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Some how, some way, the producers at the Steve Austin Show have reached out to legendary WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin and booked him on the SAS. Stone Cold was one of the most controversial and influential Professional Wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle. His fierce, aggressive, and relentless style in the ring was the stuff of legends. With an immense tolerance to pain, and an insatiable desire to be the best, his opponents knew anytime they stepped in the ring with Stone Cold, they better damn sure bring their A game or they would be on the receiving end of a Stone Cold Stunner. Known as the toughest son of a bitch in the history of the WWE, his straight forward, no holds barred, trash talking promos were pure gold.
Steve Austin sits down with Stone Cold as he shares knowledge and tips of what makes a great baby face and heel in the business of Pro Wrestling among other things. Also answering SAS fan questions, this is a great listen with a few other surprises as well. Check it out, for sure.
You can check out the Steve Austin Show at and ITunes.
Steve Austin
Audio Whoop Ass

100 Responses to “STEVE AUSTIN SHOW”

  1. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    Looking Forward to See If Stunning Steve and the Texas Rattlesnake show up as well..This gonna to be #VeryInteresting to say the least….ToughGuy…

    • Esteban Guajardo Nieto says:

      Austin, the WWE Universe needs you!!!

      • Heidi says:

        Yup, you right. GM of Raw for couple years. WWE would kick ass with Austin as GM if he has 100% control. Entertainment, money and succes guaranteed.

        • Darroch Millen says:

          And Beer, lots and lots of Beer!

          • howard says:

            i think that after the attitude era ended that the WWE product just fell by the wayside. I used to love comin home nd watchin RAW and Smackdown but the storylines turned to crap and the new characters where empty and shallow. I miss Steve Austin even if he never stepped in the ring again just to see him come down that ramp and the look on the persons face in the ring is priceless

  2. Juan Mariscal says:

    Can’t wait! I’ve listened to every single episode, you’re very entertaining.

  3. J findlay says:

    Hey Steve,

    Listening to the podcast from Banff. AB – love it. I really liked your comment about drinking Pelligrino to cut down on beer when you’re trying to drop weight. Would live to hear more diet / training tips.

  4. Kristin says:

    The trash talking about things no one talks about is great!!! I love the adult material covered las well as the comedy,it definitely puts a smile on my face Steve.Youre such a brilliant shit talker 😉 GIVE ME MORE STEVE!!!Good luck with your opening of your new film ,I cannot wait to see it…..also lots if luck with your pilot show too!!! Not that you’d ever need it big guy!! See you in the movies 😉

  5. @dethmetalbill says:

    I love hearing the real side of wrestlers on your show. Would love to hear you chat with Glenn Jacobs (Kane), I hear he’s the ” work horse” of the company and has most wrestled matches; also he’s highly intelligent and seems very politically educated as well. I think he’d make a great guest. keep on keepin on and don’t forget the /STEVE !!

  6. Roger says:

    Listening from GA

    • howard ivey says:

      i think that it is great that you could create a character who anybody in the working class would want to be and take it to the top. I know your neck gives you problems i have a bad neck too. I would love to see you against cm punk but not at the risk of your health. The wrestlemania storyline with you and HHH would be a waste of a comeback and would not be worthy enough of your return as much as i would love to see you get in the squared circle one more time

  7. Ohio Bump says:

    Great show! And it’s cool to hear what you’re up to these days. Thanks for the access into your daily life. I stumbled across your show on youtube while watching old matches. And I’m glad I did. Also, get the BSR scientists on the portable toilet gimmick and the Coochietronic 6000!

  8. Jacquay says:

    Hey Steve,
    I was listening to your podcast and i gotta say you do one helluva job keep up the good work i loved when your were wrestling in the squared circle in 80’s 90’s and early 20 00’s but i was thinking you should have a Fatal Four-Way with Mr. Fly, Jimmy Snuka, and Stone Cold The Texas Rattle Snake and WWE Hall Of Famer himself at Wrestlmania 30.
    Keep Up The Good Work…

  9. B.L. says:

    Hello Steve, I am drinking a Stevewieser and am enjoying your podcast.Is there any chance in the future that you could have Dwayne”The Rock”Johnson on the show.I’m sure you two guys would have some great behind the scenes stories from life on the road!Thank you.
    B.L. from Shreveport,LA.

