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A great review of the WM 13 Bret Hart match podcast

Thanks to Tim Kail over at The Good Worker for his in-depth review of my call on the WM 13 match with Bret Hart on this week’s podcast.


“I’m laying in a pool of blood. This is the greatest feeling in the world.”

You might read that quote and be unsettled, maybe even concerned for the individual who spoke it.

But, if you listen to Stone Cold Steve Austin call his WrestleMania 13 match, and especially if you watch the match while you listen to his call, when it comes time for Austin to speak those powerful words, you will understand that, “I’m laying in a pool of blood…this is the greatest feeling in the world” is nothing more than the satisfaction one experiences when they’ve done their job exceedingly well and accomplished something very few ever could.

Austin explains, “It was something I looked forward to anytime a booker or promoter asked me, because I enjoyed getting color in a match. I’m not condoning cutting or any other silly stuff, but with respect to pro-wrestling back in that time period, I enjoyed bleeding when it was time to bleed. And it was Bret Hart’s idea to bring color into the match.”

Read the full review here

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