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Farewell Old Friend

It was a sad day for the Austin family today. We said goodbye to the oldest member of our family this afternoon. His name was Brio. Brio was a Lab Mix that my wife rescued on the streets of Venice, California seventeen years ago. He was 17.5 years old. That’s pretty damn old for a 65lb dog. And he had one helluva life.
I wasn’t in the picture way back in the day when my wife came upon this dog. I came into the picture 10 years ago when I met my wife at World Gym in Marina del Rey. She had two dogs, Brio, and Shona, a Black Lab. For awhile it was just the four of us. I bought Hershey in 2005 from my friend in South Texas and that brought the number in our family to five.
I heard all of the stories of Brio’s wild ways and how he ran the alley ways and chased cats and opossum’s. Rummaging in trash cans etc. for his next meal. He was a survivor. He was a 100% street dog.
To burn off some energy my wife would put on her roller skates and Brio would pull her down the streets of Venice full speed for hours at a time. The dog was an absolute maniac.
I remember one time I was cooking myself a nice thick ribeye steak one evening. I had just cooked my steak to perfection and placed it on the stove while I finished my cocktail outside. After finishing my drink and ready to eat I went inside to find an empty paper plate on the stove where I had placed my perfectly cooked entree. It was medium rare and seasoned with butter and Montreal Steak Seasoning.
To say I was irate would be the understatement of the year. I was livid. Brio had gotten up on the stove and jacked my steak. After cussing him out for five minutes, I made another cocktail and went to sleep with just a salad in my drum that night. I gave Brio the silent treatment for a couple days it seemed. But, that was Brio. He was a street dog. A survivor. After I cooled off for a day or so I forgave him for eating my damn steak. He was always on the prowl for food, and from that point on, I paid attention to where I left my grub.
This past year he really started showing his age. When we went down to Texas for deer season, we were hoping he would make it back to Los Angeles, where he’s from. And indeed, he made it back, but kept going further downhill. Medication after medication we tried in an effort to ease the pain of arthritis and Cushing’s Disease. Finally he reached a point where we decided it was time to let him go. A mobile vet came by the house and administered the drugs to send him up to that big green yard in the sky. He was in his favorite spot in the entry way of the house. He loved that spot to bark at strangers and protect the house.
He went quick and painlessly. He had a great life. Barely able to walk anymore, we did not want him to suffer any more.
It was an emotional moment when he left us. My wife and I are dog people. Our dogs are like our children. I know we did the right thing by him. We spent the entire morning with him, talking to him, talking to each other. He was at peace and very tired. He seemed to be at peace with everything.
So Brio is gone tonight. We both hugged him before he left. My wife looked after that dog and loved him for 17 years. 17 years…Which leads me to the point I’m fixing to get at.
If you are gonna take on the responsibility of pet ownership, whether its a dog, cat, bird, snake, hamster, whatever… You must commit to doing your absolute best to care and love that animal. You have assumed responsibility for that animal. You are accountable. You cannot fail. That animal deserves to be treated in the best manner possible. Dumping the dog, etc. down the road because of any myriad of reasons just does not fly.
Before you get a pet, think long and hard about it. Think about the pros an the cons. The good and the bad. The cost of food. The cost of a vet. The time commitment. The responsibility to get that pet exercise. In short, treat that animal the way you would way to be treated,yourself.
The joy and love that our dogs bring us is immeasurable. We have so many great memories and stories of Brio’s escapades and pranks to talk and laugh about for the rest of our lives.
We are all getting used to the fact that Brio is no longer here. There are 4 people in the house instead of 5.
Brio we miss you and love you. And we’ll see you on the other side one day.

Steve Austin


60 Responses to “Farewell Old Friend”

  1. eddie says:

    Wondeful story steve everyone sees u as the tough guy, nice to hear how you feel about your family friend very heartwarming

  2. Amy Larson says:

    So sorry for your loss. I agree totally on making sure you can care for a pet before you get one. I plan on getting a pet in a few months and am so looking forward to it. I am waiting to make sure I have everything in place (supplies, etc) before I adopt. When I adopt, it will be forever. Treasure your memories.

  3. Kelly Hicks says:

    So sorry for you family’s loss. Very glad that he had ya’ll for family

  4. Jeff says:

    Sorry to hear bout the loss of Brio.I had to put my daschund asleep two years ago cause of back problems.I miss her badly so i know how y’all feel .Again sorry for the loss

  5. Roy Goldman says:

    Well said Steve and Im so sorry for your guys loss. I recently put down a cat I had for 18 years that was by my side the whole time. A true love of my life.