    • howard ivey says:

      i think that the matches between you and the rock were the greatest. I used to watch the jarret promotion tuesday night at louisville gardens handsome jimmy valiant and jerry the king lawler bill dundee the steiner brothers got their start there got away from wresting for a while. Clicking thru the channels i seen you in the nineties right when austin and mcmahan was at its peak it appealed to me like to get paid top dollar to beat my bosses ass.

  10. Andy G says:

    Check out mean Gene Malfunction on YouTube. Mean Gene would be a good one to have on the show

  11. Tom Drew says:

    Great show Steve never miss an episode from Tenbury Wells United Kingdom when is the rattlesnake coming back to the uk ?

  12. Andy G. says:

    Watch the Mean Gene malfunction on YouTube lol its a good one. I wish you could or would get Mean Gene to come on the show and ask him about that one. I bet he would have a lot to talk about from over all the years. Love the show Steve keep up the good work. Just watched Red Neck Island love the show.

  13. ray says:

    Hey steve, I love the shows you do…. your a real guy who tells it like it is…. I’m a beer drinker like yourself,,, what’s your favorite beer!!!!!!!

  14. ray says:

    I love episode 27 texas road trippin….. I laughed my ass off,, I’ve turned a couple of friends on too your show!!!!!!

  15. Travis Truebourne says:

    I love this show. As an active worker and former radio personality, I love the way you have entertained me and how you continue to do so in this form. You are never to be forgotten.

  16. Joe Fron Trenton Nj says:

    PETA suggest whipping up a potent concoction of Salad Oil with Horesesradish Garlic and plenty of Cayene Pepper. Let the Oil sit several days then strain it. Use a Spray a Bottle to Coat Sufaces with rodent deterrent.

  17. Orgil A. says:

    Hey Steve!
    really liked the Josh Barnett and Jim Ross editions (but all of ’em are pretty good anyway!)
    get CHRIS JERICHO on the show!

    greetings from MONGOLIA!

  18. Kevin Mishoe says:

    In Response to The SAS-Ep#28 – The Texas Rattlesnake Interview….I think Stone Cold can beat the hell outta Steve Austin…any day of the week; twice on Sundays. He can stop, check his watch, take a lunch break, come back, beat sum more hell outta Steve Austin all while holding an open beer can in his left hand. Ha ha, these podcast are some funny mothafuckers, hey keeps my ass entertained while sitting in this fucking office cubicle while watching the seconds’ hand on the clock move slower then L.A. traffic. But enough of that shit keep up the good work you crazy redneck funny-ass mothafucker.
    Kevin from N.Y.C.

  19. Avery Brown says:

    Listening to you from a Army deployment over in Egypt to kill some time. Great stuff on the show I have enjoyed it. I’m gonna miss half the season in North Carolina where I’m from so kill some extra deer for me! Until then ill be driving on with my mission. Hooah

  20. Brian says:

    Listening to the podcast from Finley, affectionately known around the Tri-Cities as Fintucky, Washington

  21. Big Sam says:

    You need to get the best in the business today in Broken Skull Studio, and I’m talking about TNA’s Bully Ray. That would be an awesome interview.

  22. Jeremy Bryant says:

    Long-time fan of all your work and go back to the USWA days. Love listening to your podcast here in Charlotte, NC and I have to say that the segment on Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn was killing me. Here is a link to some of the best bumps ever from the Benny Hinn show with a special soundtrack setting, enjoy:

  23. Graham Storey says:

    Hey Steve!

    Love listening to your podcast here in Dublin, Ireland

    I drive thousands of miles per week and look forward to when your next podcast is available! Man you leave me laughing so hard my damn face looks like Taka Michinoku, and i aint even oriental!

    Anyway, just a quick thanks for your great work & take a well deserved drink for the working man!!!

    Graham Storey

  24. Kenny says:

    i have to buy timecards just to get on the net because i live in the middle of bumblefuck egypt, yet the people that live on both sides of me can get regular net….and fuck a satellite..expensive pieces of crap that dont work half the time..anyhow way off topic there.

    i buy these timecards just to watch ur shows and listen to your podcasts and all that shit along..keep on keeping on…cuz at 50 bucks for 2GB of data for my poor white ass i wouldnt be much happy if i got on one fine evening and was left holding my pecker in my hand and nothing to do but some shitty networking site…… i spose this was my poor attempt at letting ya know the appreciation i got for your hard work

  25. Roger Gonzalez says:

    Hey Steve I’ve listened and have enjoyed every single podcast you have put out , its very entertaining keep up the great work
    From: Los Angeles, Ca

  26. Trevor Somers says:

    Hi Steve, I think you are doing one hell of a job with your podcast! You are funny, give great advice, and conduct great interviews! I personally think that you should bring the first contestants that were voted off redneck island back at some point, because they deserve another chance.

