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It is Saturday April 20 here in Mexico. Saturdays are my days off. I don’t do much on my off day except workout and spending some time just chilling by myself. After long days in the sun on the set of Redneck Island 3, I damn sure stay out of the sun. Towards evening I might get in the pool.
I am also going to record a Steve Austin Show podcast around 2pm. Due to lack of Internet, I will be primarily be answering questions sent in by you. There is still time to send questions or topics to I have been asked “What kind of questions are you looking for?” Shit, that’s totally up to you. Obviously I get a lot of wrestling questions. But just about anything flies on the SAS.
As I have mentioned the Internet down here sucks ass. I am way behind on current events. I am also out in the field working with the RI3 crew filming out show. Last night I heard they arrested the other ‘suspect’ in the Boston Marathon bombing. Congratulations to Boston’ finest for their perseverance and thoroughness, and to anyone else who helped. My thoughts are with the families of the three people who were killed. And my thoughts are with those who have suffered devastating injuries. This whole nightmare was an absolutely senseless tragedy and the actions of the 2 alleged suspects have shattered the lives of so many good people. It will take a long time to heal from this. And for some, healing may very well be impossible.
I cannot even begin to fathom why people would do this. At this point, was it just the two brothers? Or were there others involved?
It will be interesting to see what comes of the investigation and interrogation of this idiot.
I would also like to send my thoughts and regards to the folks in West, Texas. The devastating explosion at the fertilizer plant has totally rocked this small Texas town. I used to pass through West all the time as I would drive from Denton to Edna to visit home during my college days at NTSU. My best to West, Texas.
Well, that’s that. A somber feeling as I write this blog. So many lives impacted by two entirely different scenarios involving explosions. I am signing off now. Have a great weekend.

PS. Due to no Internet I am late posting this. No questions. SAS completed.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


16 Responses to “Mexico”

  1. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    Hope you enjoyed ya day off.. Thanks for taking the time to Check in..Looking forward to future Podcast, have enjoyed the other shows so much..Hope #RedneckIsland 3 is going Well for You..#God Bless #Boston and #WestTexas…#GodSpeed Steve….Take Care….Dawn..

  2. Tony Landry says:

    You were with us here in Boston.

  3. I agree Steve. All the bombings are senseless and I feel a similar feeling I had with the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius here recently. Absolute tragedy that innocent lives are taken so grusomely.

    We have been busy but I am going to check out SAS today and catch up.

    All the best with the last few episodes of Redneck Island. Still waiting for another Tough Enough soon! :)

  4. Jackeline Nuit says:

    what a view and i have some ideas for you on yhis place haha ohhh i ahve some ideas …. my stunner steve, you know how great you are that’s why you are in the mexico ..but you know, no matter the place …the country…or show’re a fuking legend! one day i will look your eyes to say thank you for inspire me ….and you know…

    love you so much and with so respect that you can’t imagine ….hope you can visit brazil and i will see you in the end of the world ….this season will be the best and u know why?
    with all my love….. (playing Iron maiden to write with passion haha) all my love : jackie ..sorry the english…my love can be more stronger than language….and it is! love jackie

  5. Yorg Van Der Heijden says:

    They made a facebook account, for the victims of the boston explosions, 8 hours before it happened, Like what the hell? then a few days after, Texas is being targetted, I find this suspicious, What about you Steve? Did you think this happened just to have the people say yes to war again?
    By the way, long time fan of you ever since Wcw days, Supporting 3:16 from the Netherlands!

  6. jason holt says:

    to stone cold steve austin i like your ute i also like you as a wrestler steve i would lika picture of your ute please’are you o.k now because i heard that you were sick for a while i like you in the movies as well if you see bill goldberg can you say hello to him for me i’m also a fan of him that’s all for now from jason in melbourne australia

  7. […] Steve Austin published a new blog entry checking in from Mexico. Austin talks about the bombings in Boston last week, and […]

  8. […] Steve Austin published a new blog entry checking in from Mexico. Austin talks about the bombings in Boston last week, and […]

  9. Neil says:

    Hey Steve, cool Merchandise, will you have anymore of the grey and orange t-shirts in small and medium sizes soon?

  10. Marissa says:

    Senseless tragedies indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more to it than just the 2 brothers, but I haven’t heard otherwise on the news so far. Hope you were able to enjoy your day off. Have a great week on the island! Looking forward to watching Raw tonight & listening to your podcast tomorrow! :)

  11. Anton says:

    There is definitely more to this, i think a false flag attack there is a lot of proof of this theory on youtube etc

  12. Shaun says:

    Hi Steve. I’m from the other side of the big blue pond here in England, and the 2 recent events your country has experienced has shocked not just myself but the nation as a whole. Our news broadcasts have kept us up to date with what’s been happening and I’d just like to say my thoughts go out to everyone affected, and I sure as hell hope that terrorist gets what’s coming to him and then some!!
    On a lighter note, loving the podcasts… And watched The Package just the other night and damn that was an awesome film, as are all of your others. Noticed the BSR logo on the jeep in Hunt To Kill,.. Nice touch :)
    Anyway, look forward to your future posts/podcasts and ofcourse, films.
    Take care buddy :)

  13. gareth says:

    i dnt knw if u read this but here goes anyway i just watched ur dvd thats the bottom line it took me back to my younger days and what a class act u really were i hope u know how much u touched peoples lives i dnt watch much wwe anymore as its gone off the ball but i wud just like to thank you 4 been a big part of my teenage years watchin raw thak you steve hope ur doing well

  14. freeman says:

    Fuck yeah, that bombing was stupid, i will never get that muslim extremist bullshit, blow yourself up take a bunch of by standers with ya, become a martyr meet god and have him hand you down 72 virgins…, fuck i had my virgins at puberty!

    Force feed the fuckers bacon, there is no war in countries that eat bacon!!!!

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