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In Recoil, Steve stars as an ex-cop who’s life is ripped apart when his family is viciously murdered. He then sets out on a mission of vengeance to find those responsible and serve up his own kind of justice. In the film Danny Trejo portrays  the cold-hearted killer at the receiving end of Steve’s vigilante justice.



9 Responses to “Recoil”

  1. Marcelo says:

    Just saw Recoil. It was a good movie. Great job. Looking forward to watching the rest of your flicks!

  2. troy says:

    good solid action movie that allows the story to develop as opposed to forcing it down our throats. Austin and Trejo, along with the supporting actor and MMA fighter, Don Jardine, churned out a good solid actioner that is available on netflix as a rental.
    bringing elements of “once upon the time in the west”, the sergio leone western from the late sixties, Austin as Ryan Varrett, a man with no name style hero, comes to town. Danny Trejo is his heel and Jardine turns in a solid performance as Crab.
    (damn the only thing missing was the harmonica)…LOL
    Good solid actioner that might be cult movie at some point. Just like the budget, stripped down, basic story telling with solid action playing to the actors strengths move the story along. (and no i have no connection to any of the above mentioned people, just a guy that likes good movies)

  3. troy says:

    one question..i know steve did not get the girl but did he keep the car???

  4. Brian says:

    Got to watch Recoil Sunday night what a bad ass movie really enjoyed the action and the story This is one of those movies I can watch over and over and not get bored…..I rented the movie I will be buying it soon…..

  5. Chris Matthews says:

    I like u as a anti-hero, just enough good to say yea I can the see that but enough badass to kill all the messed up gang. I really dig all ur movies! Thanks

  6. phillygirl says:

    I saw this a few months back, for the first time, and I loved it. Steve and Danny are two of my fave action guys. Mad nice.

  7. Greg says:

    One bad ass movie that I thoroughly enjoyed! Loved the car! Great redemption & vengeance story!

  8. Dowlene McGrath says:

    this is my favorite by far…it just blows me away each time I watch it! U R sooooo AWESOME..i LOVE THE LINES LIKE ” (not verbatim) to Danny T ” Am I supposed to just stand here & wait?” or something like that…now am gonna have to go watch it again! I love U in movies where U make revenge cometh nigh..OOOOOOHHHHHelll Yeah!
    DowleneM from Twitter page

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