    For the rest of you cats if you think Steve is doing a hell of a job on his podcast and redneck island – give me a HELL YEAH!!!

    And oh yeah, I am listening from Maple Creek, Sask now on vacation, but I live in Calgary, Alberta near the Hart house. I also have cerebral palsy which affects my speech.

  27. Russell says:

    Truly a badass show… Let’s get the Deadman on here. That would be interesting!

  28. Long time wrestling fan just started listening to your podcast. Good Stuff. How about an interview with CM Punk? That would be some very good back and forth.

  29. Alex says:

    The podcast is simply awesome. Been listening since your appearance on @AdamCarolla’s podcast. Those PSA’s were just awesome. Keep up the good word.


  30. Keegan Kaiser says:

    Your Podcast is awesome!

    Im in the USMC and get home and listen to it every chance i get, thanks for the entertainment and supporting the troops

    Semper Fi

  31. Alfredo Ojeda says:

    Hello Mr. Austin,
    Just finished listening to your conversation w Scott Hall, he sounded great! He is
    One of my favorite wrestlers of course after you. I have been listening to all of your
    Podcasts, they are funny, crazy and soo entertaining. thank you for everything.

  32. Cory says:

    Steve, I’m from Baytown, Texas. The first match I ever watched was Paul Orndorff and Hogan. I followed your career from the days of the Hollywood Blondes, when Flair and Sting had all their matches. I watched Kerry Von Erich wrestle many times in the Summit in Houston. I love the radio show, your commentary is funny as hell, and as a long time wrestling fan, I love the insight we get into some of your guests. After you and the Rock left, Wwe pretty much went downhill, I know it’s hard to go anywhere but downhill from the Attitude Era. I was a die hard fan, I had the stone cold shirts, the rattlesnake camo hats, all of it. I appreciate what you did for the business. Unfortunately, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I was also a huge Hulk Hogan fan. Hell I liked him, the Macho Man, Steamboat, Greg the Hammer Valentine, Harley Race, John Stud, I even remember the “Mean Mark ” gimmick before he was the Undertaker. As a fan, the worst point for me was when the NWO “poison” came back to WWF. Me and other fans were excited, because we thought, here it is, we are finally going to get it. You know what I’m talking about, every fans dream match, the biggest from the 80’s vs the biggest name from the Attitude Era.
    Austin, vs Hogan. Unless its been blown out of proportion, I know that the mutual respect is NOT there. But how come this match never happened? Can you shed some light on this on one of your shows? The fans deserved it. Or even Austin and Goldberg would have kinda made up for it. But why didn’t either one of these matches ever happen? Me and some of my friends have discussed it at length, and all of us agree that Austin / Hogan would have probably been the top draw, or even Austin/Goldberg for that matter. I have not met anyone that does not agree that those would have been legendary. Even if you don’t talk about it on the show, can you email me back anyway, when you are out in your deer stand, or driving around on your four wheeler, maybe think about it a little bit. I mean, was Hogan that bad of a prick to work with? I’m just a beer drinking, hunting Texan like you, but that question has always bothered me as wrestling fan. Good luck with the show, hope your gettin plenty of rain out there in SouthTexas. -Cory-

  33. jarred says:

    Absolutley love the show Steve! You keep making them and i’ll keep listening to them here in Australia.

  34. gareth says:

    hey steve is ur podcast a weekly thing and if so what day is it on as i live in ireland and had no idea that u even had this show on just listen to it and loved it cant belived i miss so much of it

  35. Hey Steve love your podcast and am a huge fan of yours. I was wondering if maybe you could try and get Alundra Blayze/Medusa on the show…it would be interesting to hear her story about switching from wrestling to monster truck racing. OH HELL YEAH!