    Your buddy from World Gym and Studio 1 on 1, Roy

  6. Oh MAN,
    I am so sorry to hear this, Mr. Ausin AND family. I hate hearing of tragic stories like this. You’re not alone, man. Back when I was little, we had a Lhassa Apso dog we named Scruffy, and – considering we had him for like a year, he was my best pal in the world, and I loved him dearly as if he was a part of our own family. Well, sadly, one morning as I was getting up, I noticed our front door was open, and I went to the living room to watch t.v. during this, and….as I sat down there watching t.v., my mom finally came back to the house after a little while – in tears mind you – and, in my very gut, I felt I knew what happened, and as the tears even started, because I didn’t like seeing momma sad, I asked mom “Is he (Scruffy) gone ?”. Then when she nodded yes, she scooped me up off the floor, put me in her arms on the couch and we both sat and cried for awhile, because Scruffy was mom and my best buddy when I was little. Even at the grown age I am, I still miss “lil Scruff”. He was the SWEETEST, most gentle dog to ever own. When I heard it was a neighbor, gladly that softened the blow a LITTLE bit, but, not by a major margin because even at the age I am now, I still miss that little fella. He was right at the door EVERY single time I’d come in from school, just to greet me with “puppy kisses” and I’d go to the living room and hang out with him, and just hug him, and I’d be laying down watching t.v. and he’d lay down right beside me and almost fall to sleep – hence he was my BEST friend in the world. I still love “Lil Scruff” and miss him to this day. He was my best pal, so I know how ya feel. CONDOLENCES TO THE AUSTIN CREW. That stinks, man. Here for ya, buddy. :'(

    • I mesed up the last note, sorry. I was supposed to add – when I said “is he (Scruffy) gone?” I was implying the fact that a good neighbor accidentally backed into the little guy with a big truck intended to take clothes places, but at least that slightly softened the blow after I found out who accidentally ran Scruffy over, because it was accidentally caused from a friend, so I knew it was merely an accident. Still didn’t bring my Scruff back but I know he’s not hurting anymore.

  7. Andrew Connolly says:

    Hey Steve sorry to hear about your dog sounds like he had a rich fulfilling life and there does come a time when you have to let them go as they cant tell you they are in pain and it is the the best thing you can do for them as you don’t want them to suffer hope all the good memories help deal with the sadness


  8. Wade Jones says:

    Sorry for your loss Steve.We have 4 house dogs ourselves Hard to let them go. Look forward to getting back together one day in a more relaxed environment to talk hunting fishing and yes dogs. All the best my friend . Wade Jones, Redneck Island.

  9. so sorry for your loss.I have two cats ,wrigley was a stray that was in my garage one day.we have now had him for three years and we can’t imagine what our house would be like with out him.When Mr. comes over they get along so good because well you know Mr. is your parents dog and wrigley thinks he’s a dog so they get along great.Just remember you did the right thing,he’s not hurting anymore,and sending him to that big grassy land above us just say’s how much you and Mrs.Steve loved Brio…

  10. Kathy Pitts says:

    So sorry to hear about your Brio. Animals of all kinds bring joy and tears to all of us every day. Yes your are right about responsibility of an animal. Takes real commitment which I have found most people do not have. Thanks for the story. Take care.

  11. troy says:

    losing a pet is doubly hard, it’s like losing a family member and losing a friend. Steve, your words were heart felt for old friend and treasure loved one. Know that the world he is at is better than the world he knew in his younger days and know that you and your wife gave him the best life possible for a rescue.
    Two incidents in my life come to mind..
    I really wish people would consider the repercussions on owning a pet. I had a neighbor, when I lived in Los Angeles, that a beautiful pitbull. She was tan, brown and white with hazel eyes. Sweetest dog you would ever know.
    This guy, took care of her until he had gotten some girl pregnant and then the dog kinda went to the father. The father chained her in the backyard, through rain, cold and searing heat in Los Angeles with the other three pits he owned and mutt that was basically picked on constantly.
    Once and awhile, i would feed those dogs some canned food and eventually the landlord came and told him he had to get rid of the 4 of the dogs (violation of lease). They got rid of the bigger pits, the kid left with his wife, leaving the sweet dog by herself. Eventually, someone came by and took the dog off his hands (whether it was rescue or just stolen, I’m not sure)
    my roommate at the time, offered to buy the dog with his tax refund, but the guy wanted to breed her.

    the second incident was in sacramento.

