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RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There

On July 23, 2012 WWE celebrated the 1,oooth episode of Monday Night Raw.  I watched the show from my home in Los Angeles.  After watching the show, I got on my Twitter account, @steveaustinBSR, to read responses to the show.  There were many people blaming Vince McMahon and the WWE for not having SCSA on the show.  And there were some folks who had some very negative things to say about me, personally.

The reason I did not attend RAW 1,000 was because I underwent a major knee surgery on my left knee on July 2, 2012.  Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, CA performed the surgery.

The surgery  was a complete success.  I am currently three weeks post op.  I began physical therapy a few days ago.  I had a world class surgeon and a great medical team working on me.  I am now working with a top notch PT team.  I am still on crutches and will probably lose the crutches in another week.  Then I will be in a custom knee brace much like the braces I wore in the ring for 9-12 weeks.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS A 100% ASS KICKING MACHINE.  There was no way I was going to limp down the ramp on crutches for RAW 1,000.  It was time to get my knee fixed.  The decision to no-show RAW 1,000 was made by me and no one else.  I have always taken pride in making my shots and have never faked an injury or illness.  Pro Wrestling is a tough game and it was time to pay the piper for some of the damage I incurred in the ring.  No gripes.  No complaints.

To the fans that were hoping to see SCSA, I’m sorry I missed the show.  I would have loved to be there under different circumstances.  I normally keep my personal business to myself, but due to feedback and incorrect speculation, I have posted this blog and given the 411 on why I was not at RAW 1,000.

I will post more blogs about my PT and recovery soon.


Steve Austin


265 Responses to “RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There”

  1. Dan says:

    Initially I was a little disappointed you were’nt there, but I wasn’t blaming anyone, I knew that you were probably busy with something much more important, and that’s okay. And you’ll probably make an appearance sooner or later, so i’m not too fussed… Get well Steve!


    • john dent says:

      Okay I’ll accept that, I did blame Vince and did say on Tweeter that I would’nt watch the 1001 episode but its all good now

    • Gary says:

      I was disappointed but knew that you had to have something else going on. I’m not blaming anyone as I have been watching you since ’97-98 when I learned about wrestling on TV. Much respect and loving your movies your making. Much like The Rock I thought it would be hard to see you as someone different then the ass kicking machine I’ve come to know, love watching, and respect. I look foward to the next time I hear the break of the glass and you do the BMF walk to the ring and WHOOP SOMEBODY’S ASS!!! OH HELL YEAH!!! #316

      • Jason says:

        Right on! I love to hear the glass break and to see the BMF walk to thering! Makes my addrenalin rise just watching austin! OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!

      • brianna says:

        oh yeah, he is deffentily a butt kicken machine, i’m looking forward to hearing glass shadering!

    • Lee McGhee says:

      Hello SCSA, you is still my idol man and you always will be!! I had the pleasure meeting you at Borders Bookstore in Westlake OH a few years ago. I was the black man who walk back and shook your hand for a second time. Get Well Stone Cold and hope to see you soon my friend!

      • Lee MCGhee says:

        Hey Steve, how you doing my man? Hey I was just thinking it would be great to see you as the “Permanent” GM of Raw since you have more than any other wrestler, and well liked by the WWE Universe, and myself? What do you think of this idea? Plus all the wrestlers fear you, I love it when you put the fear of God in them. Well take care and get well my friend!

        Your dedicated fan,
        Lee McGhee
        Elyria OH

    • Jason Aiello says:

      glad the surery was a success … hope the fued with cm punk becomes a reality .. i would lov to interview u for my on line station

      • Joe douglas says:

        Well I’d say getting your knee fixed is way more important than appearing on a show. you did the right thing!

    • latasha says:

      i agree scsa needs to come put cm punk in his place

    • robert says:

      I can’t wait until the day that your persona arrives to stomp down the ramp and say, Look the Fuck Out Here I Come! gl man.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I know I was really looking forward to hearing the breaking glass and seeing you stomp down the ramp. I still think they should have made you the new GM. Thanks for all the years of ass kicking and good luck with your recovery.

  3. jay sloper says:

    its a shame you weren’t there but thats totally understandable so hope you get better soon and hopefully we’ll see you in a WWE ring before long

  4. Mickey Timoney says:

    Get well Soon Steve

  5. JT Cage says:

    So sorry to hear about the knee surgery. You’re a trooper and I’m sure you’ll make a full recovery. I knew all those Cyber Stunners were gonna wear down your body sooner or later. Ha ha. Keep your head up, and don’t worry about the haters. And that’s all I gotta say about that! Cheers bro!

  6. Larry says:

    Get well soon Steve we understand your health comes first.

  7. […] Source: On July 23, 2012 WWE celebrated the 1,oooth episode of Monday Night Raw.  I watched the show from my home in Los Angeles.  After watching the show, I got on my Twitter account, @steveaustinBSR, to read responses to the show.  There were many people blaming Vince McMahon and the WWE for not having SCSA on the show.  And there were some folks who had some very negative things to say about me, personally. […]

    • Michelle D says:

      What??? Idiots are always negative. Feel sorry for them they cant help they’re ignorant. Come to Crowley, TX Gold’s Gym, I will rehab you quick! Michelle . BTW, great show!

  8. Kirkland Hall says:

    Thank you! You do not need to explain yourself to anybody. You gave us countless memories and we thank you for each of those. May God Bless you and I pray you have a speedy recovery!

  9. shannon says:

    Steve I am sad you wasn’t at raw but i didn’t blame McMahon or you! Your in my prayers i hope your knee gets better.

  10. Liam Ledger says:

    aslong as you appear at Raw’s 20th Birthday its all good.

  11. Mavin says:

    Get well soon Austin! Once you have gone to full recovery don’t forget to kick people’s asses!

  12. Marc says:

    Thanks for that! I was disappointed you weren’t there but never even thought of blaming anybody. I figured there was obviously some reasoning behind it. Sure was….reality and life. Was waiting for the glass to break when Rock got hit at the end….to shake Punks hand then stun him to end the show, but glad to see this to put an end to whatever is traveling online. WHAM!

  13. Derek says:

    Thanks for clearing this up Steve. I was really at a loss why you were absent from RAW last night but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions just in case I was dead wrong. And I never would have guessed that you had just recently had surgery and were on crutches so I’m glad I didn’t assume anything. Wish you could have been there but I’m sure there’ll be another milestone soon enough.

    Wishing you the speediest recovery possible and I can’t wait to see you on the screen kicking ass again.

    Going back through the Attitude Era again and am now starting Year 1998. So many awesome things happened in that year and I can’t wait to experience it all over again.

    Thanks for all the memories Steve. They are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

    Much love and respect,


  14. Jason Zamora says:

    That is exactly what I would have thought from you Stone Cold this, is very admrable and couragous and I appreciate what you have done here. Not many understand that you have an image you would like to keep and I feel that your recovery is more important than actually trying to risk showing up. I just have to ask you one question, feelfree to answer me or not I understand if you don’t want to, I’m just a fan who would really like to know, is a return out of the question? Or are you better preparing your knee for a possible Stone Cold return to the WWE. I know hundreds of people here in EL PASO, TX who would love to see a return from you, hell some of us watch and here the “What” chant and wish it was you there really doing it. I just want to know would you come back or are you going to??? Please answer…

  15. David Hanmer says:

    Thank you for letting us know Steve. I’m glad your surgery was a success, and I hope your recovery goes smoothly. I look forward to seeing Stone Cold – the greatest of all time – on Raw in the future.

  16. […] steve austin wasn't there because he had surgery on his knee few weeks ago and can't walk proper RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There – Steve Austin, Broken Skull Ranc… […]

  17. David Byard says:

    Don’t worry about it, Steve. I knew it was something important. SCSA wouldn’t miss RAW 1000 for something stupid. You are still the man! You don’t have to prove your love for the business. Keep healing up, keep being you. Don’t worry about the haters! That’s the bottom line!

  18. ITNA says:

    Get well Champ!

  19. Thomas says:

    Stone Cold Seve Austin ain’t done by a long shot. GIVE me a hell yeah!

  20. will says:

    thx steve for everything regardless and i hope for a speedy recovery!

  21. Rob Stone says:

    I PVR’ed it last night and was looking forward to some beer drinkin, ass kickin, mudhole stompin good times. Hope your recovery goes well, but I have to ask.

    Why didn’t you at least do a video appearance to give everyone a hell yeah (and sneak in a plug for Redneck Island)!!

    Either way, catch you next week, love the show!

  22. Marie says:

    Dang..that’s messed up. And really i already forgave u for not showing up…hope we see u soon on Raw this year!

  23. Rondell Wilson says:

    SCSA, you don’t have to explain anything to anyone, you’ve earned the right and respect to be the ass kicking machine you are and always will be.. get well, and God Bless…

  24. Reth316 says:

    glad to hear surgery went well. really missed you on last nights huge show. hopefully we will all still get to see the feud we want down the line even if for now it looks like Rock is knicking it again!

    see you back on screen soon, oh hell yeah!