  36. Jeremy says:

    Steve, I just recently started on your podcasts. Sorry I am late to the party. What I have so far has been tremendous. The JR 2 parter was right up this 35 year olds alley. Couple of questions for you, 1-What is your favorite promo that you have ever done? 2-Whose promos did you like watching? 3-What is your one go-to cuss word? Thanks. Love the show. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Steve, can you help me get some more twitter followers? Follow me @Jeremy4hand

  37. gareth says:

    i dont know if u get time to read these but i live in belfast ireland and i did know bout ur podcast show on till the other day as i been a fan of urs sense ur days in wcw as that was the only wrestling show we cud get back then sky came out then we could get wwf anyway.i have been downloading ur show to listen to in work and i cant get enoff of it so thank you 4 taking the time to do the show for us fans.keep it going as its brilliant why do u not ask mick foley to come on as im sure between the two of u have some story’s to tell

  38. Nick Mckee says:

    I Love All the Audio Whip Ass we Get Every podcast Thanks Steve Austin

  39. So I was watching Tv when I saw the The Voice versus promo, and for my delight by versus they ment Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!! Oh, HELL YEAH!!!!

    Let me tell you something, not that it is relevant, but I’m from Mexico City. So do not be so harsh about my english. The reason why I wrote about where I am it’s  because pro wrestling in Mexico it’s as popular as futbol(the kicking an spheric ball kind of football) and in some neighbors even more popular. My point is pro wresting has been easy to my eyes all circumstances considered. 

    The very first time I watched Stone Cold Steve Austin perform was a match againts Shawn Michaels, there was nothing at stake, Monday Night Raw*. I thought to my self that guy is awesome and so the world ageed. I think I was in what you call junior high. The following years where fantastic I witnessed one of the most exiting stories ever written. I considered my self as a fan of his. I precious all those moments, hell! I kind of miss those days.

    My father died seven years ago, I’m proud to tell you he was an outstanding guy, hard working man full of love to his family, dogs and in general to everybody. The only reason why I bring this about it’s because there is only two people in the world I idolize. One of course would be my father the other, well, no need to write it.

    About the Steve Austin Show, well, it’s a great poscast to listen. Great stories, funny stories(can’t picture you having your nails and toenails done or a black cobra loose in a bathroom), awesome guests. Ilistened the Terry Funk one lsdt week . So I follow your advise and took a look to his book. Absolutely awesome!!! You were right! There are so many people you should host in your show, so I hope the show endure enough for you to host them. Glad to hear you are a dog guy, at home we have a handfull of. We have took some little ones out of the street, they are all kinds from chihuahuas to a doberman to a german shepherd to half breeds you named. Always taking care of them, so one of my main activities is cleaning. 

    At the end the only thing I really, really want to tell you is THANK YOU.

    *That was acording to you tube on october 14th,1996.

  40. Dave says:

    Your recent podcast with Adam Carolla was one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long, long time. Keep up the great work!!!!! DG in NJ

  41. Andy G. from pratrville Alabama says:

    Got dammit Steve try to get Mean Gene and the Iron Shield on the show love the show I’m checking every day for new episodes to download. It makes a day for the working man a more enjoyable day. Andy G from Prattville Alabama

    • Andy G. from pratrville Alabama says:

      Got dammit Steve try to get Mean Gene and the Iron Shiek on the show love the show I’m checking every day for new episodes to download. It makes a day for the working man a more enjoyable day. Andy G from Prattville Alabama

  42. Andy G. from Prattville Alabama says:

    Got dammit Steve try to get Mean Gene and the Iron Shiek on the show love the show I’m checking every day for new episodes to download. It makes a day for the working man a more enjoyable day. Andy G from Prattville Alabama

  43. Anand says:

    A message to Stone Cold Steve Austin from a international fan ” Steve I like you from the time I knew about wrestling. Me and many fans of yours in the world would love to see you in a WWE again wrestling a match again. I hope you neve let us down and gives us the honour to see you in ring giving a Stone Cold Stunner ….”

  44. Mike Padillo says:

    Love the show, Steve.
    Please get Kevin Nash AND Scott hall back for their 2nd parts of their interviews. love listening to you shoot the shit with those guys about the wrestling biz

  45. roger tripp says:

    holy shit steve just found this show , big stone cold fan not sure i missed it but god damn glad i found it , i loved the hbk episode and i just finished the third episode about loofahs and body wash and facials, fucking shit i have never laughed so hard , to have who of all people but the texas rattlesnake the toughest sob in wwe history talking about getting manis and pedis and facials n shit too much just too much !!! keep it up love the show

  46. ES says:

    The show is GREAT!
    Every think of getting interviews from Sabu, Rob Van Dam? Those crazy, high flying wrestlers who were briefly part of the WWE, but fans always loved their crazy acrobatic wrestling moves. Would be great interviews.