    This guy I knew had a St Bernard, a gentle and loving breed, that he wanted to turn into a guard dog. Nothing more painful than seeing a dog with a choke chain around his neck and being forced to heel by being choked. He was mean to that dog and when he finally gave up “his grand experiment”, he got a rottweiler and kind of ignored the other dog. Must be painful for a dog to be ignored.

    I don’t have a dog, I really don’t want the responsibility because given my situation, it would not be fair for another living being to not be taken care of in the manner they should be.

  12. troy says:

    But somehow, some way, i think you would love brio stealing your steak just one last time.

  13. Pamela Escobar says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you lost a member of your family. I definitely agree that your dogs are your kids. I lost my kid mix German Shep Maxine aka “Max” this past July. It tore my heart that I had to put her down but it was the right thing. She had a tumor and she was suffering with the meds before knowing she had a tumor. I didn’t want her to suffer anymore. I agree if you are dog owner you have to be very responsible and respectful. Brio won’t have to use the survivor skills as much up there and can eat as much as he wants. R.I.P Brio.

  14. Steve Austin says:

    So sorry to hear about Brio Steve. My dog Stonerz is my best friend. When he was ill a while back I was scared I was gonna lose him. I feel for you in this difficult time. Best wishes from a huge fan in the UK

  15. janet says:

    El muy fuerte el dolor de perder nuestro perro o gato,yo amo los perros y se perfectamente como te sientes,pero lo mejor es dejarlos que descanzar y no sufrir mas.ellos son parte de nuestra familia y dejan un gran vacio en casa y en el corazon.un beso!

  16. Maggie Fenske says:

    Really sorry to hear about Brio. I had to do that a couple of times & it is hard, but for the best. I totally agree with everything you said about having pets. You have to be responsible for them & love them. Take care

  17. Jackeline Nuit says:

    sorry for your loss .. God knows about what it is important and keep a friend like that’s amazing …i have so many animals and i can’t live without my babies…. god bless you today steve ….your family…. and yes, one day you’ll see your special dog again! be strong! Jack nuit xoxo ;(

  18. Kimberly says:

    So sorry and you’re very right. Animals are like your children. Last Sunday my family took in a friend’s dog, a Pit Bull. My friend passed away unexpectedly, but I can’t stand to see this animal who was abused prior to to my friend getting her put down. So we are testing her with our animals to see how she will do and then we will decide if we will keep her or place her in a Pit Bull Rescue. RIP Brio and Annette.

  19. Jim Taylor says:

    Damn story brought a tear, rip Brio you were loved

  20. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to You and Kristian, Sorry For Ya Loss..Brio Was A beautiful Dog…God Bless you at this Sad Time…Take Care,,,Dawn

  21. So sorry to here about Brio. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Pets become part of the family and can be so hard to let go. God Bless you at this difficult time…Brian

  22. I am deeply sorry for your loss to man’s best friend. I have 2 dogs of my own, and I treat them like their my kids. It is hard to say goodbye, but it’s part of our life. Keep your chin up the dog is happy and pain-free. God Bless

  23. Jenny Lou Bender says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I cried reading your post of Shona. When a pet passes on, a part of your family is taken. I had a childhood dog, who lived for 13 yrs. When she passed, my father asked if I’d help bury her and I couldn’t. A year ago, days before Christmas, we lost our first Redbone Coonhound, Layney, to a vehicle running over her, & not stopping. When I got to her, she lashed out in pain biting my hands, by the time we got her to the vet, she was on her way out. She had to be put down. It was so surreal. I had never lost a pet that way and was devastated. It took a good month, before I felt the pain lift. I knew I wouldn’t be able to bury her, so we had her cremated. She was 9 mths old, we had 7 of those mths with her. I began looking for another Redbone Coonhound, and we now have our big, beautiful Luke, who was actually born the night we lost Layney. Like it was meant to be. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier, Cams, who will be 16, May of this year. She is a tough lil’ bunch of muscles. Although this winter has been rough on her so far. The love, memories, characters and spirits last forever. You never forget, and the pain lessons, but they live on in our hearts. Feeling your loss and thinking of Mrs. Austin, Brio, Hershey and you at this sad time. Shona’s spirit lives on.

