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Random Thoughts From The Road

Got up yesterday at 4am. Packed up my truck and got on the road at 5:20. Little different this time. Just me and Hershey, so we’re driving the truck down instead of the RV. Ugh…That means one night in a hotel. I ain’t got a problem with hotels in general, cause I’ve stayed in a million of them. But usually we stay in RV parks and don’t have to worry about unloading all the stuff out of the vehicle. Along with the fact that it takes the whole element of fun out of camping, grilling a steak, and eating your own food. Not to mention being able to use your own bathroom etc while on the road. Anyway, enough of the sentimental horseshit. Here are some thoughts that passed through the cranial space inhabited by my brain….
I am not a morning person. It was an astonishing display of athleticism and courageous grit to get my ass out of bed this morning. Alright. Horseshit. That’s a little too dramatic. Let me bottom line it-I. Am. Not. A. Morning. Person. Moving on….
The Left Lane. WTF?? What is the deal folks? People lolly gag in the left lane like a sumbitch. TOTALLY oblivious to the SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT signs. Sadly, the driving skills, and wherewithal of people on the road here in America, are in a rapid decline. Wake up, America. Drive Friendly. Share the road. And if you ain’t driving fast, get your ass out of the left lane. To the younger readers of this blog-I meant that in a good, Christian Way. Moving on.
I want to take the time to thank the officer who pulled me over this afternoon and giving me a warning. Seems I had the proverbial pedal to the metal. It was a good time, though. We talked for 15 minutes about hunting, etc. on the side of the road. Thank you and stay safe out there.
Here’s one for you..What in the living hell is the deal with gas pumps shutting down at $75 bucks?? Really? Is that on the credit card end? Or the gas pump end? Kind of frustrating to have to reswipe your damn card again and start all over. Sumbitch. $75 clams don’t get you much gas these days. And no…I see a lot of things in my future. Driving a damn Prius ain’t one of em.
I drive a Chevy truck. I love the truck. Love it. I just wanna know what the engineers were smoking/drinking when they came up with the 5.3 motor. On top of that the damn thing is geared so damn high it’s ridiculous. Wake up, Chevy. The DuraMax is a beast. Total bad ass. But do me a favor…Shitcan the 5.3 liter. It sucks ass.
Tomorrow is Friday. Deer season starts Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see how our deer have done over the last year. We are still in a drought, although we got a few inches of rain here and there.
New shirts and caps coming soon. Stay tuned.
Don’t forget to vote! Use your brain and pick the candidate that you feel can lead this great country of ours in the right direction.
Before I shut down for the night I want to say RIP to Brad Armstrong. I held this man in a very high regard. Smooth… One word… Smooth. That was Brad. European style, Japan style, American, Luche Libre style. Brad could do absolutely everything. Great fire. Brad was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Funny, no, scratch that. Hilarious. That’s what Brad was. Giving and unselfish. A-1 psychology. A pro’s pro. Brad could go any night, any where, with the best in the world. And he would always shine…Very well liked. And highly respected by all.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


40 Responses to “Random Thoughts From The Road”

  1. Amy Larson says:

    I got my red BSR cap in the mail last week and love it. Happy Hunting in Texas. I see plenty of whitetail where I live in Kansas. Sorry to hear about Brad Armstrong. Enjoy your time at the ranch!

  2. I love you and you’re awesome stories Stone Cold. :) :) I remember you said you quit drinkin coffee. As a Swing Manager I don’t know how I’d get thru it without coffee! How do you do it SA? As far as camping I love camping. Sorry you’re not getting to this time. Forget about Disney land or anything fun cause I bet camping with you is the funnest/funniest thing on this Earth. Lots of smiles. :) cudos I definitely share your pain with the left lane. I had this guy messin with me one day on the way to work, I was like really? I was stopped at a red light and he pulled up next to me in the left lane, outa nowhere, in a big black chevy SUV, and when the light turned he nailed it around me and pulled in the right lane, cause the left lane was turning into a turn left only lane, and slowed way down! Messin with me. At that point I knew he was just bein a **** and I just backed way off and let him do whatever he was gonna do. Totally wish you could STUN that guy! To make things worse. He pulled into my work right in front of me and come thru the drive thru and asked for my boss and everything. :( Alls he wanted was some free food. Anyway not at all, let me say that again, NOT AT ALL pulling your chain or anything I got pulled over last week and got a warning too! lol For speeding. lol :) Right now I got my sight seriously on you’re copy of WWE13. Hoping next week. It says limited quantity. I don’t play many games but I think it’d be fun to come home when people’s been “messin” with me and beat people up as you. :) OH want some of that fine artwork too! I feel like I’m ramblin. Deer season…I’ve got 100 acres here in Indiana, feel. free. anytime. to. come. hunt. here. lol :) Bring Hershey. oh and camp. You’d love my brother. I just found out what Semper means, and its funny when my brother talks about me to people he calls me “Ride or die”. :) Just got 2 more teeth pulled out 2 days ago. :( Makes 12 now. Dentist asked me “So how old are you Victoria? I said 34. :( Idk but I think thats GOT TO BE red enough for RI3! :) 34 and 12 teeth down. LOL Shirts…Just got my autographed T-shirt from Taylor Hicks, cool cat if you like people like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Van Morrison, now I want to get your shirt that comes with WWE13, and I was watching some of you on youtube and I just love that one shirt of yours that looks like a whiskey label. :) 101 proof. :) I won’t ramble on anymore. Have a good time @ the BSR SA.