    Keep up the good work!

  47. Trevor Somers says:

    Hi Steve,

    I love your podcast! Keep up the great work!

    Question, If Rock didn’t work with Hogan during WM 18 in Toronto, and if you were up for the spot, how would you cut a promo on Hogan? What angle would you have used if you were the baby face lovable rattlesnake and Hogan was the NWO jack ass? That was the match that never happened, but the fans would have loved to see. And are you sorry that match didn’t happen and why didn’t the WWE make that match happen? Was it business or was it something else?

    Thank you for your time and reading this question Steve.

  48. Trevor Somers says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just listened to Austin Vs fly podcast for the forth time because it is very funny! You should get Jerry the King Lawler to draw up some cartoon like sketches of that and the Pecker podcast and include them in a adult book somewhere. I would love to have seen you do those two podcasts live because your imagination is fucking funny, not to mention your real life stories are funny as well!! I hope you are in the situation where you have no internet because I can’t wait to listen to what your mind can come up with next! OHHH HELLLLL YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Keep up the great work Steve! :-)

  49. K.J says:

    Hey Steve,

    Huge fan. Watching you open up a can of whoop ass on a weekly basis made my childhood that much more awesome. Glad I was able witness the attitude era.

    I enjoy the show and wish nothing but success for it.
    Could you discuss some of the great ribs backstage. Would you get involved in pranks? Always heard Owen was a prankster. I enjoy listening to the behind the scenes stuff and stories on the road. Hall & Nash made for great guests. Would be cool if you could get Mic Foley, Taker, Sean Waltman, RVD, Mike Tyson, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, Eric Bischoff for interviews. I think those guys would have great stories to share. Some hot pornstars would be great!! haha
    Keep up the great work. Your’re show is very entertaining.

  50. Matt Lampack says:

    Hey Steve I just found your show a few days ago!! I love it!! I always looking forward to new shows and im been listening to the old ones!! Im a military guy still in the reserves!! Its a long shot to ask but lets go hunting sometime??!!!

  51. wrestling fan says:

    Please two more matches one CM Punk two D.Bryan don’t ride away yet please!!!
    George Strait The Cowboy Rides Away

  52. Bill Kuiper says:

    Steve, I love your show and I am a huge wrestling mark, have been since I first saw it as a little kid. I remember you asking for suggestions for guests. I know some of these maybe impossible but here comes some suggestions. Rob VanDamm, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley, Triple Hand no one seems to get Vince McMahon, probably because he is to busy or what about Stephanie or Shane McMahon. I loved hearing the Macho Man stories so anyone who could bring more of that would be amazing. Thanks for an entertaining show, keep up the good work, I’ve been entertained!!!

  53. Frank Charney says:

    There has been alot of research done on sports-related head injuries lately.
    Christopher Nowinski is the author of Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis, which examined the long-term effects of head trauma among athletes and co-founder of Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy.
    He is a former Harvard football player, WWE superstar and would be a great guest for your podcast.
    I read an article where it said,
    “Three years ago at a medical conference on athletic head trauma in Waltham, Mass., Nowinski told the attendees that at every level of football, “We can have a way to reduce the number of hits in the head from 1,000 to 300, tomorrow.”
    He showed them video of several time-honored one-on-one drills, including the Oklahoma, and said of them overall, “I say eliminate that. It’s a dumb drill.”
    I think that we would all learn something new from hearing him talk to you on the podcast.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  54. John Brumfield says:

    Hi Steve my Son turned me on to your pod cast…great Job!!! I like you to do me a favor and remind your listeners to wear thier saftey harness.. I took the plunge back in 2010 opening morning of Missouris firearm Deer season… gravity hurts like a bitch from 25 feet up…it’ll put in a trama unit fer sure…keep up the good work!

  55. Adam says:

    Hey Steve,
    This show is great listen to it on my way to work really enjoyed the Scott Hall Kevin Nash DDP and HBK interviews hopefully you get them back on any chance on gettin Undertaker Kane or Sting on. Keep up the good work!!

  56. Jared Shank says:

    Hi Steve,
    So when will u be bring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Kevin James on your show to talk about Grown Ups 2. Saw the movie and u were great in the movie especially since this is ur second movie to do with Sandler and Rock.

  57. Just discovered the podcast and am catching up with the past episodes. As a professional musician I’ve long been fascinated by the similarities and differences between the travelling musician and pro wrestler lifestyles. The behind the scenes looks I hear on your show answer a lot of my questions. Thanks for the show, I’ll continue to listen as long as you keep making them.

