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BSR Bound…HBK…Superkick vs. Stunner

After completing The Package in Vancouver and finishing meetings in L.A., it is with much happiness that the Austin Clan will head to the one and only Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas. We’ve gotten enough rain that everything down there is extremely green right now. Ricky and Ted have been working on the Kayfabe Bar and I will send pics and videos from the ranch and give y’all a tour of the place. It has been a work in progress from the get go, five years ago. Our most important project is our game management program. We are working diligently and patiently with our deer herd and the culling process every year. We continue to feed protein and corn 24-7/365. Our bucks have grown bigger racks every year. Our deer herd has steadily gained more body weight each year. Even during the rough, dry South Texas drought, our deer have done considerably well given the circumstances.
This year is shaping up to be a very busy one with many different irons in the fire that all seem to be heating up nicely. I appreciate your patience on the BSR Gear. I have been working on it, believe me. I will have some comps for you to see ASAP. BSR Championship Belts and jewelry are coming ASAP as well. If demand is high enough I will have neon BSR clocks available as well. It is my goal to have items available that cover a broad spectrum all the way from beer coozies to gold/silver rings etc. But these things take time…And I’m on top of it right now.
We now have a person of high technical computer skills helping Team BSR now. Brian Bentley( is a long time friend and computer whiz who has really made us realize how dumb we are when it comes to websites and computers. Thanks for the help, bro! A few changes and improvements are going to be implemented in the coming weeks. I am committed to making this website a living, breathing entertainment/information center for visitors.
Anyhoo, back to Texas…Shawn Michaels and his MRA film team head to the BSR in the next few days. I am looking forward to hunting with Shawn and seeing how him and his team go about their hunting and filming endeavors. Hell, I’m just gonna guide a little bit and show ’em around. I’m almost certain we’ll have some luck. But as I’ve stated…They’re ain’t no guarantees in hunting.
We take off at 10am tomorrow out of Santa Monica Airport. We arrive at San Antonio at 2:45. We should make the ranch before sundown after getting our groceries and running errands. The dogs will be happy to run around without a leash and we will not have to worry about them getting hit by cars…That’s a major bonus of owning a place…Anyhoo, I’m cashing in my chips, folks. I look forward to sharing some of the BSR with you.
Stay tuned.

Steve Austin
PS. I have often wondered why I always turned around when Shawn was stomping the mat like a Clydesdale Horse late in a match. They say curiosity killed the cat…Well…I guess that’s what I get for being so damn curious every time he started stomping. I will say this though…As many times as he rattled my teeth with that damn kick…I got him a few times as well with a Stone Cold Stunner. And when I hit that thing just right…It’ll rattle every damn tooth in your head…And every vertebrae in your neck. I know Shawn and his crew are just coming to hunt…but I’ll be keeping an eye on him…DTA Brother…You know the rest.
Oh Hell Yeah.

28 Responses to “BSR Bound…HBK…Superkick vs. Stunner”

  1. joe v says:

    Is this actually filming a segment for MRA? If so that will be cool. Lots of luck to yall. We r gonna try and call up some critters ourselves here in a few days. Been under the weather the last few days, lots of things goin on in my life and a couple days with mother nature is much needed. Happy hunting!

  2. Jon B says:

    Oh Hell Yeah!!!!


  4. Frank Smallwood says:

    Have a safe trip Steve goodluck on the hunting. When you actually see game or get game thats a bonus being out in the woods away from the hustle and bustle thats what its all about If you have to give HBK a stunner so be it Have Fun Take Care Frank

  5. cheryl says:

    awesome steve

  6. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

  7. Francisco Junior says:

    ha imagine a Stone Cold eye hunting and the other one on Shawn. Take fun legends

  8. Vicky says:

    Looking forward to everything! Superkick vs Stunner? Stunner wins by far. I like Shawn a lot, but … ya know. Tour of the BSR? All that can be said to that is … OH HELL YEAAAAAAAAAH! :)

  9. Amy Larson says:

    Looking forward to seeing the MRA episode! Have a great time at the BSR.

