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Meanwhile, back at the ranch..

I’ve been in South Texas for a few days now. Down from Los Angeles way. Drove down in a new RV with my trusty sidekick, Hershey. To those of you who don’t know, Hershey is a 10 year old female Chocolate Lab. She is a helluva navigator, let me tell you..
We made three stops on the way and camped in RV parks in Tucson, AZ., Van Horn, TX., and San Angelo, TX.
San Angelo is home to three very good friends of mine, the Garza brothers, Henry, JoJo, and Ringo. Together they are known as the Los Lonely Boys, one of the most talented bands out there. They lay down their distinct brand of “Texican” Rock and Roll, and mister, they can flat out play.
I rolled into Henry’s house an plugged my RV in and fed Hershey. Then we went inside and recorded my Steve Austin Show podcast you guys heard on Tuesday’s show. The beer was flowing and the guys busted out their guitars on the SAS Unleashed show that will air tomorrow on iTunes and It is a must hear show, believe me. Some great stories, some great BS, and some great music.
After that Ringo cooked up the best carne guisada I’ve ever eaten. Helluva cook. Homemade tortillas, guacamole, beans. It was awesome. I sat down with the brothers and their families and had a great meal. La Familia for sure.
Henry and Ringo kept my sorry add up till 5:30 the next morning. Ouch. Thank you. The next morning I unplugged my RV and hauled ass to the Broken Skull Ranch.
It’s deer season. My favorite time of year. Old Teddy, @tedfowler361 on Twitter has been working his ass off mowing, filling feeders, and doing general repairs on everything.
Nueces River had out Southen border under water for a couple weeks. Highest I’ve ever seen that river.
Everything here is very green. Deer movement is slow. Seeing lot of does with fawns and sets of twin fawns. Bucks aren’t moving much yet. I did see a helluva 10 point this evening that will go very close to 160. 5.5 year old deer. Great potential.
And as the season goes on, I’ll keep you posted. Gonna get hot and heavy soon enough. When the Rut hits, it’ll be a Pier 6 Brawl!

Don’t forget to check out Steve Austin Show Unleashed tomorrow on iTunes and It’s a bad ass show with a lot of stories…


26 Responses to “Meanwhile, back at the ranch..”

  1. Marissa says:

    Hi Steve, it’s good to hear from you! :) I love reading your posts & hearing your stories. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time! And it’s deer season to boot! Deer meat is delicious. Especially, deer jerky & summer sausage. Love that pic – very clever! Looking forward to catching up on some podcasts today…. Hell yeah!

  2. Phil Baker says:

    Hi Steve, been checking out your Pod Cast, and listening to all the back ones. I’ve been following you for a many years. I grow up in Yoakum, and we ran across the same paths for a while back in the 80’s I’m very proud that someone from our neck of the woods has done so well for him self. I’ll be checking out your shows and will be using the Amazon link for all my shopping for now on. Look forward to hearing more of your shows, and have a great Hunt.

  3. Dawn says:

    Glad you made it to the #BSR safe an sound, The Podcast with the Los Lonely Boys is Just Awesome, can’t wait for part 2…Be Safe, God Speed, & Happy Hunting…Take Care, Dawn.

  4. Absolutely loved the shows with the Los Lonely Boys this week Steve. Was LMAO and them signing on the show was Badass!! The podcasts just keep getting better and better. Always look forward to the next show. Can’t wait to hear the next one with the great working man Ted Fowler. Oh Hell Yeah, Keep em coming.

    Btw…..its Los :-)

    Brian L

  5. tiffany says:

    Sounda like a helluva trip

  6. i had a sad loss on my family and i don’t know about the post, but i’m reading now and thank god you’re back <3 you know how i respect you Steve, i like the way you write …in a free way and i wish to see you in Brazil, don't forget that .. hope you're fine…
    much love and thousand of kisses Steve
    Jackeline Nuit

  7. Brad Esparza says:

    Stone Cold you’re the man!!

  8. I was thinking you should do some BSR jerseys for your store. There comfortable and bet they’d sell like hot cakes on a Sunday.

  9. rajesh says:

    Hi! 3:16 like know about you. I like your wrestling and honesty in ring and i’m your fan that’s the main thing

  10. wrestling fan says:

    CM Punk / “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

    this was a poll question at WWE saying that you and punk were the same OMG you guys are nothing a like. you went out there and whip azz CM goes out there and bore us for 3 hours!!

  11. wrestling fan says:

    1/2/2014 Sugar (New Orleans) Auburn replacement vs. At-large
    2 Alabama vs Oklahoma

    please get J.R. on the show talking about the up coming bowl game this is going to be a war on the field.

    in the big easy should be a power football game.

  12. BRIAN Kinnaman says:

    I can eat meat but can’t kill it….. Love to hear you talk about hunting….

  13. April Phillips says:

    Any appearances scheduled any time soon in Texas? My husband is a die hard Stone Cold fan. When we married, we introduced as man and wifefor the first time ever to your theme song. On our first wedding anniversary, I bought him a Smoking Skull replica belt. He even has a Smoking Skull tattoo with Austin 3:16 written under it. He is your ultimate fan. Every time anyone asks him what he wants for his birthday or anniversary or Christmas, etc. he says to drink a beer with Stone Cold. I would drive him anywhere to be able to meet you. That would be an awesome site. Hope an event comes up soon. Been trying to watch for appearance schedule all the time.