  25. @IrishbearofOcala says:


    Yes we would have loved to seen you at Raw 1000 but it is better to hear your getting yourself cared for and healing so the next time you appear on RAW you can walk down that ramp like the tough SOB you are and stunner every single person in the ring!! Get well soon. Fan for life here to the Rattlesnake.

  26. Stacy Scabin says:

    StoneCold all night me and my sons were just waiting to hear the breaking the glass and then your music and to see you the amazing, wonderful StoneCold Steve Austin. I am happy that at this time you are taking care of yourself and that your surgery went well and hoping your PT goes just as well even though you were greatly missed there are times in life when decisions need to be made on what is best for you. I wish you the best in your recovery and hope to see you in the future on an episode of RAW in my family you are an inspiration your in our prayers for a speedy healthy recovery Mr. Austin.

    Your friends

    The Scabin/Majorowski Family

  27. mike says:

    wish u a speedy recovery hope to see u on wwetv or the big screen again CHEERS steve

  28. romana says:

    Get well soon. I love you, Steve

  29. Pran says:

    Hope you make a full recovery Steve ! Raw definitely missed a big piece of it last night but health first! Hope to see you in the ring again!

  30. Ryan says:

    Get well Steve! You were my favorite during the Attitude days and hope your recovery from surgery goes well. Maybe they will do something for Raw’s 20th anniversary next year and maybe we’ll see you for that. Take care of yourself and thank you for the memories back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, RAW hasn’t been the same since.


  31. KK says:

    Good luck with PT, hope it goes quickly and you’re back to 100% soon. Yes, you were missed last night, but your true fans, although temporarily disappointed, get it and need no explanations. Thanks for the update. BTW, I personally want to thank you for keeping your private life private, its refreshing.

  32. kelsey says:

    thanks steve. I was upset that you were not at raw last night but now i know why. Hope you get better and hop your in the ring at raw in the future.


  33. bryan says:


    Sorry to hear about the Knee, hate hearing any one go through that kinda stuff. You have definitely taken some bumps over the years. I hope you have a great recovery and maybe you need to come back to Raw when it is all said and done and just raise a little Hell… as you always would say Austin 3:16 says I just wiped Vinces Ass.

  34. Kyle says:

    Man…..It sucked Stone Cold not to see you on the 1000th Episode of Raw. On the other hand, so glad that you are doing well for your knee surgery!! I was disappointed that you weren’t there, but would never jump to the conclusion that something was up. You are my favorite wrestler of any era of wrestling!! I started with watching Wrestling at the Chase with Dick the Bruiser, Dick Murdoch, Harley Race, Pat O’Connor just to name a few.. I’ve loved your movie career and hope to one day see you in the ring..(fingers crossed) Have a speedy recovery, and have a steveweiser or two. God Speed!!

  35. Sha says:

    It’s a shame you can’t keep some aspects of your life personal. True fans were dying to see you walk that ramp but would much rather see you healthy. Take care and good luck with Redneck Island and, hopefully, we will see you kicking-ass in the near future.

  36. mike chapman says:

    damm sir sorry to hear about the knee op
    true to your word steve personal business comes first and i did say on twitter ” sad to see scsa couldnt make the raw 1000
    but health comes first and hope you enjoyed the show much as we the fans did. absolutely brilliant and the great flash back clips of attitude years of you and vince.
    becarefull he might come in to the hospital and hit you with the bed pan.

    get well steve austin , make a full recovery then soon you could run a marathon.

    p.s should good old j.r (jim ross) keep his goatie beard?

    yours mike (invisablemjcuk)

  37. Steve, sorry to hear about the knee, man. I am one of the millions who watched just in the hopes that you’d show up and drink some beer and whip some ass. Lol. I’m a sucker for that nostalgia feeling. I’m not sure why people would jump to conclusions about why you weren’t there, a la blaming Vince or personally attacking you. You were there in sprit though, as they showed a few video packages on your career. Everybody knows you’re the biggest draw in the history of wrestling, and you no doubt have the most fans of all the wrestlers past and present. We know how much you meant to RAW and WWE surviving the Monday night wars, so we just wanted to see ole Stone Cold whip some ass like the good ole days. But your true fans will understand that you obviously couldn’t make it, and that’s ok. So get well soon, bro. Come back stronger than ever. I know we’ll see you again on RAW down the road. Get well and good luck, Steve. And THAT’S the bottom line!!


  38. Mike M says:

    You were definitely missed, but completely understandable. Hopefully for Raw’s 20th Anniversary the Bionic Redneck will be back and kicking some ass. I think you owe Heath Slater a stunner.

  39. JayOnWrestling says:

    All the best to you. I hope you’ll be fully healed by Jan 2013 for the Raw 20th anniversary.

    I’m really hoping for a SCSA vs CM Punk for Wrestlemania

  40. szy says:

    love ya man. I was also one of those disappointed fans, kept waiting for the glass to shatter. Not that you owe us anything, but I knew that you would be there unless there was something really critical.

    But in all seriousness, you managed to hide your surgery from the internet websites! Damn near impossible, but you did it. That’s legit cool.

    Get well soon.

  41. Steve Miller says:

    Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, but I really miss The Texas Rattlesnake. Wish you the best w/ regards to recovery and everything.

  42. jesse says:

    After reading my thoughts are confirmed as to your absence, however, I’m asking your thoughts on the fantasy match winner as chosen by the wwe universe and ironicly talked about on an episode of “Tough Enough” a possible match between John Cena and (Stone Cold) Steve Austin

  43. garethavfc says:

    hey steve dnt listen 2 the jackass that was sayin shite bout u you. everybody knows u made the wwe if u didnt bust ur ass for that many years they wnt even b watching the 1000 raw so get well soon all the best thanx garethavfc

  44. Leslie Koontz says:

    That darn pesky knee, I hope this surgery gets all the kinks out… sounds like it went well. I know we will see the Rattlesnake in a WWE ring again soon… at 150%… someone’s gonna get Stunned… in the meantime… I’m digging Redneck Island!!!

  45. Ryan R. says:

    Wow! That’s insane Steve. I’m glad you’re recovery is going great I’m sure you’ll surprise us somehow in the near future. Get well soon rattlesnake and be safe.
    Much love, from a life long fan.

    I would love to see you at Raw 1,002 in San Antonio! That would be great!

    -Ryan R.

  46. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Hang Tough ..Tough Guy..God Be With You As You Recovery..Take Care…Dawn

  47. Rafael says:

    I was sad not to see u there I was hopping u would open a can of whoop ass on somebody but Im glad to hear u are geting better and don’t worry about the haters that’s how u know u doing a good job no haters mean not a good job. I hope ur neck and knee are feeling better. Your life time fan ralphy.

    P. S
    Get better soon
    And come back and open a can

  48. Andy says:

    Hey Steve what does it matter if you never made it your knee was more important as I think any one of your fans and followers would agree and I know many of us would have done the same if we were in your place


  49. Ajay Joseph says:

    Hi Steve,
    Hope you doing good.i’m a daaaaammmm big of you and it’s my dream to meet and take a picture with you.i live in middle east(UAE) and planing to visit US next doesn’t matter where you are at that time,i will come down to you.hope you wont disappoint me.

    SCSA fan-Ajay Joseph

  50. Eddie Mac says:

    Get well brother! Hopefully we’ll see ya for RAW’s 20th anniversary show. #teamaustinforever

  51. Baker says:

    Well shame on Vince McMahon for not cancelling the entire thing since you couldn’t be there. You made Raw what it is today with the Monday Night Wars and Attitude Era! But in all seriousness, thanks for letting us fans know what was up. Wish you speedy recovery, Rattlesnake. Cheers.

  52. Jessica Lyn says:

    Get well soon man! You are a bad ass mother fucker! I was one of the ones who was watching just in hopes to hear that glass break! I was disappointed but am glad you are recovering. It was a great show none the less. :) I wish you speedy recovery and that you are back to 100% faster than we can say Hell Yeah! Glad I didn’t jump to conclusions and blame anyone. Everyone should know they of course would invite the badass Texas Rattlesnake. You saved Monday Night Raw, in my opinion. :)

  53. Michael says:

    Good to hear that your surgery went well. Would have loved to see you on the tube last night but I also know that there will 1,000+ more RAWs that you can and will be a part of!

  54. Harlie says:

    I knew there had to be a good reason why you weren’t there at the show. I know I heard a couple of rumors, but I was waiting for you to address the reason why yourself.

    Get better soon, so you can start kicking ass again.

