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Archive for December, 2011

UFC141 and Zombies


Zombies…yep, that’s right, Zombies. The last two nights I’ve dreamed about Zombies. And the weird part is, I usually never dream. I don’t know why I don’t dream…Can’t figure it out.  Maybe I’ve been hit in the head with too many steel chairs or taken too many of Vince’s working punches.  Maybe I dreamt about […]

Q & A


Hey folks…I’m going to add a Q and A section to the website.  I will give you a chance to ask questions and I will answer them or offer my opinions on the subject matter at hand… Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. Steve

Hunting, Sweating…And Wrestling


Well, it’s hotter than Hell out here at the BSR…Let me tell you something.. South Texas in the summer time is brutal. South Texas in the winter time can be brutal as well…I’m wearing shorts, a dry fit short sleeve shirt, and tennis shoes, and I’m friggin’ burnin’ up…The only reason I’m not wearing flip […]

BSR Championship Belt


Well…Little time on my hands so I thought I would write about the BSR Championship Belt…What is it? What’s it for? And why? So…Here’ s the scoop… I was in the business of professional wrestling for give or take 15 years…I actually don’t know the exact number of days, years, months, or whatever, so I […]

Can of Whoop Ass


[jwplayer mediaid=”514″] Two bucks get it on at a deer stand named Johnny Cash here at the Broken Skull Ranch…The rut is on in South Texas and these two gladiators fight for breeding rights.

1500 Miles of Heaven


It is December 26 here at the BSR.  I hope every one had a great Christmas.  I hope every one got to see family and friends.  I know there are lots of men and women in the United Stated Armed Forces who are far away from their families.  I hope you made the most of […]

Collecting Signs……


I just recently posted some of my porcelain metal signs in the photo gallery.  I have been collecting these old signs since 1992.  My mother is an avid Coca Cola memorabilia collector and got me started in this wonderful hobby.  I got away from collecting signs in my WWE days…Too busy being on the road […]

Tough Truck


[jwplayer mediaid=”479″] Me and Hershey starring in a “real” tough truck commercial.  Real dirt.  Real bumps.  Real life.  Real tough.  Ain’t no good looking guy in a shiny truck doing stupid tricks…Just a guy and his dog driving the backroads…headed to The Toughest Ranch in Texas…The BROKEN SKULL RANCH.   Steve

Broken Skull Ranch Hunting Report


Well, folks…the rut has officially started here at the BSR.  The bucks are chasing does hot and heavy.  After seeing nothing but young deer all season, we are finally starting to see some mature bucks.  And also starting to see bucks we’ve never seen before.  We started our season on November 11, and sitting in […]

Hershey Goes Hunting


[jwplayer mediaid=”459″] This is a quick video of Hershey and I getting to a deer stand named Riverside.  It was a good hunt.  Filmed two 150 class deer that were 4.5 and 5.5 years old.  In a future video I’ll show you how i get her up and down from the stand…It’s a workout, for […]

Naming Deer Stands


I’ve gotten a few questions about how the deer stands at the Broken Skull Ranch got their names. Well, I can answer that pretty dang easy…S0 here goes…When I bought the place, most of the existing deer stands were already in good locations. No need to move them…But we needed to name them so everybody […]



[jwplayer mediaid=”431″] Fixing stuff is a big part of life on a ranch…Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the handiest guy in the world…But, when sh!t happens…It’s gotta be fixed.  This was an easy one…not brain surgery by any stretch…Feeder fixed…Filled with protein…And we have happy deer.  THE END Steve

RVing and the Great Outdoors


So there I was…Cruising down Interstate 10 in the RV.  Pretty good day at the office…Kristin was taking a nap on the couch, Hershey was curled up in the shotgun seat, Shona was in her kennel, Brio was sound asleep on the center console…The one and only George Strait was singin’ a song through the […]

BSR Big Buck


There’s a lot of pictures on this website about filling our protein feeders.  Here’s why we feed protein 24-7-365…This buck is 4.5 years old.  In three years he will be an absolute monster.  To grow big bucks you need good genetics, nutrition, and age.  I know a lot of people who would shoot this buck […]

Heads Up!!!


Well, folks…this website is now live…please bear with me on any snags or bugs that may pop up.  Most of the work on this website, other than the site design,  was done by my wife and myself…Now my wife is one of the smartest people I know…but, me…not so much…anyway, I’m gonna be honest with […]

BSR Deer Season


12-15-11 Deer season started here at the Broken Skull Ranch on November 11(we waited a week due to my schedule). I hunted for a week and then headed back to LA for a few days before heading to Vancouver to film a movie with Steven Segal called Maximum Conviction. After the movie was completed I […]

Steve makes guest appearance on NBC’s Chuck


Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) romantic mission is cancelled with the arrival of Hugo Panzer (guest star Stone Cold Steve Austin) and Heather Chandler (guest star Nicole Richie). But Chuck grows more interested when the manipulative Heather claims to know a secret about his mom. Meanwhile, as Morgan (Joshua Gomez) prepares the Buy More for […]

Recoil… Out today! 3/06/2012


In Recoil, Steve stars as an ex-cop who’s life is ripped apart when his family is viciously murdered. He then sets out on a mission of vengeance to find those responsible and serve up his own kind of justice. In the film Danny Trejo portrays  the cold-hearted killer at the receiving end of Steve’s vigilante […]

Kyocera/Sprint Shoot


I am here in Santa Monica and Venice, CA today filming a commercial for the Kyocera Dura Series Mobile Phone.  I’m gonna keep this post short and to the point…this is one cool, tough phone…If it’s tough enough for me….it’s tough enough for anybody…