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Steve Austin Show

Well, sonofabitch…It has been awhile since I wrote a blog, that’s for sure. So then I’ll jump right into the story…
Bout a year ago I thought about doing a podcast. And well, a year goes by and I haven’t done a GD thing…And my manager calls me up and says “Hey man, do you have any interest in doing a podcast?” I said “You damn right I do”. So the wheels were put in motion to get this show started.
To keep it simple I figgered I’d call it the Steve Austin Show. Pretty fuckin original and straight to the point.
Ok…So we got a name for the show. How long is it? And how often do you record the show? The show will start out at 30 minutes, give or take a few. And a new show will air once a week.
Well, what’s the show about, Einstein? Good question. The show will basically consist of me talking about current issues or events going on in the world and offering my expert opinion and commentary on said issues and events. I’ll have guests on the show from time to time in the studio or on the phone. I’ll interview folks from different walks of life that I find interesting. Hell, at any given time it could turn into a 30 minute bullshit session about life, hunting, pro wrestling, MMA, physical fitness, movies, beer…Anything. I will also send out a heads up via Twitter (@steveaustinBSR) when I will ask you guys for subject matter to talk about on the show. You can ask questions and I’ll provide some answers. I will also from time to time provide a phone number for you to call and we will talk on the show.
I am looking forward to starting the show this week. As with anything in life, it will be a work in progress. I don’t want to layout any specific format for the show right now and say “This is what the show is”. The pieces will fall into place and we’ll ride along and see what happens. That’s the way my brain works, anyway.
I will be providing updates on Twitter. The Steve Austin Show is around the corner. Stay tuned.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin

101 Responses to “Steve Austin Show”

  1. steph says:

    good luck and much success!

  2. Bryton Olson says:

    I will definately listen in. Would love to kick back and drink a beer while listening to you talk about… whatever it is you plan on covering. Thanks Steve.

  3. jake says:

    Cant wait!!!

    • Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

      Looking Forward To the Pod Cast…I m sure it will be Interesting and Exciting, just the way I like things..I know it will be a Success…#GodSpeed…Take Care..Dawn

  4. Cal says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  5. Matt Chambers says:

    Am i the only one who read that in stone colds voice? lolol

  6. Ben says:

    Will it be on iTunes or only through your website? I’d love to subscribe to it on iTunes so that I can listen daily on my lunchbreaks at work.

  7. Kenneth says:

    And thats the bottom line because my favorite wwe legend said so!

  8. […] Joining the likes of Roddy Piper, fellow WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wrote on his website that he is in the process of starting his own podcast soon. Austin says that he will be doing interviews and asking fans questions on his Twitter for subjects on the show… Check out the blog post here […]

  9. David says:

    Really looking forward to this. Thank you sir for finally taking time to share some thoughts.

  10. Joseph Acevedo says:


  11. Go a head, Please proceed towards success in the name of God Almighty.

  12. Matt says:

    Oh hell yeah!

  13. Roberta says:

    I sure cant wait to hear your opinions.

  14. Toni says:

    can’t seriously wait! it’s gonna be badass.

  15. Gabriel Roman says:

    I’ll keep eye out for when your going to be doing the show!!!!

  16. Charlotte Zufall Gonzalez says:

    7:44 AM 3-18-13 Best of luck to you, Steve Austin in your new endeavor. PERHAPS YOU MIGHT WANT TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER INTERVIEWING ME, immediately THIS WEEK. LAUGHTER IS SO GOOD FOR THE SOUL. CHECK OUT twitters @brilliantchic @chryslerimo99, fb Charlotte Zufall Gonzalez, YOU WILL CLEARLY READ, LAUGHTER IS DEFINETLY NEEDED. Thank you in advance.

  17. […] document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];} if (tg) {tg.appendChild(s);} })(); – Steve Austin has a new blog up on his official website where he talks aout his new podcast, The Steve Austin […]

  18. Jackeline Nuit says:

    STEVE ♡ you know how i respect you…with my bad english …with my blond hair and my little heart …… hope you can visit Brazil one day …and talk about some fights… haha we are the best you know Lol 😛 jk …… love the broken skull ranch updates and i wish to see you writing more and more…..
    hope you have a link to your fans ….now im sad…because i can’t talk with you on the phone like the rest of your fans…i’m more than a fan…you know,but ..ya…i wish to talk with you… God bless the show
    cheers xoxo

  19. Marissa says:

    Excellent! :) I’ll be tuning in for sure!