  14. wrestling fan says:

    Happy B-day

    –Birthdays today include Steve Austin (49), Rob Van Dam (43), Trish Stratus (38)

    you don’t look a day over 20 Stone Cold!! I bet you can still lay down that Can of whoop azz!! and RVD and Trish share your birthday that some nice people to share a Birthday with.

  15. mike florke says:

    Would u trade one of ur bad ass deer hunts for one of my duck hunts in iowa

  16. tuada says:

    stone cold to be 49 you still look great!!! you are my favorite wrestler and i have all of your movies you ever made. i been watching wrestling since i was a little girl and still watch it along with my husband and children. your the greatest of all times. i love you.

  17. I applied to compete on your show i really hope you pick me I love all sports and competitions been competing my whole life.

  18. wrestling fan says:

    Stone Cold I would like you honest thoughts on Randy Orton right now should he be just like you were a guy that kick azz and took name he is a monster heel and shouldn’t have his ball cut off!! it like when you go to a great steak house and you say med rare and then they bring you back a well done steak you just want to stand up and cus at the top of your voice so then you just sit there looking at the damn thing saying WTF. because you know if you send that motherfucker back he going to spit on the son of bitch and then send it back. that what I feel like they are doing to Orton he is the fuck man any one that RKO Stephaine as too have huge fucking ball!! and then kiss her on top of that holy shit man.
    Randy Orton feels like a monster [HD]

    he was stand in the ring looking like a fucking geek Randy is a pot of fucking gold he pick us he gave us his life and for him to be treated like this piss me off. Dave quit the bizness Randy stay why give that azzhole anything but doing jobs intill his two years are up Fuck Batista he walk out of all his fans and on us and then posted a smart azz comment on his twitter motherfucker should do jobs for two years calling us smarks and too suck his balls fuck that hack he isn’t give that good if he wasn’t HHH boy that comment would have got anyone else fired!!

    Hey Batista:

    nice girl pants what were they on sale buy one for her and one for yourself special!! you will never and I mean never be a Ric Flair or a Stone cold or Randy Orton or a Race or Funk.

    you fucking suck two million tune into see what two fucking moves a side slam that look like shit and a powerbomb that I wouldn’t paid too see. and this fucking guy is going to get the WWE title and you fucking kidding me!! the only Smark around here his you. fucking mark you buy into your own hype how fucking sad is that everyone knows in a real fight Booker T beat your bitch azz up and in a real fight so would Del Rio!!

    I’ll paid the WWE 200.00 dollars for Del Rio and Batista to go old school in a 100% real shoot fight no hold bar!! this sunday at the PPV and if I’m wrong I’ll come here and eat fucking crow but I want to make it very clear I know the fucking biz so don’t think you can fucking work me!!

    we will see how sucking balls after Del Rio stick your head between you own legs on national tv fucking Mark!! call us fans that pays your fucking wages a smart are you fucking kidding me!! giving this joke a title is fucking funny!!

  19. wrestling fan says:

    what piss me off the most is that people jump over people for title shots and this guy walk right back and is giving the title back his is HHH boy WTF is that!! you need to call Vince Stone Cold lay down the law too the man he will listen to you we don’t want that hack as WWE champ he isn’t worthly of the title you held!

    Randy Orton gave up his family for this bizness!! that a true fucking story!!

  20. wrestling fan says:

    – Batista commented on undergoing back surgery after leaving WWE, which he said “saved his life” after suffering a spinal fracture in his final WWE match in May 2010.

    if that the case what the hell are you doing in the ring again? your 45 years old you should be help these young cats not in the ring still working your time is done who cares what Ric and Hulk does they are Icons so is Stone Cold. you choose to beat the hell out your body and did work smart should WWE superstar’s have to get behind you hell no. you want to help that fine I’ll be all for it but going back in the ring at your age is just dumb! in my book two move isn’t worth that much pain and what you will get 10 raw and the IWC will hate you again and your body will break down at that age the pounding on your body though bumps and taking bumps isn’t easy. and live shot happen so taking those ware you down too.

    listen you want to do something teach them how to be save in the ring so they can learn from them what they are doing right and wrong.but getting in the ring look at the Rock and he is build and take well care of his self I would love for the Rock to come back again But not if he going to hurt him self again it isn’t worth it Rock did everything just like Stone Cold Hell I would love and I mean love to see JBL and Stone Cold and The Rock VS DDP and Sting and K-Dogg at WM-31 as a send off to the Monday Night War’s

  21. Jason says:

    Hey Steve, wondering if you plan on having Paul Heyman on the podcast?

    Thanks for taking the time.

  22. wrestling fan says:

    CM PUNK vs Stone Cold

    At WM-30

    No Holds barred at a Main Bar downtown N.O.

    Punk Stone Cold is going to open a huge can of whip azz on you son!!

    Bring it “PUNK” because Stone Cold has been open cans yearly!! This can is special he will send you home for good Punk!!

    Give Stone Cold a Hell yea if you want to see that Match I know I do!!

  23. wrestling fan says:

    one more match Steve vs Rock vs Cena vs Bryan WM-31 Passing of the torch

  24. Jackeline Nuit says:

    miss to read the blog sweet Steve

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