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  56. […] (23rd July 2012) Not sure if it's been posted yet, but the reason why Austin wasn't there. RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There – Steve Austin, Broken Skull Ranc… Perfectly justifiable reason for him not being there. He said it best, nobody wants to see him […]

  57. Josh Wheelehan says:

    I knew there had to be some good reason for SCSA not to be at RAW 1000. My dad just had surgury too.

  58. chris says:

    I’m sorry to hear u had to have surgery but glad it went good. Wish u the best and can’t wait to hopefully see u again one day again in wwe.

  59. Drew says:

    Thanks for all the memories and a quick recovery. Thanks for taking the time to explain about your absence.. it cleared a lot of questions.

  60. Danette says:

    Take care of yourself, Steve! You’re a class act and those that don’t get that don’t understand what you mean when you say: “And that’s the bottom line… Because Stone Cold says so!”. Thanks for sharing!

  61. Heather says:

    Stone Cold, sorry to hear about ur knee but im SO glad it was successful and ur on the road to recovery. I was hoping to hear that glass shatter last night tho and watch u stun some MFs and drink some steveweisers lol but i understand tht ur health comes first. As I watched raw last night, these lil doodies kept fighting over who was #1! U need to let them know! No one is better than the texas rattlesnake! Plus I was watchin YouTube videos of ur career during the show hopin and waitin for u to come out lol but I will say this tho, no disrespect to the wwe, but they SUCK now lol I miss u Steve Austin! WE miss you! Ppl who never watched wrestling in the 90s had a shitty childhood bc ur all I looked forward to! Lol just wanted to say thank u for that. And as soon as u get well, I’m hopin to see some special guest appearances on raw! *tosses u a cyber beer* let’s get it! (:


  62. Norman says:

    Steve hope you get well and though you don’t owe us your fans an explanation we appreciate it. You, were one of three reasons I watched and I waited and hoped you were the last (they save the best for last) to hear the glass shatter and you come to the ring raising Hell. Grew up watching it was good to see what made me love wrestling.

  63. […] up. If he did and turned it down, I wonder why. Prior commitments, perhaps? Who knows. (UPDATE: Austin’s recovering from major knee surgery. He had it three weeks ago.) Anyway, hope you enjoyed that RAW. That’s the best three-hour RAW […]

  64. Nick Williams says:

    Happy to hear the surgery went well. Wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery. God Bless, and that’s the bottom line.

  65. Ramtin says:

    I was hoping you would show up and give Punk a stunner to set up a long feud for WrestleMania, but I suppose this was also a good way to turn him heel. Hopefully when you recover from your surgery you will consider it :)

    Good luck and be well.

  66. bigcountry865 says:

    lol u must have wore it out running around on redneck island. take care Steve..hope to be there with you on the island in season 2.

  67. Tanya says:

    Shame on those fans who personally attacked you for not showing up on Raw. I was a bit upset that my all time favorite wasn’t there, but I won’t hold it against you. Things come up and life goes on. Take care of that knee, I for sure wouldn’t want you to show up on to half ass the job. That’s not who you are and what you give to us fans. Get better soon, can’t wait to see you in future projects!


  68. Igor says:

    Really sad news. I am very sorry about the knee problem, Mr Austin. Much respect for keeping us informed and up to date! Thank you for the blog post. I would like to apologize on behalf the fans who said negative things about you for not showing up. I personally was disappointed by the episode, and additionally felt like you were missing there. However, I don’t think blaming you for not showing up is acceptable, and it sure as hell is inappropriate to insult you in any way.

    I hope you recover soon, and surprise us all by returning some Attitude to RAW. The 1000th episode was quite dull and toned down from this perspective…It felt like not much creativity was put into segments, and that they relied on the big names appearing rather than anything else for the night. When you take away the nostalgia factor you’re basically left with a dull show in my opinion. In other words, I hope you make an appearance soon and deliver a stunner or two to John Cena, CM Punk and Daniel to show us who the Best in the world truly is!

    Kind regards,

  69. sudhir says:

    get well soon steve..hope we will soon see you through ur movies or through wwe….We LOVE u

  70. Bryton Olson says:


    Personal well-being and family are the most important things in life! All of us here that come to this page know that and also that your health is more important than showing up for a Monday Night episode of Raw! Who cares what the selfish people think about you not showing up, you’ve done enough!

    Rest up and drink a cold one!


  71. Joe Riley says:

    Mr. Austin hope all goes well with your rehab. Had a house full of fans ready to hear the glass break and ass whipping to begin. We were disappointed but now knowing the truth we all wish you a fast recovery. God speed and do what you do best in stompping mud holes and walking them dry

  72. Robert mccormick says:

    That’s cool Steve,your health is more important then appearances.have a speedy recovery.there would be no raw with you.

  73. Cal says:

    Now I know why Stone Cold was not announced as the new RAW GM last night. Good luck with the physical therapy, Steve. I hope to see the Rattlesnake back on RAW soon.

  74. Amy says:

    You are a world class athelete and a world class human being!! People should keep there noses out of your personal business and get a life… In this day and age people post way to much crap about themselves on the web… Especially celebrities!! It’s good to see someone like you who is still down to earth and likes their privacy… I applaud you Stone Cold!! Hell Yeah!!

  75. casper says:

    True SCSA fans know that you would have been there if you could.Raw was and still is your stomping ground.And hope to see you up and about whoopin ass again soon!!
    Good luck with the recovery Steve

  76. Harsha says:

    Get well soon man. We missed you. Always a SCSA fan.

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  78. Fiore says:

    Get Better Soon

  79. latrina says:

    Glad that you are doing great I figuer something big so understand. You still that best S.O.B in wwe history and looked foward when ever you come on raw agian and teach these young cats how it realy done.

  80. tim mears says:

    Hey,it would of been a better show with stone cold on it but the reason is understandable it is what it is and if peolpe have problems with that tell em come see me because iam a die hard austin fan if hes on raw are haters go kiss ass or come see me so i can kick it and thats all i got to say about that. to stone cold get well wish you the best and fast recovery much love…
    timmy m!

  81. Christopher says:

    Hate that you couldn’t be there since you’ve always been my favorite but knee surgery is no joke. Hope your recovery goes well so you can show up & stun somebody. Any RAW w/ Stone Cold is huge!

  82. Colleen says:

    Hi Stone Cold,

    I watched you on Raw and WWE with my kids and grand kids, who still watch and watch all the old shows over and over. I’m feeling for you right now man, I’ve had two knee replacements and I know what you’re going through, it’s not a piece of cake, but I’m sure you are much tougher than I am. I didn’t have the best surgeon in the country so I still have issues with my knees but I get by. I wish you all the luck with you knee and God speed you a fast recovery. I’ll be looking for you back in the ring. I love the beer throwing and the “kick ass” Steve Austin.

    Be Blessed,


  83. Danny says:

    Get well soon, and It’s not as if the show had a shortage of legends. It just makes the fans even hungrier for your next appearance on WWE tv.

  84. Get better Steve!

    Too bad you couldn’t be there, but if you could not kick some serious ass as the rattlesnake it was better you were not. Stone Cold Steve Austin is RAW, that’s how I will always remember it.

    Another day will come…

  85. kerwin says:

    Hey steve as a big fan of didn’t know about the knee surgery and wish you the best Recovery and can want to see you back kicking a$$.

  86. Dan says:

    Nice one Steve – I had to have knee surgery a few years ago after a cycling accident, and it’s a no-brainer to prioritise it over everything else. I remember my boss moaning about the time I’d have to take off – I told him where to go, Stone Cold-style :)

    Luckily I kept my job after too 😉

    Get well soon!


  87. Martin says:

    Hi Steve,
    Glad the knee operation went well and I whish you a good recovery.
    I was among those who expected you last night and would have liked to see some stuners. But that being said, I understand that a pride man like you would not accept to go to the ring in crutches. Plus, even if a face-off with Vince backstage could have been funny, we would wanted more of the Rattlesnake and would not be satisfied with just that. All in all, take care and come back when you’re healty again to kick some asses and drink some beers.
    Hell Yeah!

  88. Torrence says:

    Get better missed seeing you on the show last. You were the main reason why I watched the show last night thought you were going to be on it. The Rock is ok but he will never be able to stand in or even lace your boots.

  89. charlie says:

    nevermind stone cold
    you can make it up to your fans by wrestling at next years wrestlemania 😛

  90. Hey Steve, thanks for posting this up!! Honestly speaking I was one of the people upset you weren’t there coz I was really really looking forward to your appearance and I’m sure those who bought the tickets were even more so. You are after all the personification of Monday Nigt Raw and it just wasn’t the same without you and I really mean it coz the appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin was what got me hooked on the then WWF and now WWE in the first place.
    I knew there was a reason for you no show but I’m sorry about those negative comments coz we all and even I was fooled by some ppl who said about u being there but not being used or that you were acting in a show and so couldn’t make it.
    Just wanted you to know that your health matters the most to me as I want to see not only an active Stone Cold Steve Austin again but also the actor Steve Austin so GET WELL SOON! We will be behind you all the way!
    = )

  91. Jamie says:

    Get well soon Steve, Hope we see ya back in a wrestling ring kicking some ass again soon

  92. Tierra says:

    Hi Steve, I’m Glad You’re Ok and It Was a Little Bummer That You Weren’t There But Personal Business Comes First. You Have Busted Your Ass For Many Years To Entertain The WWE Universe And We Thank You For That. I Hope When You Fully Recover, You Can Make Another Appearance On WWE. You Are One Of The All Time Greats And I’m Sending My Prayers Your Way.

