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Recoil… Out today! 3/06/2012

In Recoil, Steve stars as an ex-cop who’s life is ripped apart when his family is viciously murdered. He then sets out on a mission of vengeance to find those responsible and serve up his own kind of justice. In the film Danny Trejo portrays  the cold-hearted killer at the receiving end of Steve’s vigilante justice.

24 Responses to “Recoil… Out today! 3/06/2012”

  1. michael chapman says:

    cant wait to see this film, it sounds amazing and with two big stars ive meet, steve austin and Danny Trejo will open up cans of whoop ass on the screen and give audiences there very best………..hell yeah.

  2. Jamie says:

    Awsome Movie!! Stone Cold!! What?

  3. David Hanmer says:

    Sounds badass. Looking forward to seeing this movie and that’s the bottom line.

  4. Angela Denise says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie, U are such a good actor

  5. Jason says:

    Sounds like a good old fashion action film. I’ll make sure I see it.

  6. Daryl says:

    Lookin forward to seein that!! Great job on the site Steve, looks awesome!! And hope you had a great birthday!

  7. DJ Baker says:

    I got to see this! When does it come out?

  8. Ric says:

    Cant wait to see it!!!!! @SCSA3164Life on Twitter

  9. Primetime says:

    Condemned -5Star quality movie frm you Steve the very best till date.
    Damage-Shows you’re true character,I see Steve Austin in it.
    The Stranger-Action sequence was ok,Only thing ther is to watch is SCSA.
    The Expendables-Cant get enuff of Steve,Its one of your great Performance.
    Hunt To Kill-Awesome & it should get more recognition.(Hell Yeah!)
    Knockout-Best Acting Performance bt that Kid sucks.You should have Stunned him)
    Tactical Force-Great Movie,Funny and full of SCSA.
    Recoil-All i want is sum bad ass action,with Danny in it,Steve gave us a hardcore flick…Anticipating for it.Best of Luck.

  10. Tony Macomber says:

    You’ve had a few movies that were only ok, but for the most part, they’re great. I definitely would like to see the new ones you either have coming out in the near future or are currently working on.

  11. Brett Johnston says:

    Awesome! Cant wait to see it!!!

  12. Matthew Swanson says:

    I love Steve’s movies so much i cant wait to own all his movies because they are always Action-Packed & chocked full of Non Stop Bloody Action. and I cant wait to own Recoil, Maxiuum Conviction, all the others hes planning on filming and all I can say is Go Steve and keep the good bloody action movies coming.!!!!!

  13. Eric says:

    Sounds kinda like the punisher movie

  14. Mildred says:

    I thank you humbly for sharing your wosidm JJWY

  15. Trevor says:

    Hi Steve merry xmas and happy new year i have all your movies so far they are awesome so can you please let me know when you make any new movies as i have been getting them off the net. It been good to see you making quest appearance on the WWE from time to time. By the way i live in Auckland New Zealand. Well mate have a good new year i will be keeping in touch with your new web page Broken Skull Ranch thanks Trevor.

  16. rhonda wilkins says:

    can’t wait to see more of your movies have all of them so far and will continue to get everyone you make been a big fan every since you first started wrestling think your great keep up the good work!!

  17. aRSI says:

    i LOVE steve austin! I’ll watch aanythin done by him <3 <3 <3

  18. Jimmy Arrans says:

    As with all your movies, I cant wait to see this.

  19. Jonathan M says:

    I saw the trailer should be an interesting movie. I really loved all of Stone Cold Movies. I pround what he has done getting into acting. I hope he has great success and get his break in Hollywood just like the Rock. I will always be loyal Stone what he does he’s the greatest of all time.

  20. Brian says:

    Hey Steve where can i buy the Recoil Movie poster

  21. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Got Recoil Yesterday, Watched It.. I swear Steve, You Are Tough As Hell In it, Your Best Yet, Oh Hell Yeah..Looking forward to the Next Movie.

  22. zinedine says:

    steve austin super heroe de todos los tiempos y tus pelicula super buenas sigue asi para seguir creciendo como actor y tus peliculas vayan siendo mejor de lo que son …….
    grande STONE COLD

  23. ROBERT says:

    mis saludos para ti AUSTIN desde chile. nunca me voy a olvidar desde que saliste con stone cold . se te quiere mucho por aca
    cuidate y sigue adelante con tus peliculas que son muy buenas

  24. John Jenne says:

    hey Steve just bought n watched recoil. That was a bad ass movie all the way through was awesome as all your movies. Well worth the money to buy. Now I can keep watching it. So stone cold fans other than me if you’re thinking bout it don’t think go out n buy this movie. Thanks n keep up the good work Steve

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