  3. steph says:

    wait, u are unhappy with that price per gallon? over here we have to pay between 6,25 $ and 6,48 $ per gallon. so who is the lucky one? anyway. have a safe drive with hersh and much fun while hunting. take care.

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  5. […] Austin reminded people to vote and discussed people driving slowly in the left lane in his latest blog. Austin also remembered Brad Armstrong, who passed away earlier this […]

  6. […] Austin reminded people to vote and discussed people driving slowly in the left lane in his latest blog. Austin also remembered Brad Armstrong, who passed away earlier this […]

  7. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    Well Said and Then Some..#Happy Hunting …Take Care….Dawn

  8. Harry says:

    he’s not complaining about teh price, hes complaing about the thing that is with Credit cards that the pump shuts off at 75 bucks, and u have to reswipe, and by thelooks, he was purchasing diesel

  9. Jamie says:

    No doubt wat your saying is the damn truth Steve.

  10. […] Austin reminded people to vote and discussed people driving slowly in the left lane in his latest blog. Austin also remembered Brad Armstrong, who passed away earlier this […]

  11. They should’ve kept using the 5.7 if you ask me. That was a badass motor. Granted I heard that they’re ditching all the vacuum hoses in the engine block and running gas lines directly into the injectors soon. Some cars already have it.

    As far as Diesels go from my perspective, Cummins Turbos are the way to go. Can’t kill them I think. :)

    Happy hunting from New York State.

  12. Gary says:

    any way that I could get you to roll through Denton, your old stomping grounds and drink a Stevewieser before you leave for kalifornia again?

  13. Jason Webster says:

    I drive a Hummer Steve so I feel the pain at the pump.But I agree with you man,no way am I driving a prius.

  14. Ravencroft says:

    I work as a convenience store gas station assistant manager and the pumps stop that way with credit cards for security issues, I do believe. Plus, if you swipe it twice and need more after that, it usually won’t take the card a third time due to the security issues.

    Damn, is that the price for diesel at the moment there? We are around $4.06/gal for diesel and $3.19/gal for unleaded here in Casper, WY at the moment. Just wait til after the elections are over, then I am sure they will shoot back up.

    Have fun hunting! Dad has yet to get anything this season (if it’s not one issue for him, it’s another). Better late than never, I guess.

  15. Kaine Daugherty says:

    I can’t stand the pump kicking at $75.00! I drive an Ford F-150 and in WV $75 isn’t getting you far. I share your pain Steve, anyways stay safe out there and enjoy deer season down south, our season starts on the 19th. Can’t wait for new BSR gear to add to my collection!

  16. james dalton says:

    congrats on being voted to be on mt rushmore by we the WWE fans. u and always will be an icon. ordering my gear for christmas in a few days. awsome looking stuff. and thats the bottom line

  17. Derek says:

    can’t wait for the signed stuff i’ll be over it like cheap beer on a redneck ;p

  18. Kiefer Colmer says:

    I’ve had some of the best times in Texas, even graduated military boot camp at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.I am currently SF with the US Air Force and I’ll be on deploying to Afghanistan in june. Before I venture on down that desert road I was wondering if I could come by the ranch meet you and have a beer. I’ve always been a huge fan. You mention a time and i’ll be there.

  19. Gas is more than $1 cheaper here in NC. I love Chevys and have a 98 Silverado. I love the 5.7L 350 in it. It’s geared for work and highway with 3.73 gears. I never let it go below 1/4 full so the most I put in is 19-20 gallons. Just wished I could have found one that was stick shift of that year range that wasn’t beat all to hell. I’ve also put my truck through hell and back a few times.