  93. Jayson says:

    You are forgiven Steve. You are the Texas rattlesnake and that’s the bottom line because you, stone cold, said so. Anyways, I heard you are filming a movie right now called grown ups 2, so I wasn’t sure if you would make an appearance on 1000th raw episode. It was cool to see that your friends showed up like the rock, undertaker, Brock lesnar, the entire dx, and so on, because they are legends like you. Not only was I a fan of you in the attitude era, but I enjoyed some of your movies too like the condemned, hunt to kill, recoil, tactical force, and the expendables. Anyways, Take care Steve and I look forward to seeing your other films like maximum conviction and the package, in the future.

  94. Sebastian Sierra says:

    Greetings from cartagena – colombia…

    im glad to hear about you getting healtier every day, but i couldnt avoid feel empty when the show went off the air and i didnt hear the glass breaking. well, i guess we have to wait for the rattlesnake to strike on somebodys sorry a**… cant wait to see you in a comedy film, steve, i hope verything is going well for you… Hope to see you in Colombia soon!

  95. Brandon says:

    Sorry to hear that Mr.Austin,

    Myself and my family and friends were hoping to see you, I’m sure we havn’t seen the last of SCSA.

  96. Sean C says:

    Hope you get better real soon Steve and I’m glad that ur surgery went well. I was dying to hear the glass break last night while watching raw!!!! But your health is more important! Id rather you miss the 1000th episode than have to see u in a wheel chair. You’re still a BADASS Steve!


  97. Shawn says:

    Have a speedy recovery Steve!

  98. Sharon says:

    Thank you for telling your fans, and we all hope you get well soon. And I hope that at some point we get to see you again kicking some ass.

  99. Haven J. says:

    WOW i can’t believe you’re on crutches /: . get better soon Steve & whenever you show up you’re gonna put a 5/5 appearance just like we know you will. we miss you and we will see you soon<3

    love, Haven.

  100. […] Wrestling back in the late 1990s. Fans were chanting for Stone Cold all night. He had a good reason for his […]

  101. Steve,

    Get well soon. Hope you are get better by the day. Hope to see you soon on Tv, kicking ass and drinking Steveweisers. Take Care from all your fans in Norfolk/Virginia Beach Va.

  102. tammy says:

    the reasons you didn’t attend are out of the woodworks right now, i’ve heard every single one of them. Glad to hear the real reason, speedy recovery Steve! much love from Texas xoxox

  103. Lisa says:

    I’m glad I didn’t read the comments, it would’ve pissed me off. I knew you had a reason & I never speculated or doubted you. Shame on those “fans”. I just watched & enjoyed the show. Get well soon and make some more kick ass movies!

  104. Luke Cunningham says:

    Good luck with your recovery Steve, sadly people are so quick to jump to conclusions about these things. I was glad WWE took the time to pay tribute to you on the show as you were an integral part of many of those 1000 episodes!

  105. mc says:

    your a stand up guy would of like to see you but it ok i know you will show up when your able. heal fast and get baetter soon steve. I respect you a lot

  106. Penny says:

    *SIGH* I only watched it because i thought you would be there. But I know you have to get better. I wouldn’t wanna see you limp down the ramp like you said. I hope you get well. You’re on crutches *sobs*. Well i hope you get better and hopefully we’ll see you on wwe tv in the future.


  107. Felix Olmedo says:

    Thank you very much for posting why you could not be there for Raw 1000. I wish you a speedy recovery cause i know you will be back stronger than ever kicking ass and taking names like only stone cold can. The memories i have of you kicking ass(especially Mr. Mcmahon’s) are some of my favorite memories. Thank you for your years of dedication to wrestling. I hope to see you on future Raws to come. Congrats on getting a second season of Redneck Island and all your success outside of the WWE. You are and will forever be THE MAN. Take care and God Bless.

  108. Buzzlander says:

    Ok Stone Cold, I want to make a couple proposal… When you decide to make your return, and I know I some point you will, face CM Punk or John Cena.

    CM Punk, he has till january to retain his title, if he does he is going to lose to the Rock, that is just how I see it. After or before that face CM Punk and beat him down. Cause I know you guys have been having twitter battles, so it perfectly warrants a Stone Cold Stunner.

    John Cena, since he lost his chance last night on Raw 1000th, I can just see a chance when John Cena is going on about something, like another Big Show comment or why he deserves another chance… All of a sudden the glass breaks, and you show up. I don’t know if that will happen, but that is what I want.

    And finally before I collapse from writing so much on a website, you could show up after the Rock wins his match, this is just who I think is going to win the fight no one come after me, the Rock is tired and beat down and all of a sudden… At Royal Rumble… The Glass breaks. That would be an awesome entrance.

    Anyway, I just want to say, you are awesome Stone Cold, and I would never blame you for not being there. Ya sure I was a little upset, because you would have totally stolen the show, but I had a feeling you had something serious. Hope you get better soon, so you could kick ass one more time.

  109. Reece says:

    Steve, I was really hoping you would show up,I mean it wouldn’t have been the Attitude Era without you and if it wasn’t for your legendary feud with Mr. McMahon, Raw may not have reached 1000 episodes, but unfortunately you weren’t able to come because of your knee and we all respect your decision, and we all know that you would not show up for a stupid reason and of course the WWE would have loved for you to come back I have no idea were all these people get their ideas from also get well soon and don’t feel pressure to have to return if you’re not up to it just yet.

  110. seanuga13475 says:

    its ok stonecold hope ur knee gets better n rehab goes good!!! hope to see u on raw soon miss u man!!! u are the greatest wrestler/superstar of all time, the greatest champion of all time, n the best there is the best there was n the best there ever will be!!!! am one of ur greatest fans n always will be!!! AUSTIN 3:16 SAYS I JUST WOOPED UR ASS!!!! AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Eloy Mayorga says:

    I was a little disappointed that you were not at raw 1000! I was praying that you would come down that ramp at the end of the show and stun them all, drink some stevewisers and have the show fade to black with you on top! I understand, your still THE TOUGHEST S.O.B. on the planet! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  112. B.L. says:

    Get well soon Steve. Who the hell was badlippin’ you on twitter?Hell,I’ll go give ’em a Stunner my damn self! Anyway, when you get better, you might need to open up a few cans of whoop on those few negative twitterbirds!I’m drinkin’ a Stevewieser in your honor, man. Lookin forward to getting my grubbies on Maximum Conviction!C ya!

  113. Christopher B says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery Steve, you were missed, hope to see you back in a WWE ring in the future.

  114. Gary says:

    Hi Steve! Sorry to hear about your injury. i admit i was devastated u were not there but understand why now. Thank you for clearing the air and speculation! Good luck with the recovery!! Hope to see you back on RAW AsAP

    G Wallace

    Glasgow, Scotland!

  115. Richard says:

    A reason is appreciated, although I think SCSA did enough for the sport that people would criticise any decision he makes. You more than gave people what they wanted, and more, as such I don’t think WWE fans should complain that you werent there. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for you, and looking forward to seeing you in upcoming movies!

  116. CarlosX360 says:

    I’ve been following your career since I started watching WWE full-time. I have always, ALWAYS enjoyed your entertaining segments. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t turn on RAW and not looking forward to seeing what you did next. I was expecting you to arrive to the most historic RAW episode yet.

    I understand that you sustained a lot of career-ending over the last 10 years or so. I understand that you have to take care of yourself, with this knee problem.

    I don’t know, man. A better planning would have done to ensure you were at RAW 1000.

    But I still understand.

    Hope to see you on TV again.

    – CarlosX360

  117. Courtney says:

    I didn’t watch the show, but I’m sorry you had to take the time away from your physical rehab to address the reasons why you didn’t do the show. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you on tv somewhere down the road.

  118. Jake says:

    It’s understandable. I had figured you had something else on your plate.

    Some people are so selfish anyway.

  119. Chris Kellam says:

    I was sad that I didn’t get to see you on Raw last night to kick some ass. I’m glad they did put some awesome highlights of you on the show though. I do wish you a speedy and safe recovery man, take care Steve.I’ll drink a couple of Steve Wiser’s for ya man. Wham bam Shazam!!

  120. sara heerasingh says:

    i really wanted to see you there,but i understand your position.I personally think that when i hear RAW,i instantly think of you.And that’s the bottom line cuz you are the best.

