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Steve Films “Tough” Phone Commercial for Kyocera

Steve is filming a Phone vs Man Kyocera commercial in Santa Monica and Venice, CA.  HE will determine who or what prevails…………you just wait and see …………Who is tougher Steve or the Duramax.. you weigh in……….

18 Responses to “Steve Films “Tough” Phone Commercial for Kyocera”

  1. marlene says:

    Very cool!! Congratulations!!!

  2. marlene says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. michael chapman aka (twitter invisablemjcuk) says:

    happy birthday steve for today and a big congratulations for broken skull rance web site born today.
    this commercial sounds fun and waiting to see this .

  4. Paul says:

    Happy Birthday. Awsome site

  5. Christoph Marhx says:

    Any steel chairs or stunners involved on it? 😛

  6. Christoph Marhx says:

    btw hope u had a very nice birghday :)

  7. Christoph Marhx says:

    Birthday, me bad at spelling

  8. DJ Baker says:

    Congratulations! The birth of BSR! The best new website!

  9. michael chapman aka (twitter invisablemjcuk) says:

    certificate of my new limited edition t-shirt no.364/2000 i got today 12/19/2011

  10. michael chapman aka (twitter invisablemjcuk) says:

    my new scsa limited edition t-shirt i got today 12/19/2011 364/2000

  11. Raman Kumar Rana says:

    you are the one Toughest SOB i have ever seen… You are great, phenomenal, Ass whooper…. I love you Steve… Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin

  12. Raman Kumar Rana says:

    Oh yea. Happy Happy Birthday to you…. Wohooooooo…. so where is my party Steve….. My beer Party…… 😉

  13. Julio 3:16 says:

    Hey Austin… Congratulations… From Mexico City..

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  15. Michael Kohloff says:

    Steve I think your doing a damn good job with the ranch

  16. Mike Weist says:

    Happy Birthday Steve Austin from your huggest biggest #1 Fan and thats the bottom line…

  17. Kelly lunski says:

    Congrats on the ranch and website and of acheiving your
    Dream. I’m two years out of acheiving mine, ur the man Steve

  18. Trevor says:

    Happy birthday mate from Trevor in New Zealand and great web site,

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