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A great review of the WM 13 Bret Hart match podcast

Thanks to Tim Kail over at The Good Worker for his in-depth review of my call on the WM 13 match with Bret Hart on this week’s podcast. ———————- “I’m laying in a pool of blood. This is the greatest feeling in the world.” You might read that quote and be unsettled, maybe even concerned […]

You wanted it. You got it. Steve Austin Merch.

This week’s podcast: WM 17 vs. The Rock


Don’t miss today’s #steveaustinshow. I break down the action @ WM17 with @TheRock on @WWENetwork. @PodcastOne

The Broken Skull Ranch Challenge
Sunday, July 6 at 8 pm est on CMT

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..


I’ve been in South Texas for a few days now. Down from Los Angeles way. Drove down in a new RV with my trusty sidekick, Hershey. To those of you who don’t know, Hershey is a 10 year old female Chocolate Lab. She is a helluva navigator, let me tell you.. We made three stops […]



Some how, some way, the producers at the Steve Austin Show have reached out to legendary WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin and booked him on the SAS. Stone Cold was one of the most controversial and influential Professional Wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle. His fierce, aggressive, and relentless […]



Tonight is the big night! It’s the return of REDNECK ISLAND on Country Music Television (CMT). This is Season 3 and I can say as much as I loved the first 2 seasons, this season is the best one so far. Lots of great Rednecks, as always, of course. And this group of Rednecks were […]

Steve Austin and Meopta Scope


I will be headed to Houston, TX on Saturday May 4 to the NRA Convention to introduce the Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch hunting scope. After partnering with Meopta last year we have developed a 4x12x50mm scope that is rugged, clear, sharp, and has tremendous light gathering ability. This is the exact scope I use […]



It is Saturday April 20 here in Mexico. Saturdays are my days off. I don’t do much on my off day except workout and spending some time just chilling by myself. After long days in the sun on the set of Redneck Island 3, I damn sure stay out of the sun. Towards evening I […]

Check in From Mexico


I am in Mexico and the Internet has been sketchy since I have been here. We are working pretty much all day outside filming Redneck Island 3. I was a little late in getting the news about the Boston Marathon. I try to catch a few minutes of the news here and there to hear […]

RI3 So Far…SAS!


Hey everybody. Hola from Mexico. I have been here for a week now, filming Redneck Island 3, and still cannot speak a lick of Spanish. This season is gonna start off big! CMT and 51 Minds have upped the ante on the show. Lots of big challenges and another great cast of Rednecks. This show […]

Steve Austin Show, Listen Now!!!


Just a shout out to everyone who has listened to The Steve Austin Show podcast…. Thank you for making it a hit. It’s already the number 1 in iTunes for Sports podcasts and Top 10 of all podcasts! For those of you who haven’t heard, heres the link… The Steve Austin Show BTW I am […]

Steve Austin Show


Well, sonofabitch…It has been awhile since I wrote a blog, that’s for sure. So then I’ll jump right into the story… Bout a year ago I thought about doing a podcast. And well, a year goes by and I haven’t done a GD thing…And my manager calls me up and says “Hey man, do you […]

The Package out on DVD 2/19/13


THE PACKAGE Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren star in the bone-crunching action flick that delivers the goods: Austin is combat veteran Tommy Wick, a nightclub bouncer and stone-cold enforcer for a Seattle mob boss. Lundgren is ‘The German,’ an international crime lord and hardcore killing machine. But when Wick is asked to courier a mysterious […]

Farewell Old Friend


It was a sad day for the Austin family today. We said goodbye to the oldest member of our family this afternoon. His name was Brio. Brio was a Lab Mix that my wife rescued on the streets of Venice, California seventeen years ago. He was 17.5 years old. That’s pretty damn old for a […]

BSR Deer Season So Far


This has been the best deer season we’ve had at the Broken Skull. Although we are still in a drought here in South Texas, our deer herd is starting to mature. I’ve seen some pretty nice deer so far. The rut is prolly a few weeks away, and it will be interesting to see what’s […]

Relaxing at the Broken Skull


Sitting in a deer stand. It’s 6:30am on Thanksgiving Day. There is a low lying layer of fog but its starting to lift. Another peaceful as hell morning. Very relaxing. I can see shapes of deer through the patches of grey misty fog. One in particular has a haze of white antler above its head. […]

Random Thoughts From The Road


Got up yesterday at 4am. Packed up my truck and got on the road at 5:20. Little different this time. Just me and Hershey, so we’re driving the truck down instead of the RV. Ugh…That means one night in a hotel. I ain’t got a problem with hotels in general, cause I’ve stayed in a […]

Headed South…Deer Season


Well, it’s about that time of year. What time of year, you ask?? Deer Season. Damn straight. Bout this time every year I start feeling antsy…Meaning it’s time to get down to the Broken Skull Ranch. Sometimes in the past I’ve been working on a project or something that has kept me from a big […]

Redneck Island and BS


Well, let me see, here. I got back from Mexico last week and after resting up a couple days, I hit the gym. Wow. Wake up call…While in Mexico I thought my training was going ok. All I had was a 3 station Universal Machine and dumbbells to 50 pounds. I worked out just about […]

Damn Near Done


Sitting on my ass, killing time before we put the remaining Rednecks through the paces. Got some music playing…Dreams I’ll Never See by Molly Hatchet. One of my fave songs. Drank a few beers and had a couple shots of Tequila last night with some friends. It’s been a damn good time here in Mexico. […]

Redneck State of the Union


I am between gigs here on the Island. Once again it’s hotter than blazes. The sun is beating down unmercifully on the white sands of Mexico as some of the finest Rednecks ever assembled on one Island compete against one another for $100,000. I’m wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt, a cap, and flip flops. I’m […]

Redneck Island Day?


Things are moving along out here on Redneck Island. I can’t remember what day of filming it is. Weather has been phenomenal since it stopped raining a few days ago. It’s hot. That’s for damn sure. One of the locals told me its 85 degrees here in the winter. He said that feels cool to […]

Redneck Island Day 6


Well, it has been a long ass hot, muggy day. To break up the format a little bit, I will just kind of write down a few observations and thoughts I’ve had the last few days. Here goes, in random order. It’s always hotter than a sumbitch the day after a rain. Humidity had me […]