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BSR Deer Season So Far

This has been the best deer season we’ve had at the Broken Skull. Although we are still in a drought here in South Texas, our deer herd is starting to mature. I’ve seen some pretty nice deer so far. The rut is prolly a few weeks away, and it will be interesting to see what’s been hanging back in the brush. Those older bucks are savvy in the ways of survival, that’s for sure. It is very common for many bucks to go completely nocturnal. You may never see them until the rut. But when that testosterone kicks in and it’s time to breed, those big bucks come out of the brush and do their thing. Fighting and screwing is about the only thing on their mind. If a big buck is gonna let his guard down, it’ll be during the rut.
So far we’ve taken down three cull bucks. I get asked all the time-“What exactly is a cull buck?” A cull buck for us is a 6,7,8, or 9 point deer that we don’t want breeding our does. Yearling spikes are also on that list. We want our bucks with superior genetics doing the breeding. We will keep surveying our deer herd and trying to get a count on how many deer we have this year. Our fawn crop has been fairly decent this year with all things considered.
I’m sitting in a deer stand with Hershey as I write this. Haven’t seen a thing. They’ll start moving here pretty quick, though.
I think the best thing about this season is my family has been down constantly this year. Living out in Los Angeles, I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. Thankfully we’re all still here. Knock on wood. Hershey is happier than a pig in shit. She goes everywhere I go. It’s nice not to have a damn leash law…She has been a big part of my rehab on my knee…Carrying an 80lb Lab up and down ladders is a pretty decent workout. And speaking of workouts, those are coming along really well, too. I’m on a good schedule. Things are consistent. No excuses.
And between hunting and working out, we have 7 miles of fence we are patching up among other things.
Well, shit…It’s prime time here. 30 minutes of light left. Gonna sign off now and pick up my binoculars.

PS. 3/4 moon ain’t helping much.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


42 Responses to “BSR Deer Season So Far”

  1. kathy says:

    Deer season in full swing here. Some snow helps. Will have more venison this weekend. Nothing better. Good luck. To you. Patience. Have fun.

  2. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    You have a way with words “Tough Guy”….HEHEHE..Sure Have Enjoyed Your Blogs and Photos, Makes life More Interesting & Exciting …Be Blessed…#Happy Hunting…Take Care …Dawn

  3. steph says:

    hersh is just happy having you all to oneself so she is like your shadow. u can have no more faithful friend. i am delighted for u. enjoy the time and your family. take care.

  4. Thomas Etzle says:

    Ok I need to know what does it take for my wife and I to come down there from Hershey PA. We would love to hunt Texas. Our rifle season starts tomorrow, been out a few times in archery with the crossbow and saw some nice shooters but nothing close enough. Our rut is almost over but we hunt in the woods on the side of a mountain. Lots of turkeys, my largest beard was 11 1/2 inches long and damn good eating. It would be a great opportunity to meet and hunt with you as long as I don’t need to take a second mortgage. Love the web site and how you keeps us all up to date with what’s going on with the heard. Be safe Steve.

    Thanks again for the post, Tom from Hershey PA.

  5. Jackeline Nuit says:

    i can find some deers in Brazil just to see you here haha lol you know … i fn love the blog … you talk directly and express the way you feel … it’s important to me … . enjoy the great season and the silence in the BSR… you deserve it! …enjoy the pleasure of every morning the way, love the pics from BSR (keep posting and please..pleasee keep the beard! Lol 😛 … xoxo smile big man .. :) ♥ Jack Nuit

  6. Debbie Rellergert says:

    Loving all your posts and not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous. Growing up I use to love deer season, because that was the one time each year we would be together as a whole family and in a way it was like a vacation. Lol, minus a bathroom, running water and warm beds to sleep in. I was never really up for hunting but did enjoy sitting in my blind just watching mother nature and her creatures for hours. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Living in the city with all this noise and lights, I really do miss being out in nature. Your pictures seem to help some and would like to say that they are awesome and you have taken some wonderful shots!
    Keep doing what you’re doing and always keep it real!

    Peace and love from Deb (AKA Gretchen)

  7. Thomas Ober says:

    Always nice to hear things are going well at the BSR. Have fun and enjoy the family time.
    I love your pictures by the way.

    Greetings from Germany. Thomas

  8. Chris in NC says:

    Hey Steve, was down in your neck of the woods last week doing some low fence hunting. That’s some real nice country down there.

  9. Wade Jones says:

    Steve, Love the pics man. Would love to visit Jonesy71eb@Yahoo sometime at BSR. Hunting here in Bama been slow. Damn heat killing deer movement. Keep me in mind on the cull hunts. Have a great season . Big Wade, Redneck Island .

  10. Jenieveve Fredette says:

    Hey Steve, My name is Jenieveve Fredette. My husband and I are Canadians living in Houston. I work here in the Oil & Gas industry at Subsea 7. My husband was talking about your ranch and so I looked it up. Pretty cool spot you got there. I followed wrestling there for a while, but for some time now, haven’t watched as we got rid of the TV a while ago. Damn News always gets you down! Anyway, we aren’t going back up to Canada this Xmas and we were thinking of heading to san antonio, then possibly Austin…wherever the road takes us. Anyways, we were looking to do something completely random and were wondering if you and your partner wanted to get together to shoot some Clays? Just went out for the first time last week with all the women Engineers at work. Shot 17 of 50 for the first time shooting. Had a blast. If that’s not in the cards, we’d go for a drink in your town too. We’re really missing the wilds of Canada in Houston and we’re looking for some countryside. If not, that’s cool too. Wishing you success with your deer hunt and all the best for the holidays.
    Jenieveve Fredette & Thomas Langton.