  121. Pj says:

    Ehh… forget about it…catch u at the next one! Get well soon

  122. Eric Johns says:

    While you were certainly missed, nothing is more important then your own health. Thank you for all the memories and I hope you recover soon.

  123. Andrew Jackson says:

    Stone cold,

    I heard rumours you were going to be at the 1000th Raw and you were the reason I wanted to watch it so much, was disappointed you didnt show up but im sure your make an appearance soon :) I really wished they made you new GM, would of been awesome.

    Thanks for all the great matches, you are the best wrestler there was and best wrestler there ever will be.
    Hope your knee gets better soon!


  124. reyna says:

    Ppl should already have known better than to insult withouth knowing. But thanks for taking some time to explain to your fans my 8yr old was hoping to see you. Hes a big fan :-) get well soon!!!

  125. John says:

    Thank you for clearing this up, and get well soon, Steve. I kind of thought that maybe you were kept off the show because all they would’ve been able to possibly do with you was have you go out to the ring to save the day when CM Punk attacked The Rock and Big Show attacked John Cena, and that they feared a save by you would’ve ruined the moment of Punk’s heel turn. Many say the main reason for Punk’s turn was to start the build up to a match between him and Rock at the Rumble, but I’m wondering if the ultimate reason isn’t for a match against you at WrestleMania 29. Either way, I hope you will be able to make it for whatever WWE has planned for RAW’s 20th anniversary in January.

  126. Heather says:

    Stone Cold, you are one of the reasons I started watching wrestling. I watched Raw 1000 and the first thought I had was that the only thing to keep you from all that craziness would have been an injury. Hope you get better soon so you can knock some sense into a few people.

  127. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and the healing process goes quickly…I thought it had to be something serious for you not to be there but at the time I was so sure you were going to be there that I was surprised when you were not.

    I did blame WWE and thought they did not contact you for it and verbalized my feelings. I am truly sorry for that but I cant imagine people were saying things about you personally and am surprised people personally attacked you for not being there, I really do hope you get well soon.

    Also really loving #RedneckIsland Would give 100 beers to ride on the back of the four wheeler burning rubber and raising hell on the Island with you.

  128. Andrew says:

    Now I feel like a complete Ass****.I know my comments we bad but i can’t imagine how bad people must of been.Like everyone else we thought you where gonna be there regardless of you taping a movie.I guess we all thought you would be there.I wish you a speedy recovery Austin.There will be many more times to hear that glass break and you serve a round of ass kicking

  129. Eric says:

    Hey Steve, never really had a big break to get to ya. I’m kinda a big fan of you back in the 90’s attitude days. I respect you for manning up to the people that had no faith in you, by saying negative things and disrespecting your absence. People these days, they can’t just seem to get a grip… Hope your knee recovers, and I never knew those braces you whore back in the day were because of an Injury I always thought that they were there for show. xD But ya, like my father said a neck injury as well is a tough risk to take in the ring. Wouldn’t won’t something bad to happen in the middle of your knee injury and get taken down by an accident towards another superstar. Stuff happens, people need to realize that to, safety first. Otherwise they might not see their Favorite wrestler out there again. By the way I really hope later on in the future I would get a chance to meet you. :] that’s been a huge dream of mine. As for being a wrestler as well :] well talk to ya later Steve and hope you get well brotha – Prayers – Eric. Here’s my site if you want to give it a sneak peek. I was thinking on working on a book awhile ago about my disability awhile back. Kinda hard thinking about something that almost took my life away. But anyways I might go off and on it. 😛 see ya later.

  130. Brian says:

    People who talking nagetive are not real fans..There is no need to explaine your self.I thought you were filming Grown Ups 2…Get well soon

    Des Moines,Iowa

  131. lil austin says:

    Austin v love u!can’t count the number of times uv made my day/laugh my ass off.there’s only going to be one Austin!get well soon man

  132. Alex says:

    SCSA I have a great Idea. How about you return next Raw. Think about it. You would suprize HUNDREDS of people. Also since you said it will be another week it’s perfect timing. Atleast try it Austin. Raw 1000th didn’t feel complete without the man who sky-rocketed its popularity :(

  133. Mike says:

    Too bad about the timing but good to hear your surgery went well. Wish you a speedy recovery. Have to admit though I was looking for Raw 1000 to end with Cena & Punk getting the Stone Cold Stunner!

  134. Richie G. says:

    Dear Steve,

    I hope everything turns out fine and that you’ll make a quick recovery. :)

    I really miss you in the WWE but your health is way more important. I’ve been watching you since I was a little and now I have a little brother (age 8 ) that has been just getting into wrestling recently…

    I’ve shown him the DVDs and the documentaries on Netflix of you and even hes become a big fan of yours. Every time we play WWE ’12 or some of the past wrestling video-games we own, he always selects you in every match. lol

    We were kinda disappointed you were unable to make the show but thats fine, we look forward to the next time we’ll see ya! You’ve always been good to the fans and I’m sure everyone right now is just worried about ya and hope you’ll be back to normal. I’m also looking forward to your role in Grown Ups 2!

    Get well soon, champ!

    -Your fan,

  135. Jenny Z. says:

    As much as I loved watching you in the ring years ago. I’d say it’s better to know you weren’t there because of your knee and not simply because you didn’t wish to show up. Best of luck with the recovery process. Glad to hear it’s gone great so far!! With a little luck you’ll make an appearance one of these days when we all least expect it!! Know that you’re missed by many every week, hope you feel better soon!!
    Jenny Z. Chicago, Illinois

    Ps. negative comments from others or not it’s nice to hear from you once in a while!!

  136. Jabe says:

    Austin Hope You Get Well And I Hope You Will Be Back On WWE RAW And Please Face Punk At Wrestlemania 29 -Jabe

  137. Lu-Shin says:

    Steve Austin is the toughest son of a botch in the face of this planet, inside and outside the ring. This edition of RAW was awesome, even without you in person (There was some amazing footage of your feud against Vince). I expect great things now: CM Punk is heel and in the top of his game (and still WWE Champion), The Rock is back and fighting for the title in the Royal Rumble, Cena is after the belt to… My prediction? Maybe i’ts about damn time to bring back the Rattlesnake for a great match against Punk at WM 29. I can feel it. I could be EPIC! But that’s just all my dreams… Get well soon, Steve!

  138. […] wrestler addressed his absence from the program with an explanation on his official website, "The reason I did not attend RAW 1,000 was because I underwent a major knee surgery on my […]

  139. steph says:

    dear steve,
    first of all i am wishing u all the best and get well soon. i hope u get spoiled of ur wife a bit. and i am sure hersh hovers over u and “enjoys” the time with u.

    it is ur life and ur decision how and where u live it. u did a lot for ur fans the last view years and now it is time that u live ur life the way u like it. u have only one life. enjoy it and make the best of it.

    take care,

  140. Malinda says:

    Steve, Sorry to hear about your injury but I know you’ll make a full recovery! I was looking forward to seeing you on the 1,000 episode of Raw, but I agree with your decision on unattending. I’m still hoping that Vince will make You GM “Permanently” of Monday Night Raw. My fingers are crossed, your the Perfect Man for the job! Can’t wait to see you on Redneck Island, Muah!

  141. Kim says:

    get well soon any new movie’s in the works?

  142. bigphil says:

    Hi Steve
    gutted you where not on Raw 1000. but your health comes first. would be great to see on the WWE again sometime. even for just a flying visit :)

    love ya films and loved every second you where in WWE.

    hope ya knee feel strong again soon and cant wait till your kicking ass again.

    wish you a speedy recovery and good health for the future.


  143. Juan Mariscal says:

    They created a great video package of your feud with Vince so you were apart of the show. Keep your head up, heal your knee and make your health your #1 priority always.

    • Saftiuc Paul says:

      Health is always first, then business and other things,
      Get well Steve, one more time HELL YEAH 😀

  144. Vivek says:


  145. Ricardo says:

    Steve, what can i say that all this people didn’t say already, i hope you get well soon, the best of luck in all your new projects, movies, everything.
    I wanted to thank you for all thegreat memories that you give us all these years for me was very important cause you see i am from chile and as you must know in a country from deep deep south america like mine, back in the 90’s wass not very easy to get to see the show, and me being a sick kid one of the things that keeps my mind away from shit (sorry about my french) it was that glass broken and the excitement to see what you were going to do to vince, even that heel that you had was the funniest time ever, so i just wanted to say thank you, thank you very much. I am 32 now and healthy, i have a 5 years old kid and he watch the show with me all the time hoping and waiting that he gets to see a great show and great performers like i had the chance to see you and the whole attitude era.
    Thanks again and please show your face at the show soon ok
    3:16 all the way man!!!!!

  146. Victor says:

    Get well, master!!!.

