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Headed South…Deer Season

Well, it’s about that time of year. What time of year, you ask?? Deer Season. Damn straight. Bout this time every year I start feeling antsy…Meaning it’s time to get down to the Broken Skull Ranch. Sometimes in the past I’ve been working on a project or something that has kept me from a big part of the season. Not this year. We finished shooting Redneck Island a few weeks ago. I have a two month window of time to spend in South Texas hunting, lifting, and rehabbing my left knee. (Doing great by the way)
I got 4 new shocks on my truck the other day. Gonna get the oil changed tomorrow. Then in another day or so, Hershey and I will get on the road and head that way. Gonna put some distance between ourselves and the West Coast…And keep reeling in those miles till we get to the BSR. It’s about a 1,500 mile drive. We’ll get there on day 2.
Back on the road… Plenty of time to think…About everything under the sun. Think a little about the past, more about the present, and even more about the future. And speaking about the future, don’t forget to get out and vote. I won’t get into politics here, just go vote. Vote for who you think will take this great country of ours to where i needs to be. That’s the bottom line.
Back to driving, folks….I think I prolly could have been a damn good truck driver. I do some of my best thinking with a steering wheel in my hand and a gas pedal under my foot. We will make about 800 miles give or take, the first day. Then cruise on in to the BSR the next day. I’ve driven straight thru non stop a couple of times. But 2 days is plenty fast enough. I’ll be there for the first day of rifle season.
And before I forget about it, I also have another Twitter account for the Broken Skull Ranch. It is @TheBrokenSkull. It will be more business/hunting oriented for the most part. By all means, check it out.
And on a last note, I’m gonna offer a promo code on BSRGear(tshirts,etc) on my Hey, Christmas time is right around the corner. Piss on Black Friday. Why go to the mall and take a chance on getting trampled ? New shirts, koozies, and more hats on the way.
Well, I just wanted to check in. Can’t sleep cause I’m ready to get the hell outta here and get on the road.
I hope for safety and good fortune to those battling thru Sandy. Hang tough, folks.

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin


18 Responses to “Headed South…Deer Season”

  1. steph says:

    have a safe drive with hersh and enjoy native country.

  2. Dawn says:

    I know your looking forward to ya time at the BSR..Travel Safe..Tough Guy..Oh and Happy Hunting..#….Take Care….Dawn

    • RT Millican says:

      My son and I watched you on mra great show. I’m a big fan of yours my sob Sry to say is a huge fan of Shawn. At 2 year’s old he was jumping off the back of the couch doing elbow slams and now at 14 is still a huge fan I hope to one day take him to a show but don’t want those nose bleed seats. Anyway keep making movies and kicking ass.

  3. David Galewski says:

    Good luck in South Texas. We are hitting the deer hard up in Wisconsin.

  4. Jason jansen says:

    Have fun u sob but try Illinois once trade u a hunt for a hunt

  5. colton read says:

    Hey I’m a huge fan and a avid hunter. I list both of my legs in the military July 9 2009. I was wondering if you take any wounded guys hunting.

  6. david mullen says:

    Give me a hell yeah……. wish I was hunting. Would enjoy meeting you sometime, my son (Jeremy) and I are you’re alltime fans……I watched you and Brian win the Tag-Team Championship (back in the day)……..By far one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. We live in Lubbock…..but would gladly drive to Tilden to meet ya. That’s the bottom line…..cause STONE COLD said so……..

  7. Jackeline Nuit says:

    i would love to see you in Brazil …we don’t have some deers but we have beautiful beaches :) just kiddin and hope you’re fine … i’m reading your blog and i love it! Jack Nuit

  8. troy says:

    Aren’t the truck driver and the wrestler pretty much the modern day cowboys of the concrete prairie? They both go from one point to another, stay for a cup of coffee, and leave the next to go to the next job. Always the quintessential “rolling stone” allowing no moss to gather, whether it be another load to be picked up, another arena to perform for the audience. Just doing a job, doing it better than anyone else could or ever could aspire to.
    And do it because you love it, have passion for it, and respect it is the perfect marriage for any person. you are and were lucky to find that in your profession.

  9. jackie smith says:

    w huge fan steve autin would love to come hunt with u.ive hunted my hole life aint killed nothing but a 5 pointer ya pretty crapy.

  10. really did not know where to post this but I am thinking this might be something that Old stone Cold might need for deer hunting season.

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