    • Jenny Lou Bender says:

      Sorry, got the names mixed up. Should have read; I cried reading your post of Brio. Feeling your loss and thinking of Mrs. Austin, Shona, Hershey, and you at this sad time. Brio’s spirit lives on.

  24. James Stone says:

    Sorry to hear about Brio man,we almost lost one of our dogs,Bella,a few weeks back.She swallowed a rock,had emergency surgery,began to go downhill fast.When we went to tell her “good bye” i lost it,didnt realize how attatched i was. We decided to wait to make the decision,she came home a week after her surgery and was soon back to her hyper self

  25. Matthew Jennings says:

    Love and prayers to you and yours Steve. Really appreciate how serious you are towards pet ownership there in the end of your article. I believe in the same creed when it comes to owning an animal. Not many people think and believe like us. Just got a 1/2 lab 1/2 boxer after getting home from North Dakota. Starting the circle all over again tends to heal the heart a bit.

  26. Kristin says:

    So sorry for your loss to you and your wife. I have lost a pet and it is not an easy thing to deal with, it’s like losing a child. Your values are admirable Steve. Never heard you talk much about your wife,sounds like a good lady. I hope your grief will be subsided by the wonderful memories.Peace.

  27. Brian Leach says:

    So sorry to hear about Brio. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Pets become part of the family and can be so hard to let go. God Bless you at this difficult time…Brian

  28. Steph says:

    if someone we love is stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. memories last for all eternity…

  29. Marissa says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Steve. It is very hard losing a pet. Especially, one that has been in the family for so many years. My family went through the same thing 3 years ago. Sending love & prayers to you & your family.

  30. Shawn McGeough says:

    My wife and I are proud parents to our black lab mix. I say parents because we have raised him since he was 6 weeks old. He turned 8 years old in November and is our child,we don’t have children of our own but he fills that commitment and wouldn’t change it for the world !!! Sometimes saying “sorry for your loss” doesn’t seem to say enough. I would like to say …… Cherish the memories …… Our dog can be good as gold one minute and a holy terror the next , but they are all memories even when they get into trouble. By never letting a day go by without thinking of Brio that in itself is the reward of being a loving and amazing parents you both are. Thank You for sharing your story and may Brio be in your hearts forever and then some.

  31. Craig levitt says:

    Sorry to hear that you lost a best friend,our dogs give us love,loyalty and happiness that most people cannot give.I feel for you and your family!

  32. Laura says:

    I am so sorry for your loss!! I hate a dog to and im terrified of her dieing she is only 12 years old but has hip problems, my i am so sorry steve!

  33. Joe says:

    So sorry for your loss, I know the feeling of losing your best friend and a family member! Take good care my friend knowing that Brio is in a safe place!!

  34. DenisN says:

    Reminds me of when we had to let our dog go. Time to go for a walk and think. Steven if I could put my hand on your shoulder I would. 10 years of memories though, probably plenty that had you angry at the time that you could get a laugh out of now.

  35. Debbie Rellergert says:

    I know what it’s like to have your food taken. My girl never would touch food that was left out. She was really good, but a few yrs back I had made some awesome pork chops (best I’ve ever made!) I had already had my share, left the rest sitting on the counter and went to do something when I came back they were all gone. Lol, I didn’t get mad at her because they pretty damn good!

    Much love to you and your family.

  36. Rory Gaff says:

    That was a very sentimental and honestly beautiful tribute. I would love to have a pet because I have such a love for animals and nature. Nice to know that he lived his live well with loving dedicated owners is heart-warming

  37. Kiefer Colmer says:

    Damn, I had to have my mom put mine down while I was away on deployment. It’s a real tear jearker and I dont care what anyone says. I’ll be coming to Texas in March for more military training and, well taking a special trip to Broken Skull Ranch. So I hope you will definitely be there and I hope I can buy an awful lot of merchandise as well.

  38. Sorry for your loss, been there and it’s hard as hell. That being said you guys were obviously as much of a blessing to Brio as he was to you.

    Those were good thoughts you shared about commitment to pets as well. Everybody should heed them.

  39. Jamie says:

    Sorry about your Dog Brio Steve. Its alwaus tough losing man’s best friend

  40. Justin Lehto says:

    I just found this site last night. I am a “forever fan” of yours,and always will be. Saw you wrestle once, watched all your movies, and got most of em. Now I am one step closer to meeting you someday. All I can say is had my first Skype experience last week….

