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…Same Broken Skull Channel

Today I got beat up a little, tortured for a while, then we took a lunch break, and then I got tortured some more,  and tomorrow…Someone is going to die a horrible, horrible death.  Relax, folks…It’s just a movie.  It was actually ok being tortured, all I had to do was sit there, tied to a chair, and sell like Big Show was hitting me with his working punch.  I’ve been fighting so much it was nice to take a break and be on the receiving end instead of the giving end…Wait, did I just say that??  Tomorrow it’s back to physicality with a more fighting and violence.  But it’s a nice kind of violence because with all of the torture and bloodshed, this is a G Rated family movie…Just kidding folks…This is going to border between a PG-13 and R Rating.  Either way there’s a lot of action.

I may be headed straight into another project if the business end of things works out.  If not, the Austin Clan will take a quick trip down to the Broken Skull Ranch for 10-14 days.  Shawn Michaels and I have been trying to get together for a hunt for the last year and this could be the opportunity to get it done.  Shawn has really taken to the outdoor world like a duck on a Junebug. Shawn’s show, MacMillan River Adventures has been a hit and when I spoke with Shawn in Las Vegas at the SHOT SHOW he was up for several awards.  Shawn’s success is not a surprise to me.  He’s extremely dedicated and motivated to be the best he can be at any endeavor he takes on in life.  He is the greatest in ring performer I have ever seen.  The fact that his talent and commitment transferred over from the squared circle to the world of hunting does not surprise me.  Shawn has segued from being the “Show Stopper” to the “Game Stopper”.  I’m proud of him and his success.

Anyhoo, that’s all I got.  I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.  Same Broken Skull Time…Same Broken Skull Channel.

Steve Austin

21 Responses to “…Same Broken Skull Channel”

  1. jeff adams says:

    And that’s the bottom line! Cuz stone cold says so!

  2. Mike Bravo says:

    F*ck fear Drink Beer!

  3. Heather White says:

    Hi there, thanks again for sharing with us. Your messages always pumake me smile. Can’t wait for the movie

  4. Autumn Baker says:

    Very nice Stone cold.Autumn :)

  5. Heather White says:

    Hi there, thanks again for sharing with us. Your messages always make me smile. Can’t wait for the movie

  6. ashish vyas says:

    this gonna be a big big hit …i bet……..really…luv u

  7. Adam says:

    You two should do the hunt on TV! Must see!! 😛

  8. Amy Larson says:

    Yes, I love watching MRA. It would be really cool to see you on an episode. Enjoy your time off!

  9. David Hanmer says:

    I would like you to get your own hunting show Steve. That would be a blast!

  10. Dawn V Johnson says:

    I hope you and Shawn do get to Hunt.. You guys will have lots of fun.. I think you would make a great Host for a Hunting Show too Steve.. Well Hang Tough During the Torture Scenes today Tough Guy & #WhoopASS Take Care, Dawn

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  12. Walter Bonner says:

    Agree with above comments, yall should do the hunt on TV, then party with a bunch of hot chicks at the local bar

  13. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Well at least you got a break by being tortured. lol. But seriously Can’t wait till the movie comes out. Hope you and Shawn get to do the hunt. Should be fun hanging out and catching up. But I agree with the others…You would be a great host for a hunting show.
    But I said it to you yesterday on twitter. I think you would make a real BadAss Punisher if Marvel Comics ever did another Punisher movie. Just an idea…

  14. I just found out you have a blog and it’s been great reading about your time in Vancouver while waiting for the lighting guys to finish lighting the set on a movie I am working on. The star of the movie is this great fellow; so sweet really. He plays a tough guy and plays him well!! He spent yesterday being “tortured” and today he whoops some @ ss! Fun times!! You should be here. Oh wait…….

  15. Homer Ford says:

    Holy Skull Busters! Skullman, cant wait for the next episode. To the Skull Cave!

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  17. Praveen says:

    Great to see ya post AUSTIN 3:16 always has been a good part of my teenage memories … and whenever i come across a WWE show … I start watching those old youtube vidzzz

  18. Richard Morris says:

    thanks for the blog man. I agree you and Shawn shoould hunt and get it filmed – that would be pretty good man. Anyhow take it easy. Rich UK

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  20. zach says:

    have fun killing animals with hbk

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