  147. Andy Bdl says:

    Hi Steve
    I was gutted along with a lot of SCSA fans,
    But hey no worries if you had to have your knee fixed so be it..
    If it wasn’t for us SCSA fans you wouldn’t of needed it in the first place. hope you back on you feet soon.

    finger crossed that WWE can arrange something for you to visit

  148. Michael Dekanchuk says:

    Hey i didnt assume anything but it was just like seeing a list of the greatest basketball player’s of all time without Jordan, a baseball list without Ruth, and so on and so forth. I probably respect you more than any other idol in my life, if you missed this when i was younger i would have been destroyed but i am older now and realize that you had other business to attend to but to be honest it just sucked because i mean whether you pat yourself on the back or not i dont know. i can tell you one thing i do know though and that is without you there wouldnt have been a Raw 1000. I am aware that The Rock, DX, Undertaker, and so many others have played a roll in Raw’s success, but i tuned in every monday night when i was watching every week just to see what you were gonna do next, whose ass you were gonna kick next, who was gonna be the next beer bash, to see what you were gonna hit Vince with next, to see if i was ever going to see you vs. goldberg, or if you guys would team up as the bald brawlers, but you the top in WWE and goldberg the top in WCW would have been a dream match. and you were the only reason so many people tuned into Raw and the spark and reason WWE won the monday night wars. it would have just been nice to see you, hope you can get there soon and please tell Vince if he wants continued success to get your ass back as GM, and you would be back to doing what you love, and believe me you just being in the ring with a microphone is enough and is more entertaining than any of the guys wrestling now, with all do respect to them, so dont think i would expect you to be whooping ass on every monday night but honestly you are the best in the business of all time by far and the reaction from the crowd and your merchandise records speak to that along with all the fans and all that you have done for sports entertainment. you havent lost my support and shouldnt lose anyone elses. really hope to see you back on raw even for one episode soon but you really should be GM and should consider that. i wish you all the best and a speedy and healthy recovery. Thank you Austin for all the memories and for being the one thing i looked foward to on tv as a kid and a person i could look up too.

  149. Ishu says:

    I was looking forward to see you at Raw 1000 & I was very disappointed because you were not there. But I knew there must be a strong reason behind your absence at Raw 1000… Anyway, get well soon :)

  150. Catlin Keefe says:

    Hey man hope you have a speedy recovery and we see you raise hell and drink a few beers in the square again! You were watching from your home bet you had that Steve Austin grin on your face when they showed the clip of you filling the vette up with cement haha or my favorite when you drove down that ramp in the beer truck! Anyways hope you get better cheers to ya redneck

  151. Stony Cva says:

    Wwe Is Nothing Without Stone Cold Steve Austin , Respect From Me & My Country !

  152. Mike Dekanchuk says:

    and although i still support your decision and would rather you maintain your health than see you on a show risking something worse, but u said you didnt want to go down the ramp on crutches but hey man that would have just solidified you being the toughest sob even more. believe though i understand but just figured you would still make it. but i hope that since you didnt make this that it is just build up to something bigger wwe has going on to get you back. who knows. you have done enough for sports entertainment though. thanks for all the memories and all the crazy, funny, and ass kicking monday nights.

  153. Andrew says:

    Well done for preserving the image of SCSA, Steve. I as a fan would not have wanted to see a weakened Austin in the ring purely there to cut a promo that could not lead to a stunner on some superstar who dared step out of line. Get well soon and we will see you (I hope) very soon!


    Glasgow, Scotland

  154. Nassim says:

    I was really sad stone cold didn’t show up. I was waiting the whole show for Austin, but he didn’t show up. I don’t blame anyone for his absence, just bad luck! maybe we’ll get to see him soon. Get well soon Steve.

  155. Justin Smith says:

    Would love to see you back in the ring. From one Texan to another
    You really kick ass also love redneck island. Take care of that knee
    And get better

  156. Robert Igoe says:

    Well, that explains that. It’s not like WWE ignored SCSA, he was featured quite often in videos.
    Now, anyone know why there was no Piper’s Pit?

  157. JIM PEROTTI says:


  158. Michael says:

    Hope ya feel better Rattlesnake. WE all missed seeing you on Monday Night.

  159. nomi says:

    get well soon Steve .. hoping to see you as a GM.. and raw wasn’t the same about you .. good luck

  160. Cheryl Pike says:

    I hope you recover soon! RAW was good but would have been great with you! I was wearing my Stone Cold (mud) shirt that day because I know that for me, you made RAW what it was. You’ll always be my favorite.

  161. Alan says:

    Hey Steve,

    Sorry to hear about the knee but I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and taking care of it! Stay strong and come back to Raw whenever you’re ready because your fans will always welcome you!

  162. Tamee says:

    I have been waiting for years to hear that glass break!! I was disappointed about you not being there, and I am glad you blogged the real reason why!! I hope you heal quickly and am still awaiting to hear that glass break!! Hoping to see you real soon!!

  163. Dann London says:

    All the best, hope to see you on RAW and the big screen soon. You are the man!

  164. Hi Steve

    Get better soon, I was disappointed that you weren’t on RAW 1000 but I understand and respect your decision.



  165. Joseph Dumphy says:

    i understand watching you throughout the 90’s you’ve gone through hell and back. though i did wish to see you on such a great day to give a nice stunner to your old pal vince and rock, promise me you’ll follow up with a stunner to heath slater.

  166. Safiyah says:

    We missed you, SCSA, we miss you every show. There are more than a few wrestlers that could use a good ass kickin (or a beer).

    But you take care of you, get better soon! We love you!

  167. Sean says:

    Was surprised you weren’t there but understandable under the circumstances. Hope your recovery from injury goes well.

    All the best!

  168. JR Kennerly says:

    you are my favored wrestler of all time. and yes i was pissed you were not there on 1,000. and Im sorry you missed being there. i hope your knee heals fast so you can get back to doing everything you love.

  169. Abhinav says:

    SCSA…a true legend and among only few or for me, the only wrestler who made WWF(WWE) worth watching. You took wrestling to whole new level which was never done before and can’t be done ever again.
    You crashed everything that came into your way, even if it was the chairman of the company. HATS OFF to you sir for giving us such wonderful moments.
    I am 23 now and when I used to watch you when I was in my teen age and screwed up many exams to watch your matches without any regret but now also when I watch your matches, it brings in the same excitement and craziness.
    Your one more appearance back to WWE will make my dream come true, I dunno from how many years I am waiting to see STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN back to WWE in his legendary style, RAW 1000 was anticipated but SIR take care and hope to see you on WWE soon.

    Abhinav (INDIA)

  170. Wanda says:

    Thank you Steve you are in my prayers get better so we can see you back you are well missed.even though the show was great we still missed the one legend that should have been there hopefully you will one day to get Dolph Ziggler seeing on smackdown he was better then you,the rock,undertaker just to name a few so hope to see you soon GET WELL SOON STEVE

  171. Samantha says:

    You were only thing missing but get better soon. Since you missed Raw 1000 you should show up in St. Louis at Extreme Rules! That would be amazing!!

  172. V. L. Jordan says:

    Twitter, @KimberlysDad

    Stone Cold + Absent from Raw 1000 + Knee Surgery + Vince Not Mentioning SCSA = Come Back, at least I hope so, I respect the Rock for being entertaining but SCSA put WWF/WWE on the map, period, point blank everyone who gained fame from that era, thank SCSA. I personally find it very very disrepectful when the Rock says he is the face….cmon son, the crowd still yells out WHAT? (thanks Christian), SCSA lives forever and when he comes back, with a heel CM, life will definitely be worth it wont it? Hell Yeah it would

  173. Kenneth says:

    Thank you stone cold for giving us the fans the reason for not making it to raw1000 ! Hope you have a speeded recovery! I know you would’ve wen there if you were able, but it really wasn’t the same without you there! I was hoping Vince would make you the GM of Raw and Smackdown I think you would bring alot of viewers back . Thanks again SCSA hope you have a full recovery

  174. Tiffany says:

    I love u and get well soon

  175. Stephen Sweeney says:

    Hi Steve,

    Huge fans of your over here in Scotland. Wishing you a speedy recovery, knees are a tricky business but you’ll get there!

    P.s Any new movies coming we should look out for?

    All the best sir!

  176. fausto412 says:

    get well soon steve!

    Hope we get a couple of decent matches or maybe even see you leading a stable one day! good health to you.

  177. Doug says:

    Get to healing Steve. Give your special salute as only can to any pain that tries to keep YOU down! I met in you in Ridgewood NJ. Thanks again for stopping by the book store.

  178. amy says:

    I knew had to a reason you appear on raw. Get well
    Steve <3

  179. […] RAW 1,000 And Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Wasn’t There – Steve Austin, Broken Skull Ranc… __________________ Another great sig courtesy of 86Ward! […]

  180. bruno pirolli says:

    Hey stone cold I was upset too I wanted to see u on the raw
    1000th episode. but understanding that you had a knee surgery
    its all good I hope u hAve a speedy recovery your awsome
    man I have all your movies I am huge fan of urz .

