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That’s A Wrap

It is Monday, March 5.  My pickup today is 3pm.  It’s gonna be a long day at the office as we have some exterior shots and the last major fight scene of the movie.  It’s a beautiful sunny day right now in Vancouver.  That will all change as tonights fight scene happens in the rain.  I expect to finish around 4-4:30 in the morning.  Gonna be a cold one…

For the last few days I have been battling the flu and strep throat.  Feeling somewhat better today but still a bit lethargic so I skipped the gym and cardio this morning.  Gonna save my energy for tonight.  From what I understand, this bug has been making the rounds lately.  Not much you can do about it, just ride it out and let it run its course.  So anyhoo…This has been a very intense shoot.  Lots of fights and gunplay.  This movie is more in line with my vision of what kind of movies I want to do in the future.  And I will elaborate more on that in the very near future.  The director on this movie, Jesse V. Johnson, has done a tremendous job.  Definitely an awesome director with a very bright future.  Everyone involved in this movie has been wonderful to work with.  Dolph Lundgren finished a week ago.  Mike Dopud, my partner in the movie finished last week.  Thanks, Mike…You are most definitely a talented actor and a complete riot to hang around.  Your mentality would have made you a great professional wrestler…Yes, I mean that in a good way.  Scott Atteah and Paul Wu did a great job in coordinating stunts and fighting.  And of course my old buddy Paul Lazenby made it through another endeavor completely unscathed and injury free…I hope that doesn’t jinx us tonite.

I head back to Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon.  I’m looking forward to being at home and enjoying the sunshine.  And of course Hershey and I will jump in the Bronco and take a few laps to patrol the streets and fight crime…But that’s another story for another time.  I have meetings set up upon my return and then the Austin Clan will head to the Broken Skull Ranch for some R&R for a week or two.  The bar should be almost completed and I want to finish hanging my neon lights and signs.  There are a few other projects that are going on at the ranch that I want to get completed as well.  And also with my return to L.A., I am going to implement the Q and A section to the website.  And that, my friends, is about it.  Gotta prepare for work and finalize my packing…I’m ready to go home.

Steve Austin

22 Responses to “That’s A Wrap”

  1. Daryl Chapman says:

    Feel better soon Steve, I’m a bit under the weather myself. Got a few replies from Paul on Twitter Sat. He seems like a really cool guy. Can’t wait to see this movie, and looking forward to Recoil coming out tomorrow. Have fun wrapping the movie and safe travels back to LA, then to the BSR. Later Steve!

  2. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Glad Your Feeling Better , Tough Guy… Have A Safe Trip Home…Sounds Like a Great Movie.. Looking Forward to seeing it..Hope Ya Get some R & R, Give Hershey a Hug For Me..Take Care, Dawn

  3. Ricki Fors says:

    Glad you are feeling better cant wait for the movie to come out. When are you coming back to Raw?

  4. Lily-Annet says:

    i’m sure “The Package ” will be very interesting movie and your play will be the best of the best..!!!Good luck on shooting today..

  5. JT Cage says:

    Get well soon bro. The flu and cold bugs have been making their rounds here in PA as well. I’ve been fighting off this cold for a couple of weeks now. Screaming and singing in a metal band with a cold SUUUUCKS! But the show must go on. Take care bro, and would love to see an old school video update soon from ya.

    • admin says:

      Indeed…The show must go on. More videos coming as I have taken an editing class to go along with my cut and paste skills.

  6. Hope you feel better soon, Steve. Take care!

  7. Mathew says:

    Hope your feeling better soon! U need a glass, ice, honey, lime wedge, ginger ale and whisky. Squirt some honey in on the rocks, add lime wedge, add whisky and equal parts ginger ale (optional). I know its diabolical to mix scotch but this recipe is particularly tasty with a 12yr old single malt! Try it Steve, you’ll be feeling better in no time!

  8. Kristin says:

    Sorry to hear that you have been sick, you’re commitment to acting will be greatly appreciated by your fans. Although this film is up your alley with the action and what not, your cell phone commercial and your role in knockout really show your versatility and real abilities to “act” because everybody knows that Stonecold is one BAD ASS DUDE ;~> however that IS the role that we LOVE the most as well!!!! And cannot wait to see the film!!! Hope you stay warm tonite and get some rest…and have yourself a cold beer deserve it!!!

  9. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Hope you feel better champ. Yes it is going around a lot of my friends have been down with it. I hope your shoot goes good tonight and I hope you get some rest and I hope you have a safe trip home bro. Take it wasy and take care of yourself. We like a healthy Stone Cold…:)
    Cant wait for the movie either sounds great. Will let you know what I thought of Recoil as soon as I get it. It is preordered. But I am sure it will all be raves cause you are a great action star. Mean it. My fave of all time. Love all your movies.

