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Well, folks…. It’s good to be home here in Los Angeles. The weather has been fantastic. This weekend is supposed to be sunny and hot. It is a nice change from the cold weather in Vancouver. I’m finally starting to get over whatever it was I had during the last few days of filming. It’s also nice to get back in the gym on a regular basis. It was hard to get to the gym while shooting. Still in the process of leaning out.
Recoil, my latest movie, was released on DVD on March 6. I did radio promo stuff on the 7th. Word on the street has been pretty strong. Lots of feedback on my Twitter account @steveaustinBSR. Thanks.
It looks like the Austin Clan is headed to the Broken Skull Ranch next week. We will stay for 10-14 days and return to L.A. I have a few things in the works, and I need to be here to take care of business.
I talked to the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, (@ShawnMichaels) this morning. Looks like Shawn and his film crew will be coming down to the BSR to film a hog/turkey/varmint hunt for his hunting show, Macmillan River Adventures. I look forward to visiting and hunting with him. Shawn and I ran in two different packs while we were in WWE, but have always maintained a friendship and respect for one another. It will be good to just hang out and hunt. The competitive nature and environment of putting everything on the line to be a top guy in WWE no longer exists for either one of us. It will be cool just to sit around and trade some war stories. As I have previously stated, I am a huge fan of Shawn’s work. I am sure we will find some success in our hunting endeavor, but as anyone who has hunted knows…There are no guarantees! And that’s what makes hunting so challenging, unpredictable, and fun.
On another note, I have a creative meeting tomorrow for BSR Gear. It is just around the corner, folks. First things available will be T-shirts. Hats, beer coozies, hoodies, jewelry, etc. will follow shortly thereafter. There will also be a select number of BSR Championship Belts made by the Ace of Belts, Dave Millican as well. I will post info on the website and my Twitter account ASAP on when the gear has arrived.

Steve Austin

P.S. If there is some kind of gear you would like to see, please send me your suggestions and ideas.

58 Responses to “HBK TO THE BSR…”

  1. Jim Ross says:


    Take me to the BSR bah gawd al mighty

  2. Leonel says:

    How about advertising your broken skull ranch logo on a beer opener. The jaw of the skull opens the beer. Selling your logo on ice glasses. Man it would be awesome if you sold your own brand of beer.

  3. Leonel says:

    That would be so awesome right Steve?

  4. Tricia says:


  5. Jim Taylor says:

    I have a few ideas for your sale items…all bsr of course. BSR Gunrack, BSR whoop Ass beer bottle opener, cm punk pantyhose, stone cold snuggie, BSR arrows, ahhh a BSR IPod case

  6. tom g says:

    hey now, stone coLd wiLL you have any hunting gear or hunting clothes , id Liked to own a stone coLd bow n arrow set or a fishing poLe or a muLti purpose pocket knife and im a big tee shirt fan but i Like when they have logos or designs on the front and the back of the tee shirt,im wear a XL size tee shirt by the way.

  7. Frank Smallwood says:

    Have a safe trip to the BSR Steve. You guys get the RV fixed for the trip? Congrats on the sucess of Recoil. Take Care Frank

  8. Francisco Jr says:

    It seems like will be a legends time, cool and fun.

  9. Jason says:

    The belts will sell like hot cakes. Awesome that you and HBK will hunt together. Post some pics and videos if you can. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Josh brown says:

    Steve a good product I think that would be marketable would be scsa bsr patches that could be sewn onto clothes. Another idea would be scsa bsr merchandise on tags for a vehicle such as for stickers or for the back glass. Just suggestions and mostly I was thinking BSR merchandise for vehicles. Worth a shot anyways, hell mud flaps would work for me. Have a good night amd take care.

  11. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Oh, Recoil was the Best Yet..Looking forward to the BSR Gear…Suggestions, Black Ladies Tank & Ladies Camo Tee…..Have a Safe Trip Back to BSR and enjoy your time with HBK…God Bless… Take Care…Dawn

  12. Lisa says:

    I think you should sell some of those cans of Whoop Ass, with eternal shelf life!! I just ordered Recoil & it’ll be here Monday. Can’t wait!

