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Steve is off to Vancouver, Canada to film Maximum Conviction

TOM STEELE (Steven Seagal) and his partner MANNING (Steve Austin) are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long, an elite force of mercenaries assault the prison in search of the new arrivals. As the true identities of the women are revealed, Steele realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger than he had imagined. The film is being produced by the academy award winning producers of THE HURT LOCKER.

41 Responses to “Steve is off to Vancouver, Canada to film Maximum Conviction”

  1. Jamie says:

    Steve..keep Steven Seagal in line..

  2. Justin Dodds says:

    When will you be in Vancouver British Columbia?

  3. John says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie .when is this movie coming out.Steven Seaga and Steve Austin in a movie together it should be an awesome movie.

  4. DJ Baker says:

    Bet its going to be a bad movie!

  5. DJ Baker says:

    Bad as in AWESOME!!!

  6. Primetime says:

    Producer’s are great and great actor’s line up and hope i’ll get to see it in big screen,Steve Austin & Steven Seagal thats a great combination.Best Of Luck Steve.

  7. Balddude says:

    still the baddest man on the planet cant wait for movies

  8. oliver lavelle says:

    this is going to be another great action packed steve austin movie.soon or later stone cold is going to be the new arnold swawznigger

  9. Jarrod.p says:

    Hey Steve, great website, i look forward to seeing more ….Glad you are getting heavy into the action movie scene.. Should be very exciting to see you and Seagal together kicking that ass…..

  10. buy beats says:

    cant wait to see this movie sounds really good

  11. buy beats says:

    This movie should be great i will be sure to watch it when it comes out

  12. Trevor says:

    Hi Steve Trevor here from New Zealand again is there chance that i can a copy sent to me because they don’t show all the movies from the states here in New Zealand and add to my collection, will pay for them thanks Trevor

  13. Joe says:

    He y Steve any chances of making a conmened 2? I loved that movie I like when you said you were from I small fishing town called go fuck your mama.

  14. Lee says:

    Austin and Seagal! Should b some mudhole stomping, ass whoopin, bone breaking action! I’m n!!!

  15. rhonda wilkins says:

    can’t wait to see it!!

  16. Vicky Vazquez says:

    I used to like Steven seagal and all we even attended the same high school but ever since he showed his true colors on being racist all that admiration I had for him went down the drain, I promised I wouldn’t support any of his movies but I’d love to see and when it’s out I’d love to add this to my Steve Austin movie collection just because the MAN of my dreams is in it and whatever you work in is Awesomeness You are are an inspiration Steve Austin!!! And of course I’m ur number 1 fan

  17. Suzy says:

    Steve your better than Seagal. Your also the sexier of the two.

  18. thomas moody says:

    i hope to see the movie

  19. thomas moody says:

    steve austin i loved watching you on tv and movies please keep it up

  20. thomas moody says:

    steve austin im a big big fan i hope to meet you someday im from TN

  21. James Cagle says:

    Another one to look forward to, i have decided im just gonna buy every Steve Austin movie ever made. Collect all of them. I have watched so many hours of WWE in my life its not even funny, but once i watched your Documentary, i respect you so much more. You kinda have that Texas Rowdy attitude that my dad had when he was around and in his prime. We use to run a Storefront & Glass Company together. I lived in Conroe, Texas and Houston for a while. My dad was from San Antonio. Anyways keep up the great work. The action movies are off the chain~One Stunning Fan

  22. tabitha says:

    Steve your great

  23. Ingrid Marie says:

    I have all the movies you’ve made and even have your autobiography. I love ornery men in a good way LOL! I was hoping to catch you either in Phillie or make an appearance @ Bob’s Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware so I could get you to sign my book but no such luck. I’m disabled and my cousin had agreed to stand in line for me if you happen to be in our area but again no such long (I have a cracked disc plus arthritis in my back so I can’t stand for too long) so I settled on seeing your occasional appearances on WWE and your movies. When I was 17, I had back-packed across country and I went through Texas; I thought I would never get the hell out of El Paso lmgdao!! Tomorrow I am having a BBQ and will crack open a cold one just for you. Stay rotten rattlesnake ;))

  24. John Jenne says:

    Hey what happened to Sam? I know he starred in alot of WWE DVDs? Hershey is very spoiled lol but that’s why god put them here for. Anyways just curious.

  25. B. L. says:

    Longtime fan Steve, saw you and the Rock in Bossier City, La. on a Smackdown back around 1999. Have you and the Rock ever thought about teaming up to make a movie. I think that would be a definite draw. I’ve just about got all your movies. Hell, I thought Maximum Conviction was an older movie, i was looking for it on amazon. I love your movies, man, I wish the Nasser brothers would let you make out with one of those fine ass actresses though. Watched “Hunt to kill” and “Damage” last night! Watched “Recoil” today and now I’m gonna watch “Tactical Force.” Keep em coming Steve, Can’t wait for “Maximum Conviction!”