    This site is is awesome, but this article is the best to show who you are. I feel such a deep connection to you just through your love of your dogs. I bought my first pup 6 years ago, and she had a litter last year. I made sure we found an awesome home for all 6 pups, and we had to keep one of course. For the love of my hunting they are Teeka, and Remi.

    I get all soft just thinking about the end of days with her. I can only hope she lasts as long as Brio did.

    The love of ones woods partner is irreplaceable.

  41. Jackie G says:

    Hello, I am so sorry about your dog. I use to be a huge fan of your, I stopped watching wrestling a very long time ago. I came across a clip of Q and A, I seen this website, You are such a cool guy. I am still a fan.
    Jackie In Calgary.

  42. Rob says:

    Sorry for your loss,He was very lucky to have you guys as his family,

  43. Jason Schell says:

    It’s ironic that I was watching ‘Maximum Conviction’ tonight (which was an excellent film btw. It was really directed and edited well. I’ve seen all your films Steve and have them on blu ray and this one is one of my new favorites, right up there with ‘The Condemned’. I thought it was especially cool that you were the executive producer as well. You really put your money where your mouth is on this one! I loved the way Segal and you gelled and I hope there’s a part two in the future) and was looking up some info on the movie and came across your website and your Blog about Brio.
    I also had to let my best friend, Max, go last week. He was a 16 year old miniature schnauzer and my good buddy. We had a lot of fun and adventures over the years. One of his favorite games was when I would play hide and seek with him. He always knew if (or I should say when, lol) he found me that I would give him an extra tasty treat. He had really stood the test of time too. For 15 years he was healthy as could be and always in a playful and friendly mood to everyone he met. He never once tried to bit anyone or anything since I got him when he was 6 weeks old in 1997. He had a really good nature and show quality looks to boot! Lol
    Well he started having arthritis so bad we had to put him on NSAIDs just so he could stand up and walk around but the meds messed up his taxed kidney’s and we had to stop them due to kidney failure. Then we couldnt treat his kidney’s cause of his failing heart issues. So after months of administering special dietary needs, and 10 different medications, and personally giving Max IV treatments and carrying him to use the bathroom and to eat everday, I had to sit my family down and prepare them to say goodbye last week. I picked my sons up from school early on Friday and my wife and I took off work early. And we all spent Max’s last few hours with him trying to say goodbye. Like you, I had the vet end his suffering. It was very peaceful as well. I cradled his head while she injected him and I told him what a good boy he was and he slipped away with his head resting in my hands. It was very painful to let him go but less painful then continuing to watch him suffer and struggle with everything.

    Like you Steve, I very strongly agree that any animal we take on as our responsibility is a lifetime commitment. We have to care for them and protect them just like we would our children. And in turn, especially dogs, they will reward us with their love and protection. Nothing beats a good dog.
    Well Steve, Brio was a great looking dog and he sounds like he really was a character and survivor. Thanks for sharing with us and you inspired me to share with you and your fans as well. I actually teared up a bit with typing this out. We will always remember our best friends.

    – Jay (Sugar Land, TX)

  44. Anthony says:

    Sorry for your family’s loss Steve, here’s to Brio!

  45. Enzo says:

    Hey Steve, Sorry to hear about your dog. I too had the unfortunate experience of letting a best friend in life go. Being a dog person myself, I feel your pain. My best friend, Shiloh(like the movie), a pure breed beagle, was a dog full of life and at times a dog that made you feel like he could understand you. He probably would have made a great hunting dog, but living in NYC, and given the age I was when I got him made it difficult. However, Shiloh was a small but energetic to say the least. He would frequently slay other animals day and night that made their way on the grounds of Shiloh’s backyard, racoons, birds, and an opossum twice his size. He was very protective of his family, and loved people. Spitefull as they come and twice as loving. I’ll miss my buddy until the day I die but time heals all wounds. Anyway, Steve, I’ve been a big fan for a long time and miss the old days of your career. I wish you the best on your movie career and want you to know that my heart weighs heavy on your loss.

    -Enzo (Staten Island, NY)

  46. Hellfire0880 says:

    Yo Steve I know how you feel. I’m so sorry.we lost our neighbor’s and our dos to a pack of coyotes.Murphy was good dog too. Anyway so so sorry for your loss.

