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Redneck Island returns this Saturday

After being preempted last week, Redneck Island returns to its regular time this Saturday night on CMT.  As a DirecTV subscriber, it looks like I may be missing RI because of the issues between Viacom and DTV.   Maybe an agreement will be reached by then and you/I DTV subscribers will be able to catch the show. This weeks show is pretty damn entertaining with a real fun challenge.  Tune in to see who gets voted off of the island. You can watch Redneck Island’s latest episode here at on Sunday July 15…..In case you missed it….

Steve Austin

28 Responses to “Redneck Island returns this Saturday”

  1. Why am I just finding out about this website right now?? I’m very excited about this and feel the need to bust out my Stone Cold dart board tonight!

    Pumped about the show too!

    • admin says:

      Chris, thanks for stopping by.

    • mickael says:

      Steve austin 3:16,
      I watch you since I don’t know when but after I saw you’re blog wow you are not the bad ass I saw all those years.You are still the superstar of all time who bring raw where it is now people like me who watch wrestling today need some adventure to keep the memory of people like you to remember that everybody is human. Sometimes is not about you and what you think is about everyone who will continue the lagacy of a wonderfull man who did so much for what he was believing all those year.

      thanks for all the good memory
      and maybe apear one more time and you will see that stone cold is still the superstar that is stiil the best today

      and that’s the bottom line because i said so!

      take care man

      Mickael McLaughlin

  2. I really hope we get to see the show here in SA some time. You were great on Tough Enough so I am sure this can only be a great success as well.

  3. Derek says:


    I know of a few web sites online where I can watch the show. If you want I can post the links for you. Let me know.

  4. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Loving #RedneckIsland ..Any word on season 2 yet? Take Care…Dawn

  5. Derek says:

    Forgot to mention that the CMT web site shows the full episodes too. Last I checked anyway. If they’re not doing it anymore, like I said, I have a few web sites where you can watch the show [and many others] but I don’t wanna post any links without your permission Steve. Let me know.

  6. Jimmy Arrans says:

    I hope they get that worked out soon for all the direct tv watchers. Luckily my cable network still carries CMT so I will be tuning in. Love the show.

  7. B.L. says:

    Here we go again! What was it about 6 mo.s ago Directv was fighting with Fx, Speed, and Fox sports. What is wrong with these people? The only reason I got Direct was so I could watch my Cowboys. If Directv keeps doing this crap, I’m going back to cable!

  8. garethavfc says:

    hey steve have u any plans to do an other Q-A cuz if u r can i ask you do you ever miss the wwf days wen u were raising hell kicking ass and making some great tv austin 316 4ever

  9. Derek says:

    Just watched this latest episode of RI….Damn this show just keeps getting better and better. Hope either Kas or Tex wins it all. Kas is absolutely gorgeous and Tex is just flat out awesome. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  10. mark smith says:

    redneck island great show but so is everyshow u r in i hope to see another season of tough enough some time

  11. Trish says:

    Thank you Steve for putting ths episode on your website in light of the Viacom and Direct TV squabble. So glad I got to see it! Always knew you were my favorite!! LOL!! :)

  12. B.L. says:

    Today is Friday July 20th 2012 @7:52 A.M. Central time. Just heard on the radio station that Directv and Viacom have FINALLY reached an agreement making it the longest blackout in programming history. My question is, WHO”S NEXT! Sorry, Steve for giving out Goldberg’s catchphrase. I meant who is Directv gonna pick on next!

  13. Derek says:

    Can’t have RAW without Stone Cold man. No worthy RAW anyway. Especially if it’s a milestone RAW. Not sure if you’re there or not but I hope you are….

  14. Mark Greene says:

    Hey Steve do you do now hunting guides. My in laws have a house in Texas . I would love to do some hunting down there.

  15. Donivan says:

    Hey Steve,
    really i just wanted to say, you are absolutely one of my favorite people of all time, its something about the attitude man. My mom would ask me when i was younger than what I am already and she would ask “What do you want to be when you are older” haha I told her a black Steve Austin. Your an ICON I personally just wanna say thanks for everything man. I am just an average 15 year old African-American kid, but one of my favorite people of all time is not MLK, its not Barack Obama, its Steve Austin so thanks for everything

  16. Joe T says:

    Steve, just discovered the site. Big fan of you and the show. Do you plan on making any appearances on Raw once your knee has recovered?

  17. Jay Carpenter says:

    Hey Steve,
    Will you be hosting Redneck Island 2? I have been trough 2 interviews so far and it’s looking promising I may be on the show. Have my fingers crossed anyways. My wife tells me that if I do get on the show that I hve to give you a hug for her….that should b a great laugh!!! Where will Redneck Island 2 take place?

  18. Lonnie Riddle says:

    Hey, Steve we miss the SCSA on Raw but that’s good your going to rest there always time to to appear on Raw. I think I speak for some fans n my self when I say we rather see you at 100%.

  19. Jericho You says:

    Hi Steve,my all time favorite superstar. Get well soon. I must say WWE now have yet to have some superstar that will stir the whole WWE universe unlike in the past.Yes they are all professional and great wrestlers,but i feel there’s something short to create that spark like you did. I was hoping during the weeks leading to 100th episode of RAW to see you beat Heath Slater,that would be hilarious for the One Man Band. Hope to see you pop by awhile and drop a stunner on the One Man Band. I can’t imagine the look on his face when your music hits when he rants his mouth saying “You know what, everything’s about to change baby”

  20. david says:

    hey steve i was wondering what i would have to do get on redneck island im a huge fan of the show and its something im wanting to do thanks bud.

    • Plum says:

      if you watch the show, how can you miss the scrolling info on screen of where to go sign up? Unless you have your tv in a picture frame to redneck up

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