  26. B. L. says:

    Damnit, saw the “Expendables” last night for the first time. I thought Steve was one of the “Expendables”, rather one of the good guys. When I didn’t see him in the beginning I started saying, “uh oh”! And then I saw him with the main bad dude, Eric Roberts charachter, I said aw s**t! But he did play a damn good bad guy, just kinda groaned when he died in the end, it reminded of when Steve turned heel in the WWE, and was Mr. McMahon’s main henchman. I remembered how upset I was back then, Stone Cold was BRUTAL and VICIOUS then and I know it had to have taken a toll on him delivering all those “ass whoopin’s”, just the wrong people! Anyway, when Stone Cold Steve Austin left the “squared circle”, i quit watching the WWE! I’m 51yrs old and retired with disabilities and look very much forward to seeing Steve Austin the Movie Star now, and Steve NO MORE BAD GUYS, Please SIR! Thanks for listening. B.L.

  27. Ingrid Marie says:


  28. Suzy says:

    I love Steve so I will support anything Steve does, but I am not a big Steven Seagul fan. I have always thought he thought he was better than anyone else. But at least I know he has to know Steve Austin is more man than seagul ever will be!! And a better actor too!!

  29. Suzy says:

    B.L. He is not necessarily dead, just presumed dead. But you know Steve.. He could come back in part 2 and was supposed to. Frankly, I think Stallone should have dropped Arnold and used Steve. Arnold is a has been and Steve is the now and future!!

  30. B. L. says:

    Yes, Suzy, I thought that just showing Steve burning up in the end could have left the door open for him to come back as a good guy this time, but I don’t think Steve’s gonna be in Expendables 2. BTW, my favorite line in “The Expendibles” was Sly Stallone’s character saying “I just got my ass kicked”! I immediately said out loud “YOU DAMN RIGHT, YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED, COURTESY OF STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!” In the extra’s on the DVD, Suzy, Steve really did hurt old Sylvestor. Steve, busted his shoulder up, I think and Sly’s doc wanted to call off the movie so Stallone could get an emergency surgery, but Sly continued to film, so I got to give him his props. Just ordered a couple more Steve Austin movies to complete my collection, “Knockout” and “The Condemned”. I have seen “The Condemned” before, GREAT movie! Can’t wait for “the Package” and “Maximum Conviction!”

  31. Suzy says:

    BL yeah your right but Sly got his butt kicked good. Yeah Steve wont be back in part 2 but Sly should have brought him back instead of Arnold and I read somewhere Steve was going to do a movie with Arnold and turned down E2, to do so and then Arnold stopped the movie and did E2. Arnold needs his washed up ass kicked and I will not be seeing E2. I love Condemned it’s one of my favorites and I think Steve is mondo Sexy in it. But then Steve is sexy in anything he does and his wife is the luckiest woman alive. If she ever wants to get rid of him I would gladly take him anytime. But I doubt she will!! He’s awesome!

  32. B. L. says:

    Uh, Suzy, I’m a dude and straight as an arrow, so I don’t look at Steve that way, so I can’t comment on his “sexyness”, I just like his charachter as a no nonsense straight shootin’ badass. Something for you,as I have said here before,about 1999 or 2000, I was into watching the WWE pretty heavy and they taped an episode of Smackdown in Bossier City,LA, close to where I lived in the Shreveport/Bossier area. Me and my buddy Eddie were very excited to go see all the WWE superstars at the CenturyTel arena. It was a great show and we got on TV and everything,but the last match ended and I can’t remember who was fighting who but after the match, when the cameras stopped rolling, that’s when the fun started. Stone Cold invited the Rock to the Ring to have a couple of Stevewiesers. Then, after they had downed about a case, Rocky and Steve started singing “Delta Dawn”! Me and Eddie started laughing our asses off,cause neither one of those guys could carry a tune, but they did the best they could do. Anyway those guys put on a Hell of a show,and I salute those guys for the very hard work they put on for the fans day in and day out 365 days a year! Thank you Stone Cold for all those GREAT memories, and I really do hope one day Steve and Dwayne would team up to make a movie. I think it would be a GREAT comedy/drama/action film!

  33. Ingrid Marie says:

    Seagul may be getting older but back in the day he was one bad Mutha; I used to watch his movies but no more; I will be watching this movie solely due to my eye-candy Stone Cold being in it. With that being said, having these two kick asses together, I KNOW squinty eyed Seagul is going to say something smart to Steve and Steve is just going to have to bitch-slap him Texas style right in the mouth. Maybe that’ll open Seagul’s eyes up a bit. Mess with a rattlesnake expect to get bit:)))

  34. Ingrid Marie says:


  35. Marissa says:

    2 of my favorite badasses! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  36. Just saw Maximum Conviction on DVD and it was BADASS!LOVED IT!Can’t wait for the Package!B.L. Hart

  37. Ron says:

    Lookin forward to more good things from ya…Ever in Florida look me up take you fishin..Have a good one and a cold one..Thanks for all you do and thats the bottom line!

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