  47. tyler wieschowski says:

    i’d bring brio back if i could, heres to brio

  48. Thomas Ober says:

    We lost 3 dogs in the last 5 years, all because of old-age. I believe, as long as you can honestly say that your best friend had a good life, it is ok to say goodbye and thank you at some point. I just loved every one of that dogs. It’s nice to see how much thoughts you spend on yours. :)

  49. stone cold fan says:

    that it one cute dog and I’m so sorry about your lost he is a looker tho.

  50. hi steve thats the saddiest story ive heard, but a good story of a surviving dog, just like mine , he was called ben ( a bassethound) he was ill treated and he use to go to the local slaughterhouses for food and the owner used to breed him with other basset dogs . he was kicked and with a brocken rib and tail , he survived like a tramp on the street. we took him in from the owner and we had the best times with ben, made him one of our own and treated him like any other family member. yep he did the same as brio, a food prowler and he used to jump up and grab our food if we turned our backs. dam dog took our turkey at christmas time once and we chased him around the garden with him darting around with a fat turkey in his jaws and growling…. but time kicked in in the late eighties and he got cancer. we took him to the vets and he had op after op but it wouldnt go, so we had to do the saddiest thing and put him to sleep. we had great times and memories but i couldnt get another coz you get to attached to them , so now i got goldfish instead.

    cheers michael capman

  51. Emilie Joslun says:

    Steve you are a man of class and wisdom… The unconditional love that animals have for us is truly love that is something we humans are so lucky to have in our everyday lives. I believe we are rescued by the animals by their unconditional love and forgiveness everyday. Something I believe in is thepoem of rainbow bridge. Hopefully a poem youve read and knowhat we will all be reunited again. Brio was brought into your lives for a specail reason and the lessons we learn from them I y to to think if only us humans could be like them the world would be a better place indeed. Thank you for sharing this personal information as It shows and reminds us what is truly important about in the respnsibilities we have in the companies that put all their love an d trust in us every minute of everday.GODS SPEED BRIO..

  52. Terry Ryno says:

    Steve and family, sorry to hear of your loss. We’ve had to do that a couple of times. The last was my old schipperke Rob in January 2011. Man I know it hurts, I still get tears sometimes when I think of the good times with Rob. He was 12 pounds of bad ass fighting machine (or at least thought he was). He never ran into a creature on God’s earth that he was afraid of including an 80 pound part lab we had. Old Rob never lost a battle not even with momma coon and her 3 little ones late one night. He ran momma off and treed the 3 half grown coons up a tree. Helll of a fight in the flower bed before he got them treed. He actually did that twice in his life but at age 15+ his little body just gave out.

    Spent most of his life on three legs due to a hip problem with he was year old. The operation helped and so did the medication but he had a lot days when he didn’t use that leg. Never slowed him down, just seemed to make him more determined to be the biggest, baddest little guy on earth.

    I know he’s waiting for me on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and someday we’ll snuggle down for another nap together. Right now he’ll hopefully not mind if I wait a few years and spend time with the other two schips Shadow (my wife’s) and LT (mine).

  53. Henry says:

    Fuk wrestling..fuk being famous..fuk ur money and fame.. or cool cause u get drunk and buy cars..u hunt…u defended a black kid in a restaurant accused of stealing a cell on punked.. there are lots of stone colds in the life..but u simblelized must suck that u can’t go to the store,movies,gas station,swap meet,..act,u must live on!? Austin..the man..u put more asses more ppv sold more shirts than anybody in wrastling..but the fact that u flipped birds and cracked beers on live TV? That was cool..anyways..I’ve met a lot of “famous” people..a lot. I’ve seen u live and its cool how much energy u created in an Arena, (los angeles a while back) I almost feel bad for you being so famous and not famous..anyways if your ever in del mar,ca..go eat at Tony’s Jacal in solana beach..I’ll be working in da bar and I got u..u said once that it dnt matter if our in the wwe or flipping burgers u gotta shoot for the top…great advice..good luck to ya

  54. wayne billings says:

    Hey man sorry for your loss we just lost our lil girl she was 8 and we liked watching your movies, you are a great actor so keep up the great work

  55. Dean Brickland says:

    heart warming story. nothing like owning an insane dog. they create funny stories and memories to laugh about. i lost my dog of 14 years to cancer a few years back. the dog wasnt crazy but still some funny stories. thanks for telling us this story steve

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