  181. RT says:

    Hope to see you feel better soon. 1000th episode wasn’t the same without you.

  182. JR Kennerly says:

    there will never be another stone cold

  183. Vineet Kumar Agarwal says:

    Hey Steve I know U have milions of fans all across the GLOBE…. n every1 says so much about u …. I have all ur DVD’s n stuff…. n in INDIA u r a also Damm populor… My mother use to say u r mad….. I am in job …,.. but wen i go on youtube…. n favorite time is to see ur fites videos and ass kicking… i know tht era can’t come back….
    Even D rock is second to u ……. R@W 1000 will always be incomplete widout u ….. n believe me it was….jimross or cole havent said that …..but yes i knew it …it was …. goldberg n u …. r n will b the best forever ….tuffest SOB’s in the planet earth ….. Please come just once on any random episodes to kick ….. lame asses of present era WWE superstars….love to see u one 4 wheel truck n tht beer bash !!!!!!!!……
    BUT 1 Thing is for Sure in WWF/WWE there R only 2 kinds of wrestlers ONE I STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN …n rest all others… hell yaaaa….Bcozz Vineet…Stone COld biggest fan set soo !!!!

  184. moein faraj says:

    I was waiting the glass to brake the hole show and when cm punk attaked the rock I was sure that glass is gonna brake … But it didn’t soo guess whatt I broke the t.v 😀 you own me a new t.v austinn … Gett well soon u own us a come back ( moein from lebanon )

  185. B.L. says:

    Hey WWE fans, Steve is damn near my age and I’m 51. Pro wrestling takes a lot of years off your life. If Steve was to come back as a manager, you know he would have to always be whooping somebody’s ass.I say leave the man alone and let him live his life out in peace.I wouldn’t care if he EVER came back to the WWE. I was an AVID fan in the ’90’s and the early 2000’s.But after the way they treated the Benoit incident the way they did, and SCSA wasn’t there, and the Rock wasn’t there(at that time they were both gone),I told myself,No more wrestling. Hell it’s the same old script.Their formula worked from the ’80s till now.But even sitting back away from wrestling,you can predict each pay-per view event. I very much enjoyed watching the WWF/WWE and even watching them live, but it was time to move on.When you reach your late forties and in to your fifties, there are more important things in life. I think that SCSA is probably at that point.I want to see SCSA on the silver screen more than you folks want to see him come back to wrestling. Good luck Steve in whatever you want to do.
    Thanks for reading,B.L.

  186. Sam says:

    Raw 1,000 was great, but had something missing. that something is you Steven. Thanks for the update.

    p.s. Tell Vince we want the Attitude back 😉

  187. francisco lopez says:

    I KNOW you might not read this but here i go.i would first like to say that i am sorry for blaming the wwe i thought they wanted to focus more on the rock, so i went on youtube leaving comments like you (stone cold) is better then the rock and stuff like that BECAUSE YOU ARE .stone cold i just want you back on wwe please i beg you.wwe needs you full time or even be like part time im losing interest in the wwe now because you are not there, sometimes i even get a little depressed and look at videos of you vs the rock,kane,undertaker,hhh,ect ,man dont you sometimes feel like coming back,you can change the wwe we (the wwe fans) dont want any more of this pg stuff i want you back in a match come on steve just one more!!! WHAT? I SAID ONE MORE ,and make it memorable PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. IM AM TIRED OfHEARING YES!! YES!! YES!! INSTED OF WHAT! WHAT!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!!! WHAT!!!!!…. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS LIKE 4 YEARS OLD I USED TO TRY TO BE YOU MAN ,I WOULD DRESS UP LIKE YOU AND GET MY WWF TITLE BELT AND MY MIKE AND PLAY WITH MY PILLOWS ahahaha yeah but you look like your in great shape so please once you get better comback please!!!!!!!!! what?? i said please!!! we need you!!!

  188. Chris Kellam says:

    I gotta admit I was bummed out that you didn’t end up on the 1000 episode of raw, but things happen that’s apart of life.Overall Raw was great. I was pretty happy they showed some pretty cool highlights of you ripping shit up on there.I do wish you a safe and speedy recovery Steve. Take care man.
    Wham Bam Shazam!

  189. Wrestling fan says:

    Hey Steve

    Please Please Please You and Daniel Bryan at WM29 in a stone cold stunner match the last man standing win’s.

    This is my wish Please make it happen Please.

  190. Stone says:

    Get well Steve

  191. Nikki says:

    Im sorry to hear about your knee, i didnt see that raw episode i really dont watch it much anymore since you left seems like all the wrestlers i grew up with and loved watching had left are movie stars or have passed away, so its really hard for me to get into wwe anymore unless i no certain apperances will be made on the show. i really hope you have a great recovery and wish you and your family well. i did have a question i didnt no where else to ask it on the site or on youtube so hope you dont mind me asking on this. in your video the stone cold truth it was awesome to see your kids on there and how they resemble you but i wanted to ask i guess a lil bit of a personal question casey said on there shed like to be a wrestler do you think that she would ever get into wrestling? just curious take care sincerly nikki from stephens ar.

  192. Kenneth says:

    I grew up watching the Von Erich’s with my father growing up and only a select few captures our hearts. Mr. Austin i’m 48 and will be 49 next month and have got to say that you are definatley the only wrestler that has been more loved as a bad guy as any wrestler in history. When you became Stone Cold and came out with Austin 3:16 y’all had no way of knowing how that would boost your popularity. And the “fighting the boss” stints. You came out wearing boots and a vest and made it work naturally. GREAT JOB AND THANKS!!! Sorry it had to cost you so much personally.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for watching all these years. I have a lot of great memories and no complaints. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Kenneth Bohn says:

        Just a question. Is this really Steve Austin? Hate to sound like a kid but with the millions of fans and your schedule just hard to grasp that you have time for us nobodys. Take care

  193. Brad says:

    Get well soon Steve, everybody knows that Stone Cold is a whoop ass machine and that crutches would’nt fit the character. Wish you a speedy recovery and that one day my dream will come true in seeing my favourite wrestler of all time whoop that ass for one more round, im givin ya a HELLL YEAHHH !!

  194. Steve L. says:

    I was disappointed that you wasn’t there, but I wasn’t actually mad at you or WWE for you not being there. You were my favorite wrestler as I was growing up and still are. You would have made Raw 1000 better, but of course like anything else it can go on with or without you so it was still a great 1000. I didn’t realize you went under a knee surgery and I’m glad it was a success. Thanks for the great memories on Raw.

  195. kyle spratt says:

    dude i was sooooooo upset that you didnt show ( i understand now and i appreciate the blog ) but yeah it was the only reason i watched. you were my idol growing up man and if u ever came back to the wwe that would be the sickest thing ever it would make me feel like a kid again, i hope one day u step back in the ring where you belong man, people love you

  196. Derek says:

    Got a few questions for ya Steve – feel free to answer as many as ya want 😉

    On Raw Is Owen, what exactly did you say when you were toasting to him in the ring? Did you ever fully forgive him for what he did? Hope so but I can understand if you didn’t.

    What was the best/worst place to perform as far as fans in the crowds grabbing at you and doing everything they could to touch you and/or your opponents? And how did you personally feel about it?

    Who was your favorite/least favorite to wrestle with and why?

    Think you’ll ever come this way to the Big Island in Hawaii?

    Thanks Steve,


    PS – I’m just past the point where you became the CEO of the WWF back in 1999. Oh Hell Yeah!!!!

    • Rick says:

      Raw 1000 was a terrific celebration of the greatness of what RAW has become. With that being said, it wasn’t complete w out the one man that took the WWE (f) from what it was in the 80s and early 90s and transformed it into what we see every Monday now. People can say what they want about “the great one” , ” the dead man” , DX, Vince, and the rest of the greats but no one has transformed or molded the wrestling world like you did Sir! My kids and I watch every Monday still and every week they get excited because Stone Cold might be on!

      Cudos to you and all that you do, movies, redneck island, etc hope your knee recovers fully and the DTA Ass kicking SOB appears soon to raise some hell and give the bottom line!

      • admin says:

        Thanks, Rick. The knee is coming around.

        • Derek says:

          Guess you don’t really have time to answer questions on here do ya Steve? Figured I’d try something different since you have so many followers on Twitter. Oh well no worries :)

          Just got to the point where you’re feuding with Rock and Triple H on the way to Survivor Series 1999. Sucks that you’re not gonna be around much longer til I get to the late 2000s too :(

      • Derek says:

        While Stone Cold had a HUGE role in turning the WWF into what it WAS, HBK, Vince, the writers, and Bret Hart also played a major role in it. I haven’t watched WWE since Steve/Rock left last time but I’ve seen a few shows here and there whenever they decide to come back on. They’re the only 2 I’ll come back for though. I’ll just stick with my rated ‘M’ WWF thank you very much.