  20. […] Steve Austin has a new blog up on his official website where he talks aout his new podcast, The Steve Austin […]

  21. […] Steve Austin Show to debut: In his latest blog Steve Austin reveals that he’s launching a […]

  22. silver says:

    It is about time. I’ll will surely try to listen in. I can’t to hear what Steve will have to say about current issues like taxes, gun control, and even that “We’re taking away your big gulp sized sodas” rule some states are trying to get going. Sweet.

  23. husker99trd says:

    Austin + Podcast = OH HELL YEA!! This is going to be great.

  24. Derek says:

    Should be fun. Can’t wait!

  25. Matt says:

    Hell Yeah! Can’t wait to hear the wisdom from the Texas Rattlesnake!

  26. really looking forward to this! hope it’s available on iTunes!

  27. casper says:

    cant wait to hear it!!

  28. Luke says:

    Looking forward to it!!!!!

  29. Thomas Ober says:

    Have fun Steve! I’ll tune in for shure.

    Greetings from Germany


  30. Alex says:

    Will this be available on iTunes?

  31. UK Rob says:

    How do you drink beer and stay in the kind of shape you are in? Got to talk about that one. and you favourite beers review those.

  32. Really Looking forward to your Podcast or anything you do Always been a big fan

  33. […] Austin will each week give his opinion on current events and talk wrestling and more. You can read the blog in full at this link. […]

  34. troy says:

    great way to further your brand, have you talked to the people at “the New Normal” studios in Burbank? They might be able to help you out.
    i am sure you know this. Celebrity will be able to get you only so far. Look at how many celebrities have tried to parlay into terrestrial radio. David Lee Roth, Chaka Kahn, Kato Kaline, and many others have taken the dive only to be on the outside after a few months.
    While the Austin brand is a great brand and has legs, can it translate into interest for podcasting? Radio needs to be compelling enough to keep the listener interested enough to stay tuned, just like wrestling.
    you have told stories in the past in the ring, this is just another format, not that much different. In call-in, you need at least four people, the engineer, a producer, yourself and a screener. All of these pieces are vital to you show, not unlike a ref, a heel, a baby face and an announcer.
    If you want a model to look at, I recommend Tom Leykis. He is the master and now a trailblazer in this format. Who knows? Leykis might help you avoid pitfalls that he has encountered or maybe offer to help produce your show. If you don’t ask you’ll never know.

    • oh hell yeah says:

      forget leykis ADAM CAROLLA is where it’s at steve. i’m sure he’d be more than happy to help u out in whatever way he could too :) :)

      • troy says:

        whether it is leykis or carolla, it doesn’t really make a difference. They are both successful in their own ways, one is podcasted and the other is radio internet, Just saying, seeing him go into the waters, it might help to have a consultant somewhere to help him avoid the mistakes that others have made.
        But, in the long run, I am thinking that internet radio might be the next generation for the format for cars, where as podcasting is current today.

  35. Latrina smith says:

    Well you show is going to be off the chain because Latrina said so. Good luck and can’t wait to watch it.

  36. says:

    Looking forward to it! You should call the podcast “The Bottom Line with Steve Austin”.

  37. Hollywood Keith says:

    Good luck Steve hope you nothing but the best, am about to listen to the Adam Carolla show before yours so in an hour I’ll listen to yours.

  38. oh hell yeah says:

    glad to see you’re FINALLY taking a ride on the podcast train steve. will the episodes be listed on this site or somewhere else?

  39. […] Steve Austin has a new blog up on his official website where he talks aout his new podcast, The Steve Austin […]

  40. Tom Solinski says:

    i havent watched wrestling since you left and it has been soooo terrible and corny for about 10 years now….come back and save wrestling once again! you make everyone in wwe now look like a bitch! AUSTIN 3:16 baddest motherfucker to walk the earth

  41. troy says:

    this is what I am talking about Steve, take a look.

  42. Allan says:

    Hey Steve…Wife and I are long time fans of yours!!…Looking forward to your podcast. Want to see you at WrestleMania in the future even if its a Guest Ref spot. Of course, would prefer to see you in one last match vs CM Punk, but realize its up to you, your schedule and most importantly your health! Hope to talk to you on the air soon.
    Allan & Vickie
    PS…What was it like to work with Paul Bearer back in the day?

  43. David Hanmer says:

    Awesome! I will tune in for sure and although I’m over here in jolly old England, maybe I’ll try to call in one time! Can’t wait for the first show! David (@DT_Hanmer).

  44. Sam says:

    HOLYCRAP!!! That’s a change!!! All the best for you man. I’ll be listening. Any plans on going back to Kicking ass?