  11. Glenda Fain says:

    Hi Steve,
    Was just lookin’ through your photos and wanted to say that you have a really beautiful place there….and the animals are all just gorgeous.

  12. Steve. If you are ever in the market for a spare set of hands on the BSR or a good mechanic I humbly offer my services. Form of payment accepted: drinking beer/working with SCSA will be fair enough.

  13. hey steve love your movies and i love to hunt, been following you career for years i would really like to meet u someday. but right now im just down on my luck dont get to hunt much cause i just got laid off work after 10 yrs. and tryin to support my family cause there more important,but all with god’s help.

  14. Richard dewitt says:

    how do I come to the ranch and meet you

  15. Richard dewitt says: I would like to hang at the ranch and suck down some beers with you please reply

  16. Gena says:

    I have watched your wrestling career since I was a little girl. I am now 24, and appreciate what you do even more. You are a great actor, and an even better wrestler. I know that wrestling is in your past, due to your injuries ( I am glad to hear that your knee is healing). I appreciate what you do and who you are. You have been a hero to me my whole life, I wish you all the best in what you do for the rest of your life.

    May God bless you, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!


    p.s. I am glad to hear that Deer season is going well for you, as I live in Lake County, Ca, I go shooting with my uncles all the time up in the Mendocino forest…

  17. Jackeline Nuit says:

    just to look at this view make me feel so uhhh oh god’s amazing…. more pics! more and more..that’s my philosophy! Jack nuit xoxo miss talk with you :( really

  18. Katherine says:

    I came across your web site purely by accident during an internet search and ended up staying here and checking it out. I don’t normally spend time commenting on web sites, especially on those of strangers, but I took a liking to your site because your stories stirred up very fond memories of growing up and going on camping/hunting adventures with my family each year until my dad passed away several years ago. Your stories remind me a lot of the way my dad used to tell his. Due to a very busy schedule, I don’t get to take many trips like that anymore, so thanks for sharing your stories and pictures! Might inspire me to finally take a much needed break and pack up the camping gear, dogs, and telescope and get the heck out of Dodge! I look forward to reading about yours and Hershey’s (awesome name for a dog) next adventure!

  19. Jenn Bender says:

    I LUV this pic!!! Soo beautiful! Poster Perfect!!!

  20. Simeon says:

    What kind of rehab are you doing there Stone Cold??

  21. says:

    Steve Im loving your blog and this is the first time Ive chosen to comment. I just have to say throughout your wrestling career and movie career I think your a hell of a Texan and I hope one day that I have the chance to meet you. Not too many people in this life get to live their dream and you did and there is no greater thing in life than that. Be blessed Steve and keep on huntin down there in south Texas.

  22. Kristin says:

    That video you made of the feeder with Hershey and the Aerosmith song was kick ass!! I watched Bottom Line again last night…you are amazing!!!

  23. Amy Bullock says:

    Must be amazing to have that view everyday. North Carolina must have such wondrous sights….just not lucky enough to see it often. You travel much, Steve?

  24. Simeon says:

    Hey stone cold that punk CM needs an ass whoppin why don’t you go to WM 29 and whoop his ass with stunner in the middle of the ring.

  25. Simeon says:

    Stone Cold Vince needs you Austin. Please Austin Please come back. CM Punk needs some serious ass whoopin – although you haven’t wrestled in 10 years you can still whoop his ass no problems – he is half your size. And if those shield guys come in to interfere just give them sumbitches a quick stunner and you’ll be fine. Please stone cold come back we need you.

  26. Simeon says:

    Please stone cold come back Please we all want you back. You still have some time – feel free to retire at WM 30 but until then come back Austin. Raw sucks now we have jokers like CM punk – its not the same.

  27. Shelby P says:

    My Grandma will be 90 years old in April. Her name is Rose and she is a HUGE fan of yours, she has been forever and of course she’s the one who introduced me to wrestling so I could be a fan too. She’s not been to the doctor probably since my dad was born, and he’s 54. She’s in the hospital now but that didn’t stop her from watching the 20th anniversary episode of RAW in hopes you’d be on it :) At any rate I’m sure you’re busy but I hope you’ll at least see this. It would be wonderful for her to possibly hear from you in some way. A video would be amazing, if not a letter perhaps. I don’t know I was just hoping maybe it would be possible. She just adores you.

    • admin says:

      Please tell Rose I could not make the Raw anniversary show as I was already booked. Tell her I said thanks for being a fan. I appreciate it.

  28. Morgan says:

    Steve can you break down the protein/mineral content you feed in the feeders? Or give some leads on the best feed to be using?

  29. hitesh says:

    steve plz return to wwe fulltime & win the wwe championship

  30. KImberly says:

    Hello!!! We need a blog update!!! I really enjoy following you on twitter but I have to say I miss the blog. And I also have a couple of questions 1) why don’t you want a 6,7,8 or 9 point deer breading the does? What makes them bad or genetically inferior. 2) What is a yearling spike? I probably just need to read a book on deer breading/hunting BUT as for now you are the only person I get hunting/SteveAustin info from So please….UPDATE!

  31. James says:


    I want in the WWE. Train Me! Please Sir. I was built for this. What can I do? What do I need to do?

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