  197. jak says:

    if you love stone and you want to see him on raw give me a hell yeah

  198. nitro says:


  199. christian m says:

    hey austin i just checked out your pictures from the BSR, it looks like a fun cool peacefull place to live at or visit to get away from the bs. just like you i also love the wilderness and wildlife and hope to one day have a place like that to call my own. love the animals that you have there, looks like a really great place.

    I also checked out your dogs, they look nice. I have a labrador of my own his name is Marley. I think they are the best dogs ever since their so patient and intelligent and loving

  200. Brian says:

    Thanks for all the great memories Steve! When you heard the glass, it was always someone’s ass!!

    Thanks again!

  201. Brian says:

    Idk why my comment didn’t go through. Anyway, thanks for the great memories. I used to sit and watch you whip ass every Monday night and now I have a chance to show my son some classic SCSA fights an he loves them as much as I do!


  202. Lonnie Riddle says:

    That’s ok you don’t have to explain u r a icon n health comes first. Get well look forward 4 ur appearance on raw..

    Lonnie Riddle Sb .Ca

  203. frank says:

    1 billion times oh hell yeah!!!!!!

  204. Kevin S says:

    O_o I never blamed anyone and this is news to me. What SCSA does, he does, which DDP said back then. Haha, I was wondering though, I did. But, I knew something up and personal, so Steve, get better soon or should I say, I bidding you a safe speedy healthy recovery! Hope to see you kicking butt soon! All the love, best and god bless from Toronto! Cheers!

  205. dominque says:

    Your still the BEST i would put my money on you even with your crutches lol. Hope you get back up to shape soon. Who knows maybe you can show up and beat the dog sh*t out of the rock. I would pay some serious cash to see that matchup.

  206. Armando guerrero says:

    Stone cold I just found out about this website if you read this then my comments are alittle late.Was so sad not to see my idol kickn ass the way you do.I am sorry to hear about your sergery.Hope you get well soon thank you for your insperation strength and honesty get well God bless from a fan for years

  207. Rona says:

    So you had the op on my birthday…hope you get well soon…need help, let me know :) xo

  208. Thomas Ober says:

    I hope your recovery is going on well. I had a surgery on a herniated disk in July, so I feel you on the limping part. I sure missed you on RAW, but I believe people should be careful to criticize someone that fast.

    Get well soon!

    Thomas Ober, Hannover, Germany

  209. Abrar says:

    Hey Steve why dont u join wrestling again and take ur revenge on mcmahon

  210. troy says:

    for what it’s worth, your health is always your number one priority. There will be other shows, granted not a 1000th, but there will always be others. If people can;t understand that, screw em.
    i hope that the knee is coming along nicely and take your time with your rehab and get it right, the first time. While your heart might want be the total ass kicking machine, that knee needs it to heal and get to 100%. Damn hindu squats got to be the worst exercise known to man.
    while ur rehabbing…reccomend, Bad Ass (danny trejo), Rage (George C Scott and yes, I still think that is the prefect vechile for you)….get well, soon rattlesnake, the deer are calling!

    Troy in South Carolina

  211. LInda Stevens says:

    I am sorry you missed being on the show. I am happy that the surgury went well. You need to take care of yourself before anything else. Speedy recovery!!!!!

  212. franky says:


  213. B.L. says:

    I think SCSA CAN be the NEXT BIG ACTION HERO on the silver screen. A lot more $$$$ and a lot less PAIN. Do you people want SCSA to end up like Hulk Hogan. I think Steve has still got his wits about him. Once, you’ve been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, THAT”S IT FOR WRESTLING. The Rock is a lot younger man than Steve. I am enjoying SCSA on Redneck Island and am looking forward to seeing him in the movies! HELL YEAH!

  214. Melissa Benoit says:

    I am so glad you are doing so well after the surgery and after all the tough work you did and still do for all your fans..

  215. Melissa Benoit says:

    Relax and have a beer and remember your fans love ya!!!!!!!!

  216. Kaine Daugherty says:


    Just purcahsed some BSR gear! Great color choices I really liked the creme and army green color shirts! So I bought both, anyways I hope all is well with your PT, and at the BSR!

    Many thanks for making making the gear available!

    – Kaine

  217. Kyle says:

    Hello Mr. Austin,
    What’s up ? I figured something medically had to have gone wrong, leading to the no-show for the thousandth episode of Raw. Even since knowing it just today, my thoughts and prayers are with you, buddy. A few weeks prior to that, I had surgery in Dallas Texas in UT Southwestern Hospital, and let me tell you, the surgeon team and the staff treated me SO nicely there (I recommend that hospital for anyone who want to be treated nicely and fairly…not to mention, for a hospital they have good cafeteria food.). The staff there are outstandingly great, and I just love them to death. Me being in Arkansas, it kinda makes me want to go back (I AM supposed to for a follow up since surgery was only a couple weeks ago :( ), but not to STAY anytime soon, lol.
    God bless you Mr. Austin and I hope you continue to get well. I hope and pray someday we see you back in the ring, kicking butt and taking all sorts of names, sir.
    A HUGE fan of WWE and true fan of Mr. Austin,
    You may not agree sir, but I wish Eve Torres would be treated better. SURE she was heel for awhile, but people change, and yet the crowd and some folks on the roster STILL seem to come off as hateful to her, and that’s not very cool. Eve deserves respect.

  218. Derek says:

    Will there be any signed BSR gear Steve?

  219. Greg says:

    Steve, You gave us Many years of your Blood, Sweat, And Tears….. And Some Kumbiyahs & some WHAT? WHAT? along the way! It would be AWESOME to see you at a WWE Event, But take Care of yourself first Man, Your TRUE Friends would want that 😉

  220. Haley says:

    I was really hope that you would be on there. I have watched you since I was a little kid. You are one of my favorite!

  221. Kane02 says:

    When will you sell Steveweiser Beers ? You should create this trademark Steve !

  222. rob says:

    I hope the WWE realize just how freaking nuts people would go when they hear that breaking glass again. WOW. lol

  223. Stone Cold – We love you. Thank you so much for explaining your absence at RAW 1000. I hadn’t followed everything that went on with your surgeries and all of that so i kind of blamed WWE. My voice doesn’t mean a whole lot. You have been away from RAW too long and I look forward to seeing you once again on RAW. Maybe tonight after Mr. Punk took some shots at you last week?

  224. tony says:

    Stone cold cmpunk is bitchin on you. Return and kick his ass.

  225. Toby Lerone says:

    Hope the knee is ok Steve. You gave us a ton of memories and if the day comes that you decide its time to come back and whoop punks ass that would be special for all your fans, and if not that’s cool with me as your a legend..nothing to prove.

  226. Sammi says:

    wwe needs scsa back to kick some ass

  227. I understand the knee surgery, Stone Cold. If you can, talk to Vince about returning to WWE for “ONE LAST MATCH!” againt CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29 if you could. I’d love to see a fucking stunner on that son of a bitch.

  228. Stephen Innes says:

    Steve I’m glad your knee is finally fixed after all these years! And BSR takes too much of your time to take the GM role permanently! I’d like to ask you about the latest events regarding “The 2012 Royal Rumble!” .Has CM SKUNK just not in WWE story lines,in real life? And I held him in no reguard as a “Champ” the complete opposite from yourself SC! And the return of “The Rock!” AGAIN? Is this another Vince publicity push? I think yes! Viewing numbers are down and he comes back a 2nd Time to “Win the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP??” Wouldn’t the locker room not kick up fuck? He walks into last years main event,and now with the Rumble,He’s heading back AGAIN THIS YEAR?? Me? I think it’s a “Bottom line!” DISGRACE!! So in another thing that was meant to happen to me was,I ordered “THE STONE COLD TRUTH!” And to my AMAZEMENT! I opened the book and on the page facing me was A SIGNED COPY BY YOURSELF!!! AND UNDER IT WAS A GOLD COMFORMATION NOTE FROM (At the time WWF) Linda McMahon personally acknowledges this is a Genuine “STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN SIGNATURE!” And the seller said nothing about it on his advertisement on E-BAY!! To say I was over the moon would be a understatement!!!! HELL YEAH!! AND THAT MR AUSTIN IS “THE BOTTOM LINE!” FROM STEPHEN From GLASGOW,SCOTLAND!!!!

  229. Fady987 says:

    Stone Cold Please Return Before Wrestlemania 29 and Come Back And Face Brock Lesnar or Cm Punk Please Jim Ross Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold

  230. C-Luke says:

    Damn I like (but am surprised) hOw everyone is respecting this man you know u da shit when u have no critics.

  231. Winston Quek says:

    get well soon stone cold love to you back on wwe and hear the break of the glass again

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