  13. dan mckenna says:

    How about bsr belt buckles and wrist bands

  14. […] HBK to Hunt with Steve Austin & other notes Published on March 9th, by Emma, Review? Post Cateogories: MacMillian River Adventure, Shawn Michaels, Tweets ShareSteve Austin posted a new blog in which he confirmed he & Shawn had sorted out a hunt at Austin’s ranch. HBK TO THE BSR… […]

  15. Luke Warm says:

    Got some merch suggestions for ya Stone Cold.
    -BSR brand beer cooler
    -BSR brand cans of ‘Whoop Ass’
    -BSR car flags and decals
    -BSR table coasters
    -BSR clock
    -BSR skull belt buckle
    -BSR pints and beer mugs
    -BSR zip-up rifle carrying case/bag
    -BSR camo jackets, hats, and shirts

  16. Amy Larson says:

    Looking forward to you in an MRA episode!! Have a great time at the ranch!

  17. Tae says:

    well i mean i want to come to the BSR too LOL

  18. Sounds to me like you got a great time ahead of you for you and HBK. Hope you guys bag a lot of game and have a blast. Can’t to see your new movie, you are great in all of them. I must say you are way better than Dwayne Johnson as an actor and a wrestler. Sure wish you’d stop into Raw more often. I as well as others miss you in the ring. Stay cool Brother!

  19. How about a BSR Lego set? Just kidding. The stuff you mentioned sounds great. However, BSR Beer and that kind of paraphernalia sounds good.

  20. Joyce says:

    Lanyards & keychains! 😀

  21. Jackeline Nuit says:

    Hey Steve i’m happy for’s good to be home….and i don’t know if i’m being silly but i want to see more about your hunting time…. 😀 …and about RECOIL, man…will be a success…..
    and PLEASE come to Brazil to promoted your movie……you can teach some guys how to fight on UFC here in Brazil haha
    and it’s so fn good read your post and about your days….
    that’s why we respect you (and i love you ) …you’re the best in impossible things in this life Steve! xoxo

    Jackeline Nuit

  22. well have fun with Shawn hunting , post some pic’s. and your gear will sell like hot cakes . some of these people have some great ideas for gear and add on a gun strap for the guns.

  23. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Wel first off have a safe trip to BSR Ranch and have fun catching up with Shawn Michaels. Hope both of you can be a part of WM28 and not hust HBK.. But anyhoo…
    O think the sky is the limit with the merchandise…A pocket knife with the logo, witner caps and gloves with the logo for hunters to wear, book ends in shape of beer cans with the logo, bottle opener which has been mentioned, belt buckles, Thermus and mugs fir hunters to put coffee in while going hunting, collectible mugs and those plates..People collect those like you wouldnt believe, calendars, thise would be a big seller, watches, just a few ideas.
    Thanks for being you and giving us a chance to keep in touch with you. It means a lot. Keep up the good work.

  24. Hey Steve, is there anyway that we can purchase your shirts from the late 90’s and early 2000’s?? I loved your “Otherside, Jackass” shirt. Lol

  25. Brittany rutherford says:

    Stonecold& Shawn micheals ahhhhhhhh i wanna be there fml live to far … grrrrrr maybe someday.

  26. Trish says:

    I agree with Dawn. Have to have ladies tees and maybe hoodies. Kids shirts would be great. My boys would love to have one. Glad your feeling better. Hopefully this nasty weather will be out of here by the time you get here. Rainy nasty and cold. Have a safe trip back to Texas!!

  27. cdf says:

    bsr bbq sauce, bsr hot sauce

  28. Vicky says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin Snuggie! Would have to have you’re portrait on it tho. But then you could do the camo BSR one too.

  29. Martin says:

    Hi M. Austin,
    It is possible to get a BSR t-shirt/cap with your personalized autograph?
    Ihave already all of your’s dvds, movies,poster, t-shirt…cap but nothing with your autograph..
    Thank you to be close to your fan!
    (Québec, Canada)

  30. Steve groeschel says:

    Arrow wraps would be awesome! And moisture wicking shirts to work out in.

  31. Steve groeschel says:

    U are about growing big deer too! Look into cottonseed and cottonseed pellets when the seed runs out at the gins. U will be amazed! Feed only january thru august though…the gossypl makes em sterile during rut.