  20. Derek says:

    awesome first episode of redneck island steve. joe looks like a short matt damon but i can already tell he’s gonna be a royal pain in the ass lol. can’t wait for the next one :)

  21. Kristin says:

    Looks like you and Hershey are having a great time.Love the title of this blog entry;) you should do a thank you list like that late night guy…haha that would be cute aka entertaining.Thanks for the vids…they are a wonderful gift! Catch ya later.

  22. wrestling fan says:

    Stone cold here a website that can help you shop for good gas prices! helping our wrestling Family one member at a time!

    stone cold stunner to those gas prices!!!
    get these it will help you save on gas and give you better gas miles! in a 5.3 truck!

    • wrestling fan says:

      Stone cold here a website that can help you shop for good gas prices! helping our wrestling Family one member at a time!

      stone cold stunner to those gas prices!!!
      get these it will help you save on gas and give you better gas miles! in a 5.3 truck!

  23. Eric says:

    Kick-ass website by the way. I’m agreeing with you on that 5.3. Had a jacked up 5.7 myself until I left for the Army. Duramax is next. Off subject my wife and I are looking to move to Texas now that I’m out of the service. Always been our goal. Any advice on where to look and not to look. We want a small town that we can raise or 3 children. If you can see my email feel free to shoot some advice. Appreciate it
    Happy hunting! And good luck

  24. troy says:

    Wow, one of the things we hate, as a culture, is hearing our heroes leaving us. I was huge Armstrong fan when I was a kid. The whole family were great entertainers in the industry and it is sad to hear of Brad’s passing.
    Wrestling is as much about the baby face, the heel but often it takes someone like an Armstrong, a Mike Jackson or many of the nameless workers that did TV to make the heroes look good. Armstrong was the top of the bunch and I still remember the win against DiBiase has the mysterious Mr R.
    As for the truck and gas, sounds like a security issue. At least you got your money’s worth, can you imagine if you had a Priius and filled up. Then you went to grocery store and found out that the Bank had a 75 dollar hold on your account til midnight?

  25. Nikki Thomason says:

    Hi Steve! A long time ago I purchased one of your camo Stone Cold hats for my dad. He loved that damn hat and wore it everywhere. Long story short someone stole it from him. I have been trying to find one everywhere. Came across your new website and was excited to see you have a store! I was wondering if you are going to have any camo hats for sale? I am a long time fan going back to the World Class days. Best wishes and good health to you Steve. :-)

  26. wrestling fan says:

    I have a question for you steve when you are a employee should you act like a employee and try to honor the rules?

    like for one not speeding or not drinking and driving I would like you to answer this because I’m for sure that you didn’t do that and make the WWE look bad.

    there are people that look up to these people like kid’s and when you do that it shows that you don’t give a damn!

    this isn’t a right it a honor that only some people get so why waste that on people who don’t care.

    • Kristin says:

      Stone Cold Steve Austin Never claimed to be a minister….just the opposite…hence AUSTIN 3:16 dumbass!!! His entire persona was based on a rebellious spirit who actually made WWE more sales than any entertainer that they EVER contracted and they have not been able to create another SCSA!! If you don’t like his badassness…get to steppin on down the road!!

      • wrestling fan says:

        don’t be a dumbazz when it come to money steve is a smart man and isn’t going to risk it with dumbazz issue like speeding or drinking and driving he smart then that!

  27. sam says:

    steve I know you a real busy man and you have signed alot of pics titles and what not but I wanted to know if you remember the monday night raw after wrestlemainia 22 it was in dayton ohio you were sitting in the holiday inn down the street from the arena and a heavy set tall red head guy asked you to sign the wwe spinner championship on the name plate then you shook my hand and said follow your dreams son! well to make a long storie short that was the best day of my life and ever since that day I knew that my dream of being in the wwe was all because of you and the things you did watching you as a kid was the best part of my week! So I had a ? for you to become as athletic as you are wat kind of diet should I be on and how can I get my foot in the door?

  28. Mike says:

    Stone Cold, When are you coming back to WWE to unleash some hell on CM Punk who is trying to portray himself as you? Many of us rednecks are sick and tired of his crap and would like to see you open up a can and walk him dry if you get what I mean.

  29. silver says:

    Ha. More thoughts from the road, love it.

  30. anke says:

    Ha,ha! We have to pay about 7,58 $ per Gallon for Diesel here in Germany. But it´s still fun to drive 130 mph on the Highway…… Have fun!!!

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