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Stone Cold Steve Austin X 35,000THQ

As I have talked about on Twitter (@steveaustinBSR), I recently finished signing 35,000 autographs for THQ’s new video game WWE 13.  The picture cards I signed will go in select Austin 3:16 Editions of the game.  I had originally agreed to sign 25,000 cards.  Then THQ wanted an additional 10,000.  Since I am recovering from knee surgery I certainly have the time.  I agreed to the extra 10k cards.  I let the boxes of cards sit in the garage for a while and figured “I’ll get em done later”…I should have started signing them immediately…I finally got around to opening one of the boxes and at that time it dawned on me.  35,000 is a shit pile of signatures.

So I rig up my kitchen table and get all situated.  I used silver liquid paint pens to sign the cards and it was a pain in the ass to keep the pens properly charged up to get a good signature.  I start writing my name-STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN…..OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…You get the point.  Now for those that don’t know me, I have a real hard time sitting still.  Now, I ain’t talking nervous, twitchy, weird, can’t sit still…Cause I can sit for hours watching football, etc.  But sitting at a table and writing STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN gets real old real fast…Especially when you’re signing up to 8 or more hours a day.  Working with them damn paint pens is enough to send you over the edge.  I used a couple hundred dollars worth of pens on this extravaganza.  I am an official expert on paint pens.  If you have a paint pen problem, I can fix it.  Yep…I am a certified paint pen mechanic.  Anyway…Back to the story.

Now don’t get me wrong, you may be saying to yourself-“Shit. All that motherf#cker is doing is writing his damn name.”  I ain’t saying it was physically hard…I’m saying I was bored to death.  Hell, every job I ever had was Manual labor, with a capital M.  Between going to PT for my knee, going to the gym, going to meetings, and all the other BS I do, it took 6 weeks or so to sign them damn cards.  35,000 of em.  And that’s the end of that story.

On another note, yesterday we shot the PR stuff for Redneck Island.  Last season was damn good.  Deep thinking, far reaching, philosophical television that changed the lives of literally millions across the globe…Alright, BS!  Redneck Island was a damn good time last season.  Great cast and a cool host.  Season 2 will be BIGGER, BADDER, AND REDDER THAN EVER.

I leave for Mexico in a few days.  Couple days to settle in and then we roll cameras and start filming the brutality, calamity, and hilarity, that is Redneck Island.  I am going to push these people to be there bestest,(invented word) and reddest, in an all out endeavor for one person to walk off the island with $100,000 dollars.

I am going to send daily updates during the entire shoot.  Check the website for info.

On a last but not least note, BSR GEAR is up and running.  Tshirts, caps, and hoodies available.  New designs coming soon.

That is all, ladies and germs.  Thank you for stopping by.


Steve Austin

46 Responses to “Stone Cold Steve Austin X 35,000THQ”

  1. “I am a certified paint pen mechanic” HAHAHAHAHAHA so funny
    I want one of those 35000 cards 😀

    kisses from Chile!

  2. David Hanmer says:

    That’s a hell of a lot of signatures! I’m glad you’ve finished them! I’m also hoping to see Redneck Island on UK TV soon, because I’ve heard it’s the ‘bestest’ show on the box!!

  3. Jason Webster says:

    Steve I saw a classic movie the other day and I thought you would be perfect in an updated version of it.The movie is called The Naked Prey.Its about a hunting guide in Africa who is leading a safari.Anyway one of his hunters pisses off the natives and all hell breaks loose.Check it out if you get a chance I think it could be a great role for you.Its lead was Cornell Wilde.By the way I was wondering if you play golf?

    • admin says:

      Love that movie. Seen it at least 6-7 times. Cornell Wilde was actually very sick during the making of that movie. Good flick.

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  5. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Oh man I think anyone would get bored signing that many autographs. Glad you got through it. Hope you have a safe trip and a good time in Mexico.

  6. troy says:

    be glad that someone actually thinks your signature on the card has value…lol. But I get that the repitition of doing it over and over again would drive a man like you insane. Think about it this way, when you were nineteen and working your job at the loading dock, did you ever figuire that a) you would not just regionally famous, but world famous for what you do and that b) someone would actually one day would pay money for your signature let alone a card with your face or likeness on it?
    You are a rare breed and unique in the world. People recognize you because of your uniqueness and wish they were you. But they’ll never see the days of when you wrestled for 25 bucks in a prelim match in a gym in tennesse or texas with those die in the wool fans that come to the matches with shotguns making sure “it’s ganna be a fair fight” or the pain your body goes through everyday rehabbing or the spine injury you got many years ago. They don’t know what it takes to make sausage, but they love the end product.
    You have worked your ass off to get to the point where your signature means something of value, enjoy it!


  7. troy says:

    besides the only thing I ever sign that has value is my rent cheque and it’s a promissary note…lol

  8. al collier says:

    Funny, I broke both legs in March and while in rehab building upper body so arms could take over for legs, I thought about you and you kept me going. Now left leg will not heal and I can barely walk and I feel for you as I understand bored to hell!

    • admin says:

      Hang in there!