    Oh, by the way, have you considered cats to control the rat problem on the ranch?

  58. Neil says:

    Hey Steve, long time fan love the podcast been listening since day 1. Just wanted to let you know you have made my drive to and from work much more tolerable. The other day you was telling Moe how someone told you not to take it personal when driving on the interstate dealing with all the jackasses out there. Well I have 30 minute commute one way to work everyday, the morning is not so bad but rush hour in the afternoon use to piss me off. But since I have taken your advice and stopped taking it personal, my ride home has been much more relaxing. I just put it on cruise control, crank up the Steve Austin show, and cruise on home. Now I feel much better when I get home, and my wife is happier too cause I’m not bitching about the shitty drive home. Thanks for that advice Steve and keep the podcast coming.

    In Shepherdsville, KY

  59. jason says:

    hey steve i got the wwe video game wwe13 last year and it came with your autograph on a card is that autograph real hope to get a response btw your show is the best ever i love it really enjoy it pushing buggy’s for wal-mart SWIG OF BEER/WATER FOR THE WORKING MAN !!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD INTERVEIW THE BRISCO BROTHERS FROM ROH THAT WE BE THE BEST INTERVEIW EVER listening in NC

  60. Zack Isaacs says:

    Awesome show! I discovered it a few weeks ago and have been binging on it. Very interesting insights on the in’s and outs of wrestling plus your humor has me pissin my damn pants. Would love to hear an episode with Rowdy Roddy Piper if that’s possible. You on Piper’s Pit was frickin’ great! Thanks for the show Steve.

  61. Jason S. says:


    I love your show! Could you consider the following guests for your podcast:
    Hulk Hogan
    Ultimate Warrior
    Arn Anderson
    Eric Bischoff

    I listen to EVERY episode. They are entertaining as hell! Thanks, Steve, you are the best!

  62. Paul says:

    Steve come back to wwe and have one more match your the best wee superstar ever to set foot in the wwe it’s would an epic blockbuster if Steve Austin sets foot in the ring one last time against cm punk please Steve come back and make a massive impact like you do and that’s the bottom long because stone cold said so….

  63. Pikachu says:

    Hey Steve, my husband got me started listening to the show while I work. Are you planning to interview these wrestlers anytime soon Sting, The Rock, Hogan, and Undertaker? We really enjoy the wrestlers telling stories of the behind the scenes stuff. Great show getting better with every podcast, keep it up!!

  64. Sam says:

    Hi Steve,

    I absolutely love the show and I think it’s absolutely top notch entertainment. For wrestling fans it gives us a really fascinating and entertaining insight into the business straight from the experts without any of the BS. Keep on producing a great show Steve and I will keep on tuning in!

    I know a lot of people have suggested guests above me, but it would be great if you brought in one of our favorites and your good buddy, Captain Charisma, Christian on the show.

    I feel he has one of the most engaging and down to earth personalities who would be straight up and real and I’m sure you guys having gone up and down the road together at the same time in the business would have some fantastic road stories to tell from the hey day of the Attitude era, not to mention he is a former 2 time WWE World Champion and a multi time tag champion and one of the icons of the Ladder Match.

    I’m sure the peeps everywhere would love to see Captain Charisma, Christian on your show. Keep up the great work Steve, can’t wait for the next show!

  65. sbellast says:

    I am looking forward to the “STEVE AUSTIN SHOW”. The fans also want “”ONE MORE MATCH !”

  66. chris says:

    You need to have taker on. The ultimate guest would be vince. Shane McMahon would be sweet also

  67. Lisa says:

    Listening to your show right now. Love it!

  68. Morgan says:

    Hi steve love the show all the way up here in kindersley saskatchewan probably one the most entertaining programs i listen to would love to hear vince mcmahon on your show

  69. Jamie says:

    Hey stone cold, can we the fans name your beer? You should hold a contest for the best beer name.