  32. Mark says:

    Hey Steve, how about doing an autobiography without the WWE’s involvement? I helped Dutch Mantell do both of his books, shoot me an email!

  33. Hey where is that Lego set. Just kidding but your gear ain’t up yet.

  34. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Just saw your phone commercial. It was hilarious. Awesome job. I love puppies and rainbows. lol.

  35. Jamie says:

    Sounds good Steve. You and Shawn should have a blast hunting and talking about your wrestling days maybe

  36. Todd says:

    Steve how about making sme Cargo or Windpants.

  37. Don says:

    Skull rings…You need to make a version or the exact ring available for the BSR gear Steve.
    Looking forward to pickup up some tshirts as well.
    Austin 3:16 all the way.

  38. Don says:

    As a follow up to my post, have the jeweler who made your skull ring do some for BSR, same ring, but with BSR engraved on the forehead and maybe on the inside of the ring, a 3:16 …..would be damn cool. Just a thought.

  39. Charlie J. says:

    hope u have some camo gear

  40. Kaine D. says:

    Cannot wait for the gear Steve!!

  41. gareth says:

    steve what in the holy hell was that man vs phone all about it was funny but i am lost

  42. shakeel says:

    hey steve a huge fan of ur hard work. I was wondering for your new gear could u have some BSR camo shirts?

  43. Jason says:

    LOVE the fact that Austin & HBK get along. I know there was a bit of friction back in the day between the two, but they are two of my favorite wrestlers EVER so it’s good to hear Steve speak so highly of Shawn. I wasn’t sure if he even liked him so this is new, lol.

  44. JayNJayShow says:

    Don’t usually watch hunting shows, but I’ll definitely take a look at this one to see two of the greatest of all time hunt, shoot the shit, and just be themselves while doing what they love. When will it air?

    Oh, and just for Stone Cold (and HBK) here’s a video we made celebrating the best of all time, with Austin as the thumbnail. If you like it, please say so.

  45. ROUNAK JOSHI says:

    After stunning people, how did you get up so quickly and maintain that momentum in attitude era?

  46. Fabian Flores says:

    Mr Austin? First off let me start off by saying over the last couple weeks your life story on THE BOTTOM LINE has helped me overcome so much. Your mentality and attitude when all the odds are stacked against you is flawless. I watched you put your hands into that mat to try to break the sharp shooter and I got chills down my spine. You never gave up. Even when the professionals said to take it easy. You still never gave up. I’m writing you today Mr. Austin to tell you thank you. You may not know it but you’ve helped and inspired me in more ways than I could ever repay you. I’m gonna drive down to Tilden one of these days. Hopefully I can catch you. I’ll show you were the real BUCKS roam. I’m a small town Texas kid with Big City dreams. Oh and my hunting and skinning skills are awesome, like a limp dick you can’t beat it.

  47. Fabian Flores says:

    If its possible. Email me a time or day to go? Ill prolly just drive to Tilden and hope for the best. If you have 10 min to spare on sat or sun just get at me

    Small town Texan Big City Dreams

  48. Destin C says:

    Steve- First & Formost, it says volumes on how you admire/respect the people you have had the oppurtunity to work w/over the years! The movies (all) loved them, awesome! I will say this though, the ONLY reason I watched “Expendables” , yes, you was in it… Like MANY others, I was rather pissed you got knocked off by Couture! Recoil, best one yet! Got to ask a question though…. With exception to the Condemed, why are these movies shot in the Pacific Northwest? Looks like you have plenty of gear suggestions and they are all great but I will wait on my suggestion! Got to get me a BSR tee though, I will give you a HELL YA on what your doin!….Semper Fi

  49. Randy Dozier says:

    BSR wristbands and window stickers!

  50. Ok, I joked about this before but now actually think it may be a good idea. How about the BSR Lego Ranch. There are many Lego collectors out there, i’m not one but that doesnt matter. You can have your dogs, the ranch, house, you and shawn micheals, deer, and all the other cool stuff. And you can package that all in a Steve Wieser Can! LOL!

  51. shawn says:

    how much longer until we can purchase tshirts?

  52. Tony Vazquez says:

    Hey Steve Just wondered where to purchase the Tactical Style clothes you wore in the film Maximum Conviction.Very nice gear!!!

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