″] Now here’s a trick I’ve been using for years…Check this out, and try it sometime…It really works…I don’t know how many times a deer or something came out in the road after I had passed by and rather than turn all the way around like an owl, I use this trick…Give it a […]

Favorite Gun #1


[jwplayer mediaid=”589″] Alright…I get these questions all the time–What is your favorite gun?  Or–What do you shoot?  Or–What is the best gun for deer hunting?  Let me first say that the BEST gun for deer hunting is HIGHLY subjective.  From caliber to gun manufacturer, it is damn near fightin’ words when there is a difference […]

Favorite guns #2

[jwplayer mediaid=”572″] My number 2 gun is my 7mm Mag.  I was hired by Dusty Rhodes in WCW.  Due to my travel schedule I had drifted  away from deer hunting. Well, I met one of the coolest guys I’ve ever known…And a tremendous worker who possessed great “in ring” psychology…Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff.  We became […]

Favorite Guns #3

[jwplayer mediaid=”561″] This is my number 3 gun…But if I’m going after horns…It’s my number 1 gun.  The .300 Win Mag will shoot long and hit hard.  You can always find ammo for it.  This is a great cartridge for just about anything and everything. Steve

Ridin’ the Fence


[jwplayer mediaid=”553″] Today I rode the fence line at the BSR.  Just checking for holes in the fence that we need to patch…And low spots where animals crawl under the fence.  Many folks use snares to catch coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, etc.  As a ranch owner I am well aware of the need for predator control. […]