  45. Michael says:

    Can’t wait to listen to yer show Steve. Been a huge fan ever since I saw ya debut as ringmaster. Loved watching ya beat the tar outta Savio Vega.

  46. Matt Hewie says:

    Hey Steve just a quick kiwi hell yea, particularly interested in the Stone cold truth outdoors stuff and the iron game.

  47. Trent Joyce says:

    I would/will watch, read and/or listen to any show/production out there as long as it involves you SCSA! WWE isn’t the same without you. That’s why I stopped watching it about 8 years ago and it stayed that way until this past January when I rented the Royal Rumble! If you are going to do a radio show, I’d love to tune in and listen to it on XM/Sirius. I mean I would tune into that show/station and never listen to another radio station, satellite or otherwise, again! Just tell me where to tune in brother!

  48. Fran says:

    I think you are the most beautiful man alive. You look like my on/off boyfriend and if I wasn’t 10 years older than you I would love, I mean love to meet you!!!That will be the day….fran

  49. eddy tobar says:

    whats up stone cold … i remeber me growing up waching you kick ass .
    your my hero … keep kicking vince’s ass

  50. pavan says:

    hell ya….will wait to listen to your voice … love u steve

  51. joe Amata says:

    thats really awesome,cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. kevin kable says:

    so steve i am from australia been a fan of yours ever since u pulled that plastic gun on vince.cant wait for your show but my qustion is there bad blood between u and vince cause i have not seen u on wwe for ages please respond ?????????????????????????

  53. Hey Steve, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I saw you compete in the 1996 King Of The Ring Tournament about 14 / 15 years ago now, I was quite young at the time 10 I think. I’m not just a fan of the the Stone cold character but the real Steve Austin. I’ve got all of your films except The Package which i’m waiting to buy, I’ve got most of your WWF / WWE videos / DVDs, I’ve got Austin T- shirts etc basically i’m a huge, huge fan Hell i even managed to get a copy of the Steve Austin edition of WWE’ 13 with the signed card in which I have framed by the way lol. I think the interaction that you have with your fans is brilliant, the signed stuff, your website blogs, Q&A’s, events you turn up to, Redneck Island all awesome stuff and now a podcast. My biggest gripe is that unfortunately for me I can’t get your podcast or go on Redneck Island because I’m from England. I never got the chance to see you wrestle when the WWE was in the UK which really annoys me, I doubt i’ll ever get the chance to meet or even speak to you but I was just wondering if you have ever considered an international Redneck Island or at least a UK one so that it ‘s not impossible for myself and other international fans to meet you? Also now that I have left the British Army and have a bit more spare time I have taken up wrestling it will be a couple of months before i’m ready for my 1st match but I was just wondering if you would mind if I made a character as good as you were when you wrestled?

    I hope you get to read this, Keep doing what your doing you are the best!


    p.s Any chance you could get some black BSR caps in stock?

  54. Bader Zawawi says:

    Good luck Steve!

  55. Laura Brown says:

    Can’t wait to hear your show Steve. Love your movies and miss you on WWE but you are still one hell of an entertainer. Best wishes and lots of luck.

  56. Dustin says:

    When is the next show?

  57. casper says:

    Just listened to the 1st show Steve, loved it, cant wait for next weeks!! hell yeah!!!

  58. Patrick says:

    Hey Steve, I’ve got a better version of your show. ENJOY.

  59. JAYAKRISHNA says:

    All the best steve, may you have more success in everything you touch

  60. Jesse says:

    Steve, thank god you decided to start PODcasting. I think a show like this is something that should’ve been done a long time ago – it’s overdue and you’re the only SOB alive with the guts to do it.

  61. 33coatsworth says:

    Your awesome Austin!! keep it real brother!

  62. mnaknabeel says:

    I have heard Shawn Micheals will be coming next week? Wow Two Hall of Famers.. this will be aweome. and thats the bottomline…

  63. Liked the show but… If someone doesn’t but you kept saying you from the world of professional wrestling if someone doesn’t know that they must live under a rock. Anyways looking forward to the next one and hope to hear your insight in the news of the week…

  64. Shane says:

    I’m glad you have your own show. God bless!!!

  65. Pistol Pete says:

    Hell yeah great show! Long time fan! Wish you nothing but success

  66. joey says:

    to steve your the man on WWE whats going on with you latley are you coming back to WWE that would be very cool I like when you hit the to beer cans together whos the man who throws the beer up to you and what kind of beer it is is is BUd light LOL any way your web sight is to cool dude

  67. Allan says:

    Hey Steve…Love the podcast!! I had a couple of adult beverages while listening to you talk to HBK! Keep up the great work along with the movies!!