  70. Robert Miqueli says:

    On Steve Austin’s podcast Jerry Lawler related the story about how he was at a RAW taping and everyone was waiting for Randy Savage to show up when Howard Finkle told them to turn on Nitro and saw Savage making his debut on live TV so Lawler was pressed into service as a commentator. The problem of course is that none of this is true. Lawler came in as a commentator years before Nitro started. Similar to Flair claiming he was in the locker room when Brody died, how do guys misremember stuff like this? I understand him not recalling a random match with Austin Idol from 1986, but now he’s forgetting the very reason he was brought into the company in the first place.Randy made his debut on Saturday Night, not Nitro, Plus Flair wasn’t in the locker room when Brody was killed

  71. Heidi says:

    Can’t wait the second part with Kurt Angle, talking about texas cowboy hat, singing to Vince and how it was for both of you working together. WCW/ECW vs. WWF the Invasion. What a great time in wrestling history. Austin 3:16 says WE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

  72. Heidi says:

    Hey Steve, one more thing: is this army green your favorite colour?

  73. silver says:

    I’m listening to show from Philadelphia. I agree you need to have Taker on, that’s would be epic, and Ricky Steamboat.

  74. Seems like every podcast is better than the one before. Lawler pt 2 is best so far!

  75. Heidi says:

    Hi Steve, how come that there are all (full!) Steve Austin Show episodes on Dailymotion but not a piece episode on YouTube? For 30 seconds i don’t even want to click on the video. That’s all you can find on YT, 30 damn sec from an one hour show. It’s frustrating. Can you do something about that? For ex. to upload them on YT? It seems weird to me that your podcast is not on YT yet. What is going on?

  76. David graham says:

    Ive watched wrestling for a long time, one of my favorite fueds was freebirds vs von erichs. They could actually make you feel the hate between each of them. I was a big time crockett promotional fan. Other than you , nikita koloff was my favorite wrestler, he could be good or bad didnt matter he was always feared. If nikita was a surprise partner for someone the reaction the other team would show was always great. One of my questions was did you ever take one of those clotheslines from him . Who hit harder him or jbl. Ive only seen one other guy who threw a clothesline and made me say holy shit. That was shelton benjamin when he hit jbl to win the tag titles when he was with apa. Other question who was some other guys that you felt never got that top teir chance that you felt was work horses. Even tho kane had alot of championship i do belive he should had longer runs with world title, shelton benjamin so athletic just not a great charcter i think should had a run. Last but not least i think they need to start anothe b card faction to have a breakout star. I believe if kofi kingston and justin gabriel would cut out all the top rope stuff or tone it down turn heel you could have a kofi as a champ in a year and justin well better than he was. Ps you need to get bill alfonso on show with you and ted fowler be funny as hell if you can understand him. Dave

  77. RB says:

    Steve I just discovered your podcasts- hilarious! I was laughing my ass off on the way to work today listening to you discuss body wash and your body scrubber. Holy shit.
    As an old school wrastlin fan it’s great to hear some of the interviews with a few of the classics. I have really enjoyed the real life Steve Austin talks though on everyday shit.
    Keep up the good work.

  78. Jim says:

    Steve, love the podcasts, outstanding work!
    The Samoa Joe one was great, howabout having Austin Aries on there at some point? would be a great interview.

  79. Paul senior says:

    Steve started listening to your superb podcasts I’m hooked
    Keep up the good work
    Paul senior

  80. Van (Caz) says:

    To my number 3 favorite wrestler of ALL TIME! Rufus R. Jones (NWA Kansas City), Dusty Rhodes, and Stone Cold! I am 46 years old! Have followed you since the WCW days! I want to ask you. Are you aware there is a bowling ball with your image on it? I have it! It has NEVER been drilled! Solid! Round! Ball!

  81. jessica says:

    HEY r u going to have Vince McMahon on your show

  82. Kaliya says:

    To my favorite wrestler of all are you ever going to come to Atlanta?

  83. adriane says:

    Hi I have always been a big fan of you since forever. When I was a little I used to say “One day im gonna marry that guy” Well I grew up im now 29 and nope never married steve austin. But, he is still one of my biggest idols hes cute sooooooo cute OMYGOSH Well anyways Merry xmas and happy holidays!!!!!!!:)

  84. Tracy says:

    Love the Steve Austin Show, but sometimes the audio on his phone / Skype interviews is so bad it is hard to listen too. Not only thin and tinty sound but way too much over-modulation. With his show becoming so popular it is definitely time to invest in some HQ VOIP or ISDN equipment.

  85. Hi i tried out to be on your show i hope i get the opportunity :)

  86. sovan says:

    Sir, my name is sovan..i m a huge fan of yours…i wanna meet u once in my life, its my dreamz..i am a very poor person so i dnt knw hw i meet u?? Sir may god bless u…love u sir..u r a inspiration of my life..

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