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Check in From Mexico

I am in Mexico and the Internet has been sketchy since I have been here. We are working pretty much all day outside filming Redneck Island 3. I was a little late in getting the news about the Boston Marathon. I try to catch a few minutes of the news here and there to hear about what is going on and if there are any clues as to who did this. My thoughts are with those in Boston. Several people here on our crew had family members in the area when the bombs went off. The stories I’m hearing from over there are heart wrenching. I have always enjoyed wrestling in Boston. A great city with so much history and character. Once again, my thoughts are with you.
As far as Mexico goes, the weather has been beautiful, and the Rednecks have been really terrific. They are a fun bunch of folks and are giving it their best. Along with that, our crew is working their asses off. Long days in the sun for sure, but everyone here is happy to be at work and take great pride in their work. I’m happy as a lark as well, as I really enjoy hosting Redneck Island. Every day at work is a good day.
And on another note the Steve Austin Show podcast is doing very well thanks to your support. I have a blast doing these shows and will have an announcement to make regarding a format addition to one of the shows soon after my return from Mexico. As you know the SAS covers everything under the sun. It has been challenging to cover current events, though, because of the Internet issue and long hours filming. I am always receptive to your comments, feedback, ideas, questions, and suggestions for the Show. You can email them to You can download the show at and ITunes. There is a new show every Tuesday and Thursday.
That is all for now.
I’ll catch your ass down the road.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


10 Responses to “Check in From Mexico”

  1. Marissa says:

    Another beautiful picture! :) I hope all is well with your crew’s family members in Boston. It’s so sad to see what happened at the marathon. Glad to hear all is going well in Mexico with Redneck Island 3 & can’t wait to watch it! Looking forward to listening to your next podcast. I’ve enjoyed listening to each of them. The last one had me cracking up – manly hygiene & the adventures of CVS! lol

  2. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    Did you remember to Pick Up SunSkreen when ya was at CVS looking at the Strawberry Butter..What? Love the PodCast..We want take Ya Man Card Just Yet…Stone Cold Gets Facials, Mani and Pedi…as long as I don’t hear ya start getting things Waxed I ll still call ya Tough Guy…I m praying they catch the Scum Bags that placed those Bombs..and open a Can of #Whoopass on em..Looking forward to #RedneckIsland sesaon 3.. I know it will be a success as was season 1 and 2…Enjoy the Rest of your time on #RedneckIsland..Always Love the Pictures and Updates from Mexico….Stay Safe..Take Care..xo DAWN..

  3. Jackeline Nuit says:

    hope you can visit brazil one day …love, Jackie

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  7. Simeon says:

    Hey Stone Cold I got a great idea how you can improve the show and its ratings – when somebody gets eliminated just give them a goodbye stunner.

  8. Dowlene McGrath says:

    That was so darned funny , what Dawn just said about “getting things waxed” ‘cos now I have an image of Tough Guy…..well nevermind…i can’t stop laughing!

    Always be good & if U can’t be good, be careful! DowleneM

  9. Kristin says:

    Thanks for sharing your time with your fans, you are so fascinating Steve. This picture with the barbed wire lying on the sunset is fabulous……just fabulous. #steveaustinshow is damn good listening too!! Keep it coming!!! LOVE IT!!!!LOVE YOU!!!!

  10. Marty Ford says:


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