  10. Dawn V. Johnson says:

    Oh Hell Yeah….I think I might start Turkey Hunting..LOL Enjoy ya time on the BSR , Tough Guy…Take Care…Dawn #HAPPYHUNTING

  11. I hope one day I can invite you to MY ranch to hunt….I’ll get there someday. I’ll definitely be following the BSR standard of management…Cant wait to see the new pics of the Kayfabe Bar… You and Shawn have a great time hunting!

  12. Tae says:

    Sweet Chin Music vs Stone Cold Stunner
    thats a good one.
    Can’t wait to see pics of it all and the tour.
    Have a Good day.

  13. Charlie J. says:

    stun big rick ifya can u BMF’er

  14. Love the site and love your blog updates. Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us.

  15. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Cant wait to see the pics and videos. Hope you have a great time and get some R&R cause you are a hard worker and you deserve it. Cant wait for some BSR Gear…

  16. Daphne @daffy316 says:

    I dont think ya’ll are dumb! I have really enjoyed the website so far! Have a great time in Texas!

  17. Jackeline Nuit says:

    I’m excited to see those videos and i’m excited to see everything about BSR ….
    and i think its very interesting : deer gain weight with protein and corn … in Brazil we use a lot of protein in our cattle …
    and about your website..i think you did a great work on here…. with posts everyday about Vancouver and the news about your movie 😀 ….and i’m happy you’re having a good time on Texas …and maybe you don’t know, but i’m really interested in your experience about hunting….and i’m sure you’re a fn awesome guide ….

    Thanks honey….and They say curiosity killed the cat…BUT you’re a LION! sweet kiss

  18. cdf says:

    relax stone cold we can wait as long as it takes for the gear to be ready!

  19. claudio says:

    great news!

  20. i hope you two get what your hunting for and have a great time, besides i here Texas is a great place anyway. I cant wait for the BSR. products to come in . thanks a lot. have a great time

  21. Lauro Trevino says:

    That sounds like an awesome place you’re putting together bro. From the teaser shirt, the gear will most definitely be worth the wait. Wrestlemania is right around the corner but long live 14 and X7 Greatest ever. Thanks and have kick ass time on your spread.

  22. RWPhillips says:

    Lots of respect to you for all the hard work you’re putting into the BSR. I know how hard it is to be patient for those big bucks to grow, but it’s gonna be worth it. As a huge fan of SCSA I appreciate the sight. As a HUGE fan of huntin big mossy horned bucks I appreciate the effort and conservation. Cant wait for more!

  23. robert hodges says:

    austin don’t know what all this fuss is about with these guys name rock and hbk. everybody knows that austin 3:16 bsr rules ! always been a huge fan .grown up extremely shy wish i had the austin attitude of standing up too your boss,taking no b.s. from anyone. open up a can of whoop ass oh hell yeah. my son now 19 and living with me was considered by his my and others as a special needs kid and were embarrassed by him and abused him and she was a deputy while her cousin was sheriff and they threatened me that they could get away with what ever they want because of that.anyway my son shawn is as huge an austin fan as i have always been.and we’re big fans of john cena sonlikes several others too.hbk,hhh, the rock.

  24. mark newbold says:

    Absolutely loving the blogs, BSR sounds like an amazing place. in future, with the care being taken with the animals on the Ranch, will it ever be open to the public?
    Keep up the awesome work, hope you’re getting as much of a kick out of Kurt Angles tweets as we all are!

  25. Tony Engel says:

    I’m a lifelong wrestling fan & Stone Cold faithful follower. Actually Steve knows my good friend Rocky…anyway…I enjoy the site n look forward to the Gear Store opening soon! Take care!

  26. Tim tabor says:

    Man I worI for straight line construction in freer tx. I’m on your ranch almost every week picking up salt water from the well. I have to give you big props on the place I always just want to whip my big rig down there and check it out but don’t want to get in trouble lmao but would love to come out there if I could been a big fan of yours since I was a kid when you left I quit watching but you have a hell of a place. absolutely the best ranch I’ve benny on in south texas.

  27. Darren C Burgess says:

    Great read mate !! :)

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