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Redneck Island: Message from Steve Austin

19 Responses to “Redneck Island: Message from Steve Austin”

  1. Jimmy Arrans says:

    Great show, Great promo

  2. Victoria Jordan says:

    Only on cmt. :)

  3. Dawn V Johnson says:

    Enjoyed the Show…Cant Wait to See Who Wins..GodBless…Take Care. Dawn

  4. Beth Ostarly says:

    This show is off the hook!!! Have to save I love it! ( not to mention I M a Rednack!!)
    Hope there’s a season II because I would love to audition for it!!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Beth. Glad you are enjoying the show.

      • Beth Ostarly says:

        Wow, I am getting messages from ppl on fb who act like we r on season 2 already!! They’re tryin to plot & scheme & create alliances! ! Wth!?! What’s up with these ppl?? My advice, Don’t count yer chickens b4 they hatch!! God Bless America!!! I ain’t got a call or notification sayin I’m on the show and neither did they! ! Ya know what happens when ppl assume!!

  5. Michelle D says:

    I never watch TV because I am always training someone at the gym. Just caught my first episode. Luv it! Thanks its great!

  6. Teri says:

    Absolutely love this show. I have it set on the dvr so I don’t miss a thing. You’re amazing Steve.

  7. Wayne C says:

    I knew you were smart,but i never knew you had such a great WIT!!your humor almost seems reminiscent of mine!”that`s scary,folks!” lol oh: how do i send you a question,for you to answer on that Q+A with Steve Austin ?

  8. carli dawn greenwood says:

    Heaven,thank you for taking good care of good looking stone cold steve austin.I love him.god bless stone cold steve austin

  9. zainkhann says:

    How could I contact Steve, for a interview on a seminal channel ?

  10. TREVOR RUSSELL says:

    Hi Steve Trevor here from New Zealand just had a look on your Broken Skull Gear the caps on the back where the numbers are showing 361 not 3:16 can u let me know if the caps have the right number on the back, thanks mate your friend and mate Trevor.

  11. Abdullah says:

    Im from kuwait i love you

  12. Abdullah says:

    Hi stone cold steve austin i’m from kuwait city i very love you i’m 17 yers old i love you

  13. Put my redneck daughter on there ,, I promise you won’t be let down , she hunts fishes four wheelers skins her own ,would love to get her on the show her dad passed July 22 this year and like the song mossy oak pass it on would like to no how to get a Georgia girl on the show

  14. dipper says:

    can Austin do a dip review on copenhagen and skoal wintergreen

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