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Redneck Island Day?

Things are moving along out here on Redneck Island. I can’t remember what day of filming it is. Weather has been phenomenal since it stopped raining a few days ago. It’s hot. That’s for damn sure. One of the locals told me its 85 degrees here in the winter. He said that feels cool to him. Damn. I got my air conditioner running full blast when it’s 85*.
Here’s a few more thoughts and observations I’ve come up with in the last few days. In no particular order.
It’s hotter than a sumbitch in Mexico.
Beer is good.
Sumbitch, it’s hot in Mexico.
Tequila is good. Don’t forget the salt and lime.
Many folks wonder what kind of beer I drink. Currently it is Bud Light.
It is still fairly difficult to eat clean in Mexico. I have been having awesome workouts. Diet is about as good as it can be.
2 shots of Tequila before bed is very relaxing.
12 shots of Tequila before bed is trouble.
I haven’t been in the water since I’ve been here in Mexico. I will before I leave. The water here is beautiful. If I get attacked by a Shark, I guess I’ll go home with a set of Shark Skin luggage.
I started this blog the other day in the afternoon. I just woke up(Sunday morning) and am trying to complete it. But I am not a morning person at all.
My shipment of energy drinks that I drink in the morning got rejected at the border. Makes the wake up process take a little longer…
There have been many people tweeting pics of themselves in BSR Gear. I have more stuff on the way soon.
I don’t understand people who have Twitter accounts and send nothing but hateful, stupid messages. I do not send any comments, replies, or responses to haters. They are simply blocked immediately. The Internet makes certain idiots feel very brave.
I missed every single college game yesterday. That sucks.
Today is a short day on RI for me. Hopefully I can catch a couple of pro games.
Mexico loves speed bumps. I’ve never seen so many speed bumps in all my life. And I’ll tell you, they work! Been trying to get the city of LA to put a couple speed bumps on the street I live on. Keep the dipshits from hauling ass like NASCAR drivers past my house. (With all due respect to NASCAR drivers) my street ain’t a race track.
Day 3 of writing blog. (Morning)
I definitely am not a morning person.
I swear I felt an earthquake here last night. Gonna check the local news.
Found an awesome Sushi restaurant here last night. Food was outstanding.
I’m hungry.
Time to get my ass up and eat breakfast.

PS. I just drove to work and had a few more thoughts.
Pulling nose hairs out by hand to look good for camera is painful. Forgot my nose hair gimmick trimmer in my hotel room. And while we’re on the subject of nose hair trimmers….How come battery life in a nose hair trimmer is so short? I mean, it ain’t like you use the sumbitch everyday. These little gadgets eat batteries up like crazy. I think I’m gonna patent a miniature weed eater with a Big Block 454 engine, seeing as most nose hair trimmers are under powered. Alright, enough about nose hair…
Ever notice that when you’re driving down a bumpy ass road, it’s a lot smoother in the driver seat than when you’re riding down the same road in the passenger seat? You’re thinking, Jesus Christ, this sumbitch is hitting every damn bump in the road…Funny how that works.
Gnats and no-see-ums suck.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch ya down the road…

Semper Redneck
Steve Austin



17 Responses to “Redneck Island Day?”

  1. My eyes became watery at that nose hair lines…

    • Kay carpenter says:

      Hey Steve, thanks for the blog updates. Too bad about the energy drinks! Coffee does wonders though! I didn’t make the cut for this season but maybe I will see you next season. Hope everyone is having a great time!!

  2. Really? Nose hairs? LMAO! You crack me up man! Wow you missed some good games on saturday brother. Still not happy about the Longhorns Loss but gotta give credit where its due and West Virginia has one awesome offense. Still was a close game. Take care down there man. Gotta stay in good shape for that big deer and cold beer! :-)

  3. graham mcrobert says:

    like the photos Steve and cant wait to read your other blogs

  4. gareth says:

    hey steve ur a legend the stuf that must go though ur head is unbelivable im still llf keep ur blogs coming all the best have u any plans doing ur autobiography

  5. Dawn Veronica Johnson says:

    Enjoying Your Videos , Post and Photos from Redneck Island..looking Forward to season 2..Oh..Make that 4 shots of Tequila at night..2 for me w/salt & lime…Take Care..Dawn

    • Jimmy Arrans says:

      Nose Hairs. lol. But you sopke truth. lol. Also glad you have some time to think while there. My fave choice of beer is Bud Light. :) Dont drink too many Margaritas.

  6. Amy Larson says:

    Beautiful pics and love your blog! I agree – no haters. I don’t understand why people post hateful comments. It makes no sense to me. Take care on Redneck Island!

  7. Brian says:

    LOL…Nice pictures….

  8. candaice says:


  9. kenny says:

    u are the coolest damn redneck in the whole world and cant wait till you whoop punk’s ass!

  10. candaice says:

    u r the best in the world! not dumbpunk

  11. Ganesh says:

    Are u coming back to wwe

  12. Keith says:

    Hay Steve, I liked your coments about C.M. I would love to see you in the ring with him. If they would leave the story line alone and let you conduct bussiness I think Punk would be glad to show you the respect you deserve. Have a great time.

  13. Cindy says:

    i just found your website and read your blog. Beautiful pics and love your sense of humor. You’re awesome.. i’ve been a fan of yours for years..Glad you’re going to respond to the crapola from Punk.. he’s sure taking the heel turn to the extreme. Take care and keep up with the blog, now that i’ve found your site i’m going to keep checking it

  14. susan sulimowicz says:

    Mr Stone man,,,,,i miss my beloved husband who also was a pro wrestler 4 awhile in the days of andre and bulk wanna b hogan,,lol,,,young man when it comes to ASS KICKERS,,u r by far the best around,,i miss truly seeing u wrestle,,i hope u stay well and stay happy,,u truly deserve it,,ty 4 all the awesome matches ive seen in WWE casueof u,,b well kind sir!!

  15. MIke Morrow says:

    Hey Steve you probley dont remember me but I was in the Chris Adams school also. Matter fact the day I came over and worked out it was with you in the ring. I kick my butt everday that I did not stay with it but I had 2 kids at the time and one on the way. But everytime I seen you wrestle all I could say that might have been me up there with you. I am glad you have went so far in your career. Talk at you later.

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