      • al collier says:

        hanging in is all there is. I ran the ropes for a tryout in Dallas… Chris said forget it – I still jobbed local house/indies/???? for a few more years but kept day job. When rehab started watching EVERYTHING I did – shower trying to help was bugging me. they watched me move from wheelchair to commode and they sat and ask questions!!!!! I said Stone cold would a plan — in my mind i ran ropes. my pt lifts twice rep and 3xset and isometrics in room. so now movie -iced tea – bed – popcorn movie – bed –an email or to and my one call home rehab no fun AT HOME – but have 4 like Hershy that are nurses. maybe i should get a game?

  9. Shayan M. says:

    Wondering if a few these signed posters are up for grabs for people without a gaming console.

  10. Fady Said says:

    Steve Austin Please!! Please!! Please!! When Will You Return And Stun Cm Punk And that’s the Bottom Line What!!! Cause Stone Cold Said So Fuck Fear!!

  11. franky says:

    my favorite wrestler stone cold!!!! your are the attitude era!!!! and should be involved with wwe a little more when your 100% i miss hearing the glass shatter hahaha thank you and 35,000 sigs i hope the payoff was worth it ahaha oh hell yeah!

  12. Matt Stufano says:

    Hey Steve,
    I think its great you signed them all and the fans know you did it , not just rubber stamp it or pay Hershey to do it for you! Are we gunna get updates from or about the Chachalaca bird? Safe travels

  13. casper says:

    Steve,the BSR gear is great,I just got a tshirt shipped to me in the UK,i love it!!

  14. Homer F says:

    Did your signature change much from the original one by the time you got to #35,000? I think my signature would’ve pretty much looked like a piece of wet spaghetti thrown on the wall by the time I finished.

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  16. Amy Larson says:

    Looking forward to another season of Redneck Island! Have a great and safe time in Mexico.

  17. Courtney says:

    So do you have a particular brand of paint pen that you recommend? 😀

  18. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Job Well Done…Tough Guy….Take Care….Dawn

  19. MommaLene says:

    Wow…Thank you for all you do for us crazy fans. We will always have your back. Have the greatest time ever in Mexico and hope all goes well with the new season. Can’t wait for it!

  20. john says:


  21. john says:

    why your movie only on dvd

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  23. Ebuka Ebogha says:

    we need you stone to kick the hell at of punk ass

  24. Kane02 says:

    There was an easier way to do this : THQ should have asked you to put your autograph on a paper and then they could scan it, put it on the cards with Photoshop and print all the 35 000 card with your signatures on. THQ wants you to have knee injury + arm injury !!!

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  26. Juan M. says:

    Travel safely Steve. Have fun in Mexico and filming RNI.

  27. Reyna says:

    Omg awesome!!! My son has actually been asking for this game for two month’s. I will have to preorder the Austin edition and hope he gets a signed picture of you. He’s going to be so excited.

    • KingBizz says:

      i got mine ordered so when it comes in imma pop open a cold one and whoop more ass than i have ever whooped and thats the bottom line just my question is wtf size is the card so i can get my frame

  28. kenneth says:

    met you at the DC auto show years ago. I brought my smoking skull t-shirt and wondered how you’d autograph it. you instructed me, silver paint pen in hand, to tug on the shirt with both hands so you could have a nice tight shirt to write on.

    i can attest that you are a silver paint pen expert. i’ll tweet you the photo.

  29. shawn says:

    are you going to sell replicas of your broken skull ranch belt that dave millican made for you
    like to have one if you do and really hope you do
    getting ultra deluxe version of your smoking skull wrestling belt soon
    really miss seeing you kick some ass in ring
    you where the main reason to watch wcw and wwe
    me and my kids want to thank you for years of entertainment in the ring and know how tough it is on a wrestlers body everyday
    enjoy a cold one for me

  30. Weldon says:

    Stone Cold, thanks for taking the time to sign all those posters. I have the 3:16 Edition on preorder, so I will be getting one. Nice to know you took the time to sign them yourself. Hope to see you back in WWE soon, cuz cm punk damn sure could use a stunner, especially after talking sh@t about you last night on RAW!

  31. Damn Steve thanks for doing them damn cards 35k of them for your fans man…i pre-ordered my WWE 13 so i look forward in cherishing the 3:16 edition and the card knowing you were bored to death doing them lol I gotta picture for you that should be on the knock of your site before the end of the year is up. Hope you get to see you…regards biggest SC fan in NEW YORK … Ryne – btw i m named after Ryne Sandberg name that sport. lol

  32. i hope some of those signed cards find their way 2 the uk? that would b ace!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’ve never known someone 2 actually sign that many cards for fans normally its a scanner job. Steve your a legend. Defo think Punk needs a stunner or two and maybe a beer shower!

  34. Hi Steve

    Just want to ask a quick question, i recently watch your interview with J.R. and Cm Punk for the new thq wwe13 wrestling game. i thought it was brilliant seeing you back in character mode.I’ am a huge fan of your’s just wanted to ask what was your best promo you ever cut in wwe??

    Kind Regards

  35. uriah mckinley says:

    Steve i would sure like for a group of my redneck buddys and take u hog hunting with dogs the true redneck way

  36. Jesse Perez says:

    When will you come out with some new BSR gear?? Gonna get a couple of the long sleeve shirts, but just curios about some new stuff…..

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