  68. REDDON says:

    When are your shows going to start you simple sombitch?

  69. ES says:

    I am an avid Podcast listener of various other people, and since I heard you were doing a podcast, I figured I was going to check you out to see if it was any good. I must say your podcast is now one of my favorites out there. I have prescribed to your podcast in Itunes and will make sure to listen to all the new episodes that come out. Keep up the Podcast Entertainment!

  70. Ron Scott says:

    Love your podcast,yours is the first real podcast I ever listened to without it being on youtube,I always say I’m half redneck,but who am I kidding I’m from Harlan county Ky. you can call me Ron or Scott on my Twitter I’m Ron Scott any way keep up the good work! Big Fan! Anyway have you ever named any beer,whiskey? You should come out with some whiskey called The Rattlesnake, & some beer called can of Wuup Ass.Get the bud com. on the line make some more money!lol I would buy it! The Rattlesnake would have to be like151 rum,& the beer would have to be like bud ice,or just have 5.0 or 5.9% alcohol.

  71. mICHAEL 3:16 says:

    Love your show, keep it up! WHAT?! I said that’s a damn fine podcast you got there. WHAT?! I said I enjoy the hell outta your podcast you stupid son of a -WHAT?!

  72. […] Steve Austin Show – Steve Austin, Broken Skull Ranch This show is HILARIOUS. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin all the way. at the manicure story. He […]

  73. josh ostrea says:

    I love the new show, but im thinking you need a shirt that says what would Steve Austin do!!!!

  74. Hey you sombitch!

    Man your Podcast is honestly…. really fucking good. Great quality, not only is the quailty of what your talking about fun and funny but YOU ARE A GREAT INTERVIEWER. Shit brother I want you to interview musicians film makers. You ask really great questions, Your pod cast with Shawn was great. You asked questions that had substance and not just the regular bullshit. Man I just want to say you are doing a great job, you should feel very proud and also the pod cast community should be happy to have you on board cause listening to you got me interested into listening to other pod casts. Thanks Steve


  75. casper says:

    Austin vs the fly,funny shit,great commentary!!

  76. Hellfire0880 says:

    Steve, that sounds great go ahead and have a beer on it.

  77. JXDavis says:

    Phone interviews are tough to pull off. Especially if you’re trying to develop an ebb and flow for an audience – with a time limit no less. Hell I have a hard time talking to my old man over the phone and I’ve known that motherfucker since I can remember. But you’re doing a tremendous job with some highly entertaining conservations. Not only am I learning new shit about guys I grew up watching but I’m also having a great time hearing from guys I didn’t know shit about. Looking forward to hearing from JR next week. And would love to hear from more guys you had a history with (Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman, William Regal,etc). What is this a request line? Alright I’ll fuck off.

  78. Mike says:

    Steve great podcast don’t let this woodpecker be the new fly and next time you get a question in a different language try Google translate or babble

    ever think about getting a couple of the horseman on I understand that Tully Blanchard would not be the best choice but anybody else would be great one more thing ever think about having bobby Eaton on I saw him put and no disrespect to Barry Whitman but nothing more than a reminder what the mat taste like for 95 percent of the match the last five well you know he lost

  79. Joe Renteria says:

    Will there be Charter Hunts at the BSR?

  80. TucaC says:

    Roddy Pipper or Mick Foley would be great to have on the show 😀

  81. Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Hulk Hogan would be interesting on your show?

  82. Brian Cox says:

    Are you ever going to come back to the ring & why were you not on RAWS 1000th episode??

  83. gregg leee says:

    my name is gregg first of all i love the show especially when u just kick the shit around but i was wondering if ford will make a truck called stone cold tough it would be a great seller

  84. Jereme says:

    Huge fan of the show haven’t missed an episode! Laugh my ass off with all the stories of the trip to the store to get tampons, the road trip to texas,and trip to Home Depot. Look forward to hearing about the new adventures of Steve Austin. Cheers!

  85. Carlos Carranza says:

    Hi Steve my brother and I are big fans of yours and your podcast. From Inglewood CA. My question to is was WrestleMania 20 where guest referee Brock Lensar vs. Bill Goldberg, was that your worst wrestling match you had?

  86. Danny Bones says:

    Steve! What happened to all the shows on youtube? I’ve been enjoying the shit out of em’ and then all of sudden they aren’t there. Nash,Hall, & DDP interviews were awesome! I need more!

    -Danny Bones

  87. Danny Bones says:

    Nevermind my last post. I can listen to the archived interviews here. Hooray! Keep up the great work Steve!

  88. NickD says:

    will you ever come back and referee

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