  10. Matt says:

    Hang in there Bubba, that flu/ stomach bug has been a beast all over the place, no real hiding from it. Gatoraide and some fruit was all I could handle. Thanks for the day by day play by plays while on the set, its neat to see how much really goes into a shoot from the POV of the actors.
    Safe travels.

  11. Dake (The Snake) Williams says:

    Hey SteveO,
    You suppose you will ever fill in the “Contact” spot on your mainpage. Coming soon has been there for years.

  12. joe says:

    Glad your headed home. Hate to hear you have been sick bro, I bet it was tough filming all those fight scenes when you only feel like stayin in bed. Glad everything has worked out well for you. We have been battling severe storms and weather here, many destructive tornados have left a lot of folks homeless here and many more hurt. On a lighter note, we are looking forward to your new movie, every one we have seen so far is great!

  13. Charlie J. says:

    Hope u get better soon. Good luck tonight. I was wondering if u will be having guided hunts on your ranch if so I’d be interested. That would be great I’d get to hunt, see Texas, and maybe get to see my idol. HELL YEAH!!!

  14. The movie sounds fantastic! Safe travels back home Steve, I am sure Hershey has the bronco all fueled and ready!

  15. Trevor says:

    Hi Steve I like the phone ad that u have up on B-S-R was sure a good laugh and the best part was at the end on the beach was the best I wish I had a phone like that a mind of it own that get u into trouble lol o-well got to go and watch it again thanks for making my day Steve. Your mate Trevor from New Zealand.

  16. well i hope your feeling alot better. let us know how your bar turns out . drink one for me .lol

  17. Stacey says:

    When ever you do your guided hunt at BSR im coming. That would be a great hunt!

  18. Jackeline Nuit says:

    hope you’re safe in home dear …. you deserve some rest after a fn awesome work….by the way…this blog is going better and better…every word about you …… thanks for that , man…. cheers from Brazil ….

  19. Hello Steve …

    Some days ago I watched a movie called “I Hennes Skor” (Cameron Diaz) and (Toni Collette) is not admit that I kind of movie I usually appreciate or be a fan, but had a very important scene in the movie that made me think of you and as I see you in my life and what you stand for me, I was never a conventional girl, I’m not a woman like any other. For example, I hate talking about, used and liquidations. I want to commit when KARAKIRI invite me to a tea pot and I feel really weird wearing a handkerchief tied around his neck, but follow all the commandments of a good girl, played with dolls, I was afraid of the dark and I was nervous about the first kiss . Whoever has seen me walking down the street, high heels and eyeliner, swears I’m as feminine as the other, no one suspects hermaphroditism of my brain, gray and black masses love, hate color pink, I think as a man, but I feel like woman, do not consider myself a victim of anything, I am authoritarian, stubborn, I am a strategist, fighter, but betrayed by the commotion. In a flash I am tender, delicate, all these feelings and my way of being, are all thanks to you, today at 21 am proud to say that I’m battling for everything in my life is because you inspired me, everything that I , taste and desire for my future, it is strange sometimes to think, as a person across the world, can influence both in our lives, always saw a lot of me in you, have much in common and that helped me over the years trace my personality and my way of being, say Susan Marryelle am Half Half and Steve Austin.
    Months ago I confirmed that everything ever written about love is true.
    Shakespeare said, “the searches end with the meeting of lovers.”
    What a wonderful idea!
    Personally, I never experienced anything like that.
    But I am convinced that Shakespeare already.
    I suppose I believe in love more than I should, I admire the great power of love to alter and define our lives.
    Shakespeare also said that love is blind.
    I know this is true.
    For some, without explanation, love fades.
    For others the love is gone .. Or arises when least expected, even if only for one night.
    However, there is another kind of love. The cruelest … one that almost kills its victims.
    It’s called “unrequited love”. And this kind, I am experienced.
    Most love stories tell of people who love each other.
    But what about the others?
    And our stories?
    Those who fall in love alone?
    We are victims of one-sided relationship.
    We are the damned lovers, we are not loved.
    The living dead, disabled without reserved parking … ”
    You have changed and defined my life for much better you can imagine, so here’s my question.
    Have you ever felt that?
    Returning to the beginning of the text, here’s a piece of the scene, which sets everything I feel for you:


    I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart
    I am never without it, wherever I go you will, my dear
    and what is done by only me is your done, my beloved.
    Do not fear the fate, for you are my fate, my charm.
    I do not want the world, the beauty of you being my world, my true.
    And you’re all that the moon has always represented.
    And whatever a sun will be praising you.
    This is the biggest secret that nobody knows, that is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; that grows beyond the dream that the soul or mind could hide.
    And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
    I carry your heart, i carry it in my heart

    Best of luck, health and wisdom is what your big fan you want!

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