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Maximum Conviction

Maximum Conviction:  When former black ops operative Tom Steele (Seagal) and his partner Manning (Austin) are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long, an elite force of mercenaries assault the prison in search of the new arrivals. As the true identities of the women are revealed, Steele realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger than he had imagined.






28 Responses to “Maximum Conviction”

  1. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Great… Ready for New Austin Movie…

  2. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Hell Yeah a new Movie..Can’t wait. When does it come out?

  3. RIshaV says:

    Man Stone Cold rocks from his day one on this planet..

  4. troy says:

    just watched “tactical force” and enjoyed it. Great escapist entertainment and liked the cameo by UFC fighter Keith Jardine (any relation to the wrestler, Don Jardine aka the Spoiler?).
    was going through my mind and thinking about a movie that would play to your strengths, being that you are an outdoorsman, a rancher and you do well with action.
    In 1972, when I was nine and you were eight, George C Scott directed and starred in this movie. I think, being as a fan of good movies and good action, you might want to look around for a copy of it and adapt a reboot…

  5. awanpunkgirl says:

    this is fucking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love to watch stone cold movies

  6. Katarina Venom says:

    Can’t wait to see it… I saw all Mr.Austin’s movies what I can find and wanna more. I LOVE IT!!! )))

  7. jon says:

    great action movies.. then condemned was the best..

  8. Im waiting for this movie all along now it’s about to come out ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    another great movie to wait

  9. Jeff says:

    when is this movie coming out?? OH HELL YEAH

  10. troy says:

    You might be interested in this from an entertainment standpoint, the koreans have released “Rikidozan” as a biographical movie. Might have to suffer through subtitles, but it looks pretty good.

  11. Now that will be a Badass Movie….Hands down

  12. StoneColdFan says:

    I Love Stone Cold and I am a Big Fan of His Movies and Wrestling Career I Can’t Wait To See Maximum Conviction and Grown Ups 2 :))

  13. Treyvon says:

    Can’t wait to see it

  14. Owen herbert says:

    When’s it released in the uk? Need it on blu ray to go with every other Steve Austin movie I have….. All of them!!!

  15. jamesbachand says:

    So when is the release date?

  16. drake says:

    Excited for grown ups 2!

  17. troy says:

    if anyone pays attention to this, listen to me. “Recoil”, the film that Austin did with Danny Trejo, is a great find on netflix as a rental. Austin brings the right amount of “let’s let the audience make it’s on thoughts on this” Kinda reminded me “once upon a time in the west” a little with the man with no past and gradually letting the past creak into the movie. (while a lot of people will say that is an eastwood trademark, it really isn’t it’s a sergio leone trademark also with eastwood contributing in perfect example is tG,tB,a,tU)
    It seems that Don Jardine creeps into his movies more and more. I would like to Jardin, Austin and Trejo work together in something again as equals similar to Eastwood, Van Cleef and Wallach did maybe with Robert Rodriguez directing in Texas with Troublemaker studios.
    Can anyone say “Grindhouse”???? :)

  18. Ace says:

    i like when steve laugh thin he hit the other guy

    No pain No game

  19. steph says:

    i laughed a lot. again, u should do a comedy! 😉
    the first movie after a long time where i also liked the acting of steven seagal.
    good action movie.

  20. Brian says:

    I am looking forward to watch this movie

  21. Kaine Daugherty says:

    Just finished the movie! Awesome!! Cannot wait for the next Steve Austin movie!!!

  22. Brian Leach says:

    Love them all. Own all of them. Just recently watched this one

  23. Marissa says:

    I finally got to see the movie recently & loved it! Stone Cold Steve Austin & Steven Seagal together in a movie = awesomeness! My 2 favorite guys! :)

  24. Greg says:

    I own every movie of Steven Seagal & yours Steve. I’ve always been a huge Seagal fan, but a lot of his direct to DVD videos haven’t been up to par the last couple years. This one was great!!! Can of whoop ass from beginning to end…great one liners from you in this film as well. Loved the hell out of it. Probably a tie for my fav SCSA movie with Condemned! Hope you enjoyed working with Seagal…& the end